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 80 benefit to Istikhaarah

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PostSubject: 80 benefit to Istikhaarah   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:40 pm

Hamad Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of God, and after:
Vxmala a series of benefits derived from the hadith, God Vsastaan ​​to derive the benefits of istikhaarah prayer is the hadeeth of Jabir bin Abdullah, may Allah be pleased with him.

Text of the interview:
Jabir bin Abdullah, may Allah be pleased with him said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him tells us in pants all things, and teaches sura of the Koran, he says: "If those of you interested Fleurkaa took a loan from non-obligatory prayer, then say: God, I Ostejerk your knowledge, and Ostqdrick your ability, and I ask you please great, you are estimated not appreciate, and learn I do not know, and you Knower of the Unseen, Oh God, you know that this is better for me in my religion, my life, and the consequences of my situation - or his - Urgent warrants and later on, then ordain it for me, and pleased me, and bless me in it, although I know that this is evil to me in my religion, my life, and the consequences of my situation - or his - in urgent Emre and later on, then remove it from me and turn me away from him, and I appreciate the good things, then Erdana it, "agreed.

A lot of educational benefits and faith, and jurisprudence, including the following:
1 in the recent indication that the matter istikhaarah proceed when the matter of human things, saying in a talk "if they are."
2 indicates that the modern sense istikhaarah not prescribed when the thoughts and ideas before the mind, which is hardly spared a often, for saying in one of the modern novels: "If you wants it."
Volhm absolute in the first novel in the novel will shown by the second, and out of the Discussion.
3 in pants talk include:
Request a better of the two, and this is taken from the linguistic meaning.
To include also if a person wants to do something for saying in the hadeeth: "If you wants"
4 Zahir hadeeth indicates that istikhaarah include things appropriate and desirable and permissible, and not to be sometimes in pants out do, but in other matters relating to the matter to be as a time to do and the way it functions, or when competing duties and mustahabb, and so, it is not necessary to be in pants out of the performance act to be even prevent, and the general talk "if you wants it" supports this as it was.
5 shows the modern Muslim man not to get carried away with thoughts and ideas that come to mind, but this has not legislated istikhaarah, and how these thoughts caused by the weevil, and a waste of time and distracts the mind.
6 shows the modern Bmntogah on the education of the Prophet peace be upon him of the companions of the Quran until he became the other measured them in terms of importance and whether or not, so the narrator said: "also teaches us sura of the Koran," which indicates that so widespread that among them and spread, a feature of the Muslim community.
7 shows the deployment of modern science, and teaching people dhikr and wird, and return them until they are saved, and that the duty of following the example of preachers Npém peace be upon him, and teaching of the Prophet peace be upon him mentioned this to them is clear evidence of this.
8 does not enter into the modern concern taboos and Abominations, because just being haraam things, it demonstrates the evil of being a slave, but that does not Istkhar where, and Massadmtha commands legitimacy.
9 shows saying: "If you are" to be received into the mind can be divided into:
A thoughts do not care about.
And b: they are.
The difference between them, accompanied by concern that the will and determination to act or omission, and this came in the second novel: "If you wants it."
Can also be divided based on conversations to:
Those with a will: it is meant to speak in two versions.
B are not the will of him: this rule does not void it.
10 Del modern operative explicitly that Istikhaarah rak'ahs, for saying: "Fleurkaa rak'ahs" does not count for the novel that launched the prayer in the novel's ruling: "What will pray," wherein weakening in corroboration, and strengthens the weak violation novel correct.
11 The hadeeth indicates that Istikhaarah be non-obligatory prayer, for saying: "It is obligatory" and this is not true in pants rak'ahs of dawn.
12 indicates that the intention of talking on duty does not fall with the intention of the other, the socialization in the intention to weaken, and that is said in the hadeeth: "It is not obligatory."
13 shows saying: "It is not obligatory," that is valid in istikhaarah rak'ahs of greeting the mosque and the Sunnah prayers, they are included in the general "it is not obligatory."
14, being that it is permissible in the Sunnah prayers talk shows overlap between the intention and istikhaarah rak'ahs non-obligatory prayer, and overlap between some of the true worship replaced by the terms of jurisprudence books.
15 shows saying: "If any of you are interested Fleurkaa" that the intention istikhaarah should accompany the worshiper before you start to pray until the end of it.
