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 Virtues of the Day of Arafah

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PostSubject: Virtues of the Day of Arafah   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:38 pm

Peace, mercy and blessings of God and

I quoted you a story about the importance of wage and fasting the day of Arafa Allah accept from me and your good deeds ..

The ninth day of Dhu al-Hijjah, and scholars are agreed that fasting the day of Arafah

Better in the days of fasting, and the virtue of fasting that day, came from the Prophet peace be

Him and he said: "Fasting the day knew that the sins of God's expiation for the year

Before and the year after "[Narrated by Muslim]. Then his fast elevation in degrees, and increase

Of good deeds, and atone for bad deeds.

Why disbelieve fast on the day of Arafah:
Is a fast-Haj is recommended because it is a great reward for a year before him atone

Years and beyond. The intention is that the atonement, the expiation of minor sins without sin,

The expiation of minor sins conditional leave, God said: "

The major Tgtnpoa forbid him what amends you your sins, "[women],

And he said peace be upon him: "The five daily prayers and Friday to Friday

And Ramadan to Ramadan expiation for them as you avoid major sins "[Narrated by Muslim].

Fasting on the day of Arafa Haj:

Mustahabb fasting the day of Arafa is the Hajj The Hajj, he should devote himself to worship

And pray do not mind and his heart is busy with food and drink processing, it takes

Than most of the time, Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him said: "Messenger of God peace be upon him

Fasting on the day of Arafah Arafah "[Narrated by Ahmad, Ibn Majah and in consideration of his health,

And also like him when Tabaraani in the East from the hadeeth of Aisha, may Allah be pleased

He said: "Messenger of God peace be upon him about fasting on the day of Arafah with Arafat,"

Aeddahma and talk, "complained that people in the fast peace be upon him the day of Arafah,

He sent him Bakdh sacrificed drank milk from the day of Arafah, and people see "[Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim].

When people doubt the fasting of the Prophet peace be upon him came the day of Arafah

Glass of milk drank until people see that it did not fast, and some scientists said that the

Fasting the day of Arafa, the pilgrim is haraam, because the prohibition in the previous event for this prohibition,

Xenophobia and other fast, Ibn al-Qayyim Allah's mercy: The gift of peace be upon him

Breakfast the day of Arafah Arafah. End quote.
Ibn 'Umar: The Prophet did not fast it peace be upon him, and Abu Bakr, and Umar,

And Osman, and I do not Osovernm. The wording is when Abdul Razzaq:

"I performed Hajj with the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him did not stigmatize the day of Arafah,

And I performed Hajj with Abu Bakr did not fast, and Hajj with 'Umar did not fast,

And I performed Hajj with Osman did not fast, and I do not Osovernm, not ordered, not finished with him "
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Virtues of the Day of Arafah
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