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 Charity, good deeds

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PostSubject: Charity, good deeds   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:37 pm

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messengers, our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions and after:
He said God commanded His Prophet: Say to those who believe Ebadi establish prayer and spend what We have given them secretly and openly before the sale does not come a day when not in [Ibrahim: 31]. The Almighty says: And spend in the way of Allah ... [Al-Baqarah: 195]. He says: O you who believe, they spend what We have provided [Baqarah: 254]. He says: O you who believe, spend of the good things which you have earned [Baqarah: 267]. He says: So fear God as you can and listen and obey and spend good to yourselves and the same lack of Aouk Those are the successful [Gain: 16].
Another hadeeth which indicates the virtue of charity, saying: What you of one of only Sakelmh God, not between him and an interpreter, so look right it does not see only the feet, so look luckless it does not see only the feet, so look at his hands do not see anything but fire, own face, Fear the Fire, even half a date} in the correct. Anyone who studies the texts that came peremptory charity Margbh where aware of what the charity of the credit, which may not be up to like other works, so that Omar may Allah be pleased with him: (He tells me that the acts show off, says charity: I Avdilkm) [Saheeh al.

The virtues and benefits charity
First: it extinguishes the wrath of God Almighty, as in the saying: The secret charity extinguishes the wrath of the Lord} [Saheeh al.
Second, they wipe out sin, and its fire as you go in saying: {and charity extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire} [Saheeh al.
Third, it is protection from the fire as in the saying: Fear the fire, even half a date}.
Fourth: that Motassadeq charity under the Day of Resurrection as an obstacle in an interview with Ben Amer said: I heard the Messenger of Allah says: {Amrye under each charity, even among people spend}. He said more than: (Abu Marthad was unmistakable on only believe something if the cake or onion), has said that the Prophet of the seven whom Allaah will shade shade on the Day no shade but His shade: {Vokhvaha man who gives charity, so do not know what the north spends his right } [the correct].
Fifth, that in the charity, medicine for physical illnesses, as in the saying: Treat your patients! Charity. Says nephew: (I heard Ibn Al-Mubarak, and asked a man about a sore left knee for seven years, has dealt with the types of treatment, and asked the doctors did not benefit from it, he said: Go Vahfr wells in place need to water, I hope that the stems are appointed and hold about you blood, the man did Fbero) [Saheeh al.
Sixth: the cure for heart disease as those who complained said the severity of his heart: {If you want to soften your heart Votam poor, and clear at the top of the orphan} [Narrated by Ahmad.
Seventh: that God pays charity types of affliction, as in the commandment of Yahya peace be upon him to the children of Israel: (and order you to give charity, such a man captured by the enemy Vothagoa his hand to his neck, and they have made to strike his neck and said: I redeemed you a little or a lot, he paid the same of them) [true Whole] du'aa has an astonishing effect in the types of payment if the scourge of the libertine or unjust but an infidel, Allah Almighty to pay the types of affliction, and this is well known to people and their common folk and the elite people of the land coupled with it because they may Ejreboh.
Eighth: that a person but the fact land up charity as stated in the verse: means shall ye attain righteousness will not even spend what you love [Aal 'Imraan: 92].
IX: The King spent calling him every day other than Grasper At that says: no day on which people only two angels come down one of them says: O Give successor spending, and the other says: O Give holding damage} [the correct].
Tenth: that the charity bless him in his money, as the Prophet put it: {does not decrease because of charity money} [Saheeh Muslim].
Atheist Twelve: it does not remain the owner of the money from his charity except that which, as in the verse: And you spend the best of Vlonevskm [Baqarah: 272]. When the Prophet asked Aisha about the sheep that Zbhoha what remained of them said: What is left of them except her shoulder. Said: 'left shoulder is all} [Saheeh Muslim].
XII: that God doubles the reward for Motassadeq as saying the Almighty: The ratifiers and Almsedkat and lent God a good loan for them and they doubled the reward cream [iron: 18]. And His saying: Who lends to God a good loan Fadhaafh him many times and is caught and brought back to him and simplifies the [al-Baqarah: 245].