And on this, if people started praying for the year rak'ahs regular Sunnah, then absolute or a year have occurred in it, the concept of intention istikhaarah hadeeth indicates that this intention is not valid and must be related to the intention of istikhaarah before rak.
16 was presented in this talk and other wall mustahabb by reading them in the rak'ahs istikhaarah, so keep reading which is an absolute fit of a particular restriction or of certain verses.
17 saying in the hadeeth: "then say" on its face indicates that this prayer after prayer rak, the scholars have differed in the home that there are two views:
A prayer is said before the peace.
B is said to pray after the peace.
The apparent meaning of the modern support the statement that after the peace, saying: "Fleurkaa rak'ahs then to say" it is understood that he had removed rak'ahs for prayer.
The issue is possible, and it is wide, God willing, either before or after the peace.
18 prayer istikhaarah demonstrates the weakness of the slave, and the lack of knowledge, it is to pray to his Lord in his command, which indicates that it does not have a self-harm or benefit, and hopes to words of prayer show this clearly quoted above, "you know I do not know, and estimates do not appreciate" and other indicate that.
19 and also shows prayer istikhaarah that human beings may offer to do something, this is due to damage him where he hopes the finest, it is not necessarily what was good for man to be good for him in his religion and his life, and the old saying: "It is Underinsured brought caution."
20 raise this prayer in the heart of the believer to trust in God, the prayer istikhaarah the mandate is to make the cause of God with prayer, and this is the real meaning of the assigned phrase "Oh God, you know that this is" Only thus commissioned his servant to his Lord.
21 raise this prayer the believer's heart as well as to maximize the God Almighty, the people of veneration is false slave "and Ostqdrick your ability you estimate does not appreciate" its veneration returns brings benefit to the heart of the believer, so that he sensed a person that if his supplication realized that God finished his his need, God willing.
22 as raise this prayer the believer's heart to the greatness of the status of the science of God around everything is false slave: "And you Knower of the Unseen" is a person insured together with God and knowledge of the ocean, it is to pray to God, Knower Nothing is hidden, and this feeling also has a clear impact on the belief a person If prayer.
23 in the modern proof of the attributes of God Almighty worthy of him, and the strands of knowledge, power, and this is evidence of the Sunnis-fixing qualities.
24 shows istikhaarah prayer believing slave to worship the effects of the Most Beautiful Names and Attributes of the Most High, it is God's attributes and the ability of science, and their Lord asks that a person with his knowledge and his ability to write him well, and so worship God with the rest of the beautiful names.
Valtabd Razzaq in his name means God does not ask a person living in the only Lord, and not only puts his trust in him, and knows that what he wrote Veselaekaya of livelihood, may inherit from him that satisfaction with the judiciary.
25 indicates that modern man can not indispensable to him about God blink of an eye, because a person pray to God in the affairs and needs more specifically, the interest of a person does not know himself, God has the absolute richness, by contrast, a person has absolute poverty.
26 prayer istikhaarah effect between the believer's heart Vuorth tranquility, for a person if Astkhar God, and said this prayer bequeathed the tranquility in his heart broken with all its anxieties and fantasies, and words of prayer support, the phrase "If you know that this for is good for me" and his " Then turn it away from me and turn me away from him and me what is good where he was then Rdhana it. "
27 and the effects on the heart istikhaarah it increases his love for his Lord, and therefore the Eid Al asked his Lord, for in his heart of love, and accept what is written by him, and increases the satisfaction degree of tranquility, love for the actions of the heart.
28 in the modern statement of the importance of prayer in pants Muslim life, and this desire of the Prophet peace be upon him for her and taught to his companions as he taught them sura of the Koran and to the severity of the need for it, do not improve a Muslim ignorance or abandoned and lazing about, or do without another.
29 shows that the modern recipe istikhaarah: rak'ahs performed pray is known, and that is transmitted Prophet peace be upon him described to them what is known and Mottagrr said: "Fleurkaa took a loan from non-obligatory prayer."
30 Istikhaarah indicates the importance of prayer in the life of a Muslim, not only on the Almstejer supplication with its importance known, but added to pray two rak ahs in the hands of his supplication, and this section are aware of the secret that the Prophet peace be upon him freak out to the prayer as his party is.
31 Prayer in the hands of supplication Kalthih in the hands of the Kings prior to the application, and God the Almighty King of Kings, and the prayer connection between a person and his Lord, the intimacy, and the prayer of istikhaarah after the prayer, not before.
32 Almstejer began his prayer by saying: "Oh God," he asked his Lord divinity, which includes worship, as if to say: "You are my God and I am your servant," and closer to the true God of true servant.
33 the word "God" includes the most beautiful names, they are all either included or is required to the name "God" so it is appropriate to offer him Almstejer in the hands of his supplication.
34 saying: "Oh God, I am" the allocation and confirmation, and this is best suited for the event that tends Almstejer said and done to show a difference between the hands of his Lord, allocating the same requirement for the allocation of the same.
35 began Almstejer himself said: "Oh God, I am" because the slave is the owner of the need and demand.
36 saying: "Ostejerk" the Alpha and the Seine-na of increase in demand, Valmstejer salt on the Lord to choose him well, and distract him evil, this urgency even found the wording of supplication in addition to unchanged Consensus was the case with the tongue and the most powerful reasons for this effect.
37 CAF in the words of a person: "Ostejerk" in addition to being enough discourse between a person and his Lord, it is useful customization, though the Al Kaf says this tongue condition: No Ostejer else, this is the tongue of his article.
38 Alaba in saying: "your knowledge", and saying: "your ability" are:
To use: ask any better of the two using your knowledge and your ability, and this is raising the believer to use his Lord.
39 and are likely to be begged to Alaba, and this is Almstejer begged to God with his knowledge and ability, both of which relate to a person from Mourad istikhaarah, and beg God to His names and attributes of legitimate business.
40 appropriate phenomenon between science and the ability and the request istikhaarah, the Almstejer not know where is good? As well as not knowing if he can.
He came smiling suitable for what he asks for, and the jurisprudence of this prayer that the person comes in his supplication, including suits of the most beautiful names.
41 feet in this prayer flag on the ability of saying, "Oh God, I Ostejerk your knowledge and your ability Ostqdrick" Almstejer ask the Lord first, his knowledge for good, then comes the power of God to facilitate the good of Abdul, Frbhma in their prayers as their order to exist.
42 saying: "Ostqdrick" likely:
A request that a person of his Lord to make him capable of this.
To request that a person of his Lord, to appreciate his goodness, that is a matter of fate and destiny.
The two are two possible correlation between them and from the face, what rights as much as it is from God, who as of the slave, and both of the hands of God Almighty, he returned it to him.
43 saying: "I ask you please the great" shows, however, that the virtue of God which He bestows on whom He wills and Allah is of great bounty.
Indicates 44 as saying: "I ask you please, and the great" that Fadlallah has no end, God is great and a great bounty.
45 as evidence saying: "please" that gives God for His slave than a good is a pure virtue of God and not truly deserves a person, but to Kamal virtues of Him, and this supports the doctrine of the Sunnis in that God does not have the right and duty to only what has enjoined is on the same Almighty and exalted.
46 saying: "you are appreciated and I appreciate," which is exculpatory of strabismus and power, as though the person says is not about me and no strength except in God, it limits the power and ability to his Lord, and disown and strength from him except I appreciate him Lord, this is the practical meaning to say: not on the no strength except in God.
47 observed that in the beginning of the prayer offered on the ability of science, said: "Ostejerk Ostqdrick your knowledge and your ability," but in the middle of prayer reverse it introduced the ability to flag and said: "you do not appreciate the estimated and learn I do not know" and that:
For he said: "I ask you please, and the Great" and the virtue of God is not only an Hence Allah said afterwards: "I appreciate you and appreciates," introduced the ability to attach to the collection of credit.
48 in an interview istikhaarah good start-up in their prayers, provides calls to his Lord in the hands of supplication introduction praising God and recognize the shortened and ignorance, because it's all God, then comes to his application, and that says calling in prayer istikhaarah after this introduction: "Oh God, you know."
49 saying that "you know" is not a matter of doubt, may not doubt the knowledge of God, but doubt here to the vector being in good and evil, and not to the origin of science, and language of the Arabs are acceptable according to this method.
50 does not only Almstejer saying: "If you learn that this" but may need the evidence here the novel "so he should need" In the novel, "and then he calls a particular".
51 saying: "If you know this is" proof that istikhaarah not be in two things together, but also must be a single command.
52 in most of the reports to provide debt to the world in saying: "In my religion, my life," In the novel "worldly and religious," This is a matter of making the best, and the raising of the believer that religion is the most important of which is lower as well.