XIII: The owner called the special section of the gates of Paradise said the door to his charity, as in the hadeeth of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah said: 'Whoever spent a couple for the sake of God, called for in heaven, O slave of Allah, this is better: it was the prayer of the people invited a matter of prayer, and was one of the people invited from the door of jihad jihad, and the charity of the people invited a matter of charity, and if he is invited to fast from the gate of al} Abu Bakr said: O Messenger of God, of what was called the doors of the those of the need to do is called one of those doors are all said: Yes {I} be one of them [the correct].
XIV: When they are met with fasting and following the funeral, visiting the sick in one day, but enjoined the owner of Paradise, as in the hadeeth of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah said: 'Whoever among you is fasting today? ! Abu Bakr said: I am. Said: 'Who among you has attended a funeral today? ! Abu Bakr said: I am. Said: 'Who among you sick today? ! Abu Bakr said: I, the Messenger of Allah said: {What Amrye met in only enter Paradise [Narrated by Muslim].
XV: that where you feel happy, and peace of heart and peace of mind, the Prophet struck like a miser and spent like two men with two meals of iron from Tdaehma to Tracehma As for the balance not spent only widened or provided on his skin so obvious impact, and the miser does not want to spend anything but to Zkt each episode place it extends and expands [the correct] (Valmtsedk whenever gives charity Ecstasize her heart, and Anevsh the chest, he is like the breadth of that cloak it, the more incredible widened and Anevsh and Ecstasize, and powerful joy and great delight, though not in the charity, but This benefit alone was a real person Balacetkthar them and hastening to the Almighty said: It is the same lack of Aouk Those are the successful [Hashr: 9].
XVI: that if the balance of scientists is the best houses of God as in the saying: but the minimum four men: a man to whom God's money, knowledge, and he fear the Lord and have mercy on the up, and God knows where this is truly the best home .. ! Talk.
XVII: that the Prophet made rich with spending like the Koran with do, in saying: Let there be no envy except in two: a man to whom Allah Quran is done by night and day, and a man to whom God's money, he spends the night and day}, so how about if according to God's servant to bring together all that? We ask Allah of His bounty Quran.
XVIII: that a person Move to the Covenant, between him and God and the integral of the deal, which held him once to make himself and his money in the way of Allah refers to it as saying Almighty: God purchased of the believers themselves and their money that they have a Paradise fighting in the way of Allah and kill and kill, except it really in the Torah and the Bible and the Qur'an is from God fulfilled his covenant, which Fastbashroa Bouapekm Baiatm it and it is a great win [Repentance: 111].
XIX: evidence that the charity of the sincerity of a person and his faith, as in the saying: {and charity proof} [Narrated by Muslim].
Twenty: The charity disinfectant for money, get rid of the millet that fall ill as a result of idle talk, and NATO, and deceit, and negligence was the Prophet recommends traders said, {O merchants, this sale will be attended by idle and NATO Vhhofer charity [Narrated by Ahmad, Women and Ibn Majah, it is true Whole.

Best charity
The first charity is hidden; it closer to the sincerity of the stated and that says Almighty: almsgiving is if you conceal them and give them to the poor is good for you [al-Baqarah: 271], (was told to give to the poor in the hidden good for the spender of Azalrha and made public, and hopes to restrict Almighty concealment Batian poor, especially did not say if you conceal them is good for you, it is charity that can not be hidden as standard equipment the army, and build a bridge, and a river, or otherwise, and the deliverable poor in hiding from the benefits, and cover it, and not Takgelh between people and residence place of the scandal, and people see that his hand is the lower hand, and it is not something to him, Vezhdon in the treatment and Maaodth, and that as a plus of doing good to him as soon as charity with guaranteed fidelity, and not showing off, and request Almamedh of people. The hide of the poor better than to show people , and the praise of the Prophet secret charity, and paid tribute to the perpetrator, and he said that one of the seven who were under the throne of Rahman, the Day of Resurrection, so make it good for the Almighty spender and told him that it is expiation of sins so spending [by Migrations.
The second charity in the case of health and strength the best of wills after the death or case of illness and dying, as in the saying: better to give charity to believe you are correct scarce, hopes of wealth, fear of poverty, or slowed it reaches the throat I said: So and so well and so and so well, that was as well as to so and so} in the correct.
The third charity that are after the performance of duty as in the saying of Allaah, and what they should spend less Asilonc amnesty [Baqarah: 219], and saying: Charity does not only sang the back ... }, In the novel: {The best charity appeared indispensable} [two versions in both Bukhari].
Fourth: to make man what he can and stand him with a few and need; for saying: {the best charity widow's mite, and start with those who count} [Narrated by Abu Dawood, and said: 'above one hundred thousand Dirhams AED}, they said, and how?! Said: 'a man has Darhaman believe one of them, and go man to display his wealth, he took him to a hundred thousand dirhams, he gives them [Narrated by women, it is true the mosque, said Baghawi Allah's mercy (the choice for a man to give charity credit for his money, and retain for himself the staple food for fear him from the trials of poverty, and probably does to regret what he did, it stops its reward, and remains both on the people, did not deny the Prophet to Abu Bakr, he left his whole, what was learned from the power of belief and the health of his trust, did not hide him of sedition, as Khavha on the other, Those who believe and people in need to, or is in debt it is not him, and the performance of debt and spending on family first, only to be known patient, affects the same even if its merit as an act of Abu Bakr, and the impact of the Ansar immigrants, commended God saying, and preference over themselves, even if was their merit [Hashr: 9] is the need and poverty [Sharh al-Sunnah].
V: spending on children, as in the saying: if a man spent to spend on his family Seeking reward was a charity for him [in the correct, and saying: four JD: JD gave a poor person, and JD gave him in the neck, and a dinar spent for the sake of God, and JD spent on your family, dinar, which was best spent on your family} [Narrated by Muslim].
VI: charity to the near, Abu Talha al-Ansari, the city more money, and he loved his money to him Berh, and was receiving the mosque, the Messenger of Allah enter and drink from the water of the well. Anas said: (when it was revealed this verse: I will not means shall ye attain righteousness until you spend what you love [Aal 'Imraan: 92]. By Abu Talha to the Messenger of Allah said: O Messenger of Allah, for Allah says in the book will not be means shall ye attain righteousness until you spend what you like but I like my money to Berh, and it is charity to God I honor her and Zka God, Vdaha O Messenger of God, where desired, the Messenger of Allah: {squirt squirt money winner, and I heard what I said it, I think that makes them kin}. said to Abu Talha: I do, O Messenger, Vksmha Abu Talha in the relatives and the children of his uncle [the correct].
He said: {charity to the poor is a charity, which is the womb of a two things: charity link [Narrated by Ahmad, Women and Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah, and especially the relatives - yet having to beg - two:
The first orphan; for saying Almighty, it is not broke into the obstacle (11) Everybody knows what obstacle (12) break the neck (13), or to feed in a day of inanition (14) orphans in a nearby (15) or a poor person a dusty [Country: 11 - 16]. And starvation: hunger and intensity.
The second relative who harbored animosity and hidden; he said: {the best charity on the uterus of a Alkashh [Narrated by Ahmad, Abu Dawood, Saheeh al-Tirmidhi].
G: charity to the neighbor; was recommended by the Almighty God said: neighbor of kin and neighbor side [women: 36] And the Prophet Abu Dhar said: {If the cooked sauce and above its water, and scoop to your neighbors, including [Narrated by Muslim].
Eighth: Charity given to a sidekick and friend for the sake of God; for saying: {the best JD: JD spends the man on his children, and the dinar which he spends the man on his mount in the way of Allah, and the dinar which he spends the man on his friends for the sake of God Almighty [Narrated by Muslim].
IX: spending on jihad in the way of Allah, whether jihad of the disbelievers or the hypocrites, it is the greatest thing made by the funds;, God ordered it, not for what the subject of his book, The Jihad money to the jihad in more verses such as the verse says: go forth Khvava and put a heavy and Jahidwabamoalkm and yourselves in the way of Allah is better for you if you know [the repentance: 41], and He says, indicating attributes of the believers Alkml who he described as honest believers are those who believe in Allah and His messenger and afterward doubt not but strive with their wealth and themselves in the way of Allah those who are honest [rooms: 15] and praised the Almighty to His Messenger and his companions, God bless them so in saying: But the Messenger and those who believe with him strive with their wealth and themselves and those who have good things and those are the successful (88) Allah has prepared for them Gardens underneath which rivers flow, so a great win [the repentance: 89.88 , and say peace be upon him: {best charity under the marquee in the way of Allah Almighty or grant a server in the way of Allah, or tractable solution to the cause of Allah [Narrated by Ahmad, Tirmidhi, Saheeh], and said: 'Whoever equipped with a gas in the way of Allah has mystery} [in the correct, but to know that the best charity in the jihad for the sake of God was in time of need and the few in the Muslim as it is in our time, but what was at the time of the adequacy and victory for Muslims there is no doubt that the good but does not modify the wage in First case: what you should not spend in the way of Allah and the God heritage of the heavens and the earth does not equal among you are spent before the victory and fought those greater degree than those who spent after and fought both the promise of Allah and the God of what you do an expert (10) Who lends to God a good loan Fadhaafh him with a generous wage [Fe: 11.10. (If you spend and fight and belief chasing, and supporters are few, and not on the horizon with the benefit of, no authority, and prosperity is spent, and battling, and belief is safe, and supporters large and victory and dominance and win close to home, it is related directly to God stripper been incorporated and full suspicions, deep confidence and trust in God alone, far from all apparent reason, and all the reality of a nearby do not find the good helpers but what derive directly from his faith, and this has to do good supporters, even when valid intention and free himself stripped the first two) in the shadows of the Qur'an].
X: ongoing charity: It is what remains after the death of a person, and continue to wage it; the saying: If a person dies, his work was lost except three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge or a righteous son calls him [Narrated by Muslim].
Here are some of the areas of ongoing charity, which came out text:

Areas of ongoing charity
1 - irrigation water and the drilling of wells; the saying: the best charity water irrigation [Narrated by Ahmad, Abu Dawood and Ibn Majah and Women: Saheeh].
2 - feeding the poor; the Prophet was asked: Which Islam is best? He said: {food, feed, and read the peace of the known and not known} [the correct].
3 - the building of mosques; for saying: 'Whoever builds a mosque, it seeking thereby the Face of Allaah, Allaah will build him a house in Paradise} [the correct], and Jabir that the Messenger of Allah said: {the drilling of water wells do not drink from liver apt of Jane not Forget not birds only reward is the Day of Resurrection, and built a mosque Kmvhs Qtah or smaller, Allaah will build him a house in Paradise} [Saheeh al.
4 - Expenditure on the dissemination of science, and the distribution of the Koran, and building houses for the wayfarer, and he was in his Kaletem and the widow and the like, was narrated that Abu Hurayrah said: said: {that which caused the insured from his work and his good deeds after his death note his knowledge and published, or child a good left, or inherited copy of the Koran, or a mosque was built, or a house built for the wayfarers, wayfarers, or charity that he gave his money in his health and his life after his death caused} [Narrated by Ibn Majah: Targheeb].
And you will know that spending in some times better than in others such as expenditure in Ramadan, as Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him: (The Messenger of Allah most generous of people, and was most generous in Ramadan when Jibreel met him and was Belkah every night and revise the Koran, The Messenger God when Jibreel met him more generous than the blowing wind) in the correct, as well as charity in the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah, the Prophet said: {There are no days in which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these days' means ten days. They said: O Messenger of Allah! Not even jihad for the sake of Allah? Said: 'Not even jihad for the sake of God, unless a man goes out himself and his property, and then not come back with something} [Bukhari], I learned that the charity of the best acts of obedience to God.
And good times on that people in the severity and the need for urgent and poverty among as in His saying: do not broke into the obstacle (11) Everybody knows what obstacle (12) break the neck (13), or to feed in a day of inanition [Country :11 -14].
It is the grace of God Almighty for a slave to be of a capital and Jeddah, and by the grace fully to have to help him to obey Allah {yes, good money for one good} [Bukhari].
Blessings and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and him.
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Charity, good deeds
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