53 saying: "And my pension" is intended to lower what the other illustrated novels.
54 combination of the words: "my religion, my life," in good and evil, suggesting that what was good for one's religion was good for his pension, and what was evil to one's religion was evil on his pension.
55 saying: "The consequence of my situation," this refers to the Hereafter, so he asked his Lord Almstejer good in three things:
In a religion.
To a pension in worldly affairs.
A consequence of his command in a Hereafter.
It is good in the livelihood of these three has completed his pleasure, and congratulated the living.
56 saying: "or he said his immediate and later" The scholars have differed in their position on the points of view:
A said: Instead of the three words in the novel first, and this is the wording of the hadeeth "If you know that this is better for me in my situation urgent and later."
B. It was said that instead of the last two terms used in the novel first, and this is the wording of the hadeeth: "If you know that this is better for me in the religious and warrants urgent and later."
It seems that place instead of all three words, and God knows best and wisest.
57 novel, which combines the "religion, my life and the consequences of my situation," Ibn al-Qayyim Rgehha Allah's mercy on the novel: "warrants immediate and urgent" and said:
"The correct pronunciation first, a saying," religion, my life and the consequences of my situation "as an urgent matter and for is the content of saying" my religion, my life, and the consequences of my situation, "so a combination of pension and urgent matter and later again except to pension and consequence, it does not repeat it, the pension is an urgent matter, and the consequence for, "Afhaam 1 / 324.
58 and presence of these multiple stories in the "urgent warrants" and "consequence of warrants" and "Dnaaa Akhrta and" show a healthy sense of the modern novel, when the predecessor of which is the correct words.
59 saying: "And my pension" in the novel: "and in life" shows the interest of Islam and the minimum pension by order, and question the goodness of God, is not inconsistent with this asceticism upon it in this world, and in this paragraph of the response to the modern people of mystical asceticism.
60 istikhaarah talk shows on the method of the Sunnis and the community in the door of fate, and that God wrote everything and worth.
61 also indicates that it is not a thing but as far as God, and this is also their approach.
62 and shows also a modern istikhaarah that God will erase what he wants and proves, based on the words "or I. and me and turn me away from him."
63 shows istikhaarah prayer that God causes Bmspbadtha link, and the reasons prayer of God, even if it were not for the benefit of the idle saying no benefit.
64 formula overstating the "Knower of the Unseen" show the flag on the return of the whole person to God Almighty, and that the servant does not know anything of the unseen, it is claimed that he lied and infidelity.
65 feet of good over evil in the hadeeth, saying: "If you know that this is better for me in my religion, my life," out of optimism, a Aloliq with God, and the most suitable person for the event, is subject to the jurisprudence in terms of words.
66 The hadeeth indicates that a person needs for good in three things:
It is estimated that a God has a good, or decrees of God be upon him, which makes it the ability, and for this he said: "Then ordain it for me."
To be facilitated by him God, because the good that was difficult to consume time and effort to be collected, and leaves the Istsabh his request, but this was appropriate as saying: "And pleased me."
C it to bless him, did not get the blessing, the person can not benefit from the good so much, it was appropriate to say: "And bless me in it."
And this completes the three good all the rights, we ask God the Holy of His bounty.
67 indicated by the talk that a person needs in the evil which God decreed it to:
That a paid servant of God for evil, and this person said in his supplication: ", then remove me."
That is to distract him from evil, the slave Azloum ignorance, and that is good in his supplication saying: "and remove me from it."
C is estimated that the slave is better than I spent with him from evil, and for this he said: "I appreciate the good."
D to accept God's servant of the good to him, the slave of ignorance sometimes, if not satisfied with what God has of himself remains pending Bmradha first disbursed upon him, is still pending it, D rug by the loss of her life to good satisfaction with the new books, This person said: "Then Rdhana it."
68 God brought to his servant insured success in this modern three sides:
It is estimated that a good and appointed and facilitated it.
To distract him evil, and spend it.
C to make up for evil good, and pleases him.
What kind of mercy and compassion of this wide range, and any generosity of this great vineyard.
69 shows saying: "And or I. me, turn me away from him" that the person asking his Lord fully spacing between him and the evil, and this is only to distract God's evil slave, and then distract him from evil, both of money from the other, so you get completely spacing.
70 is also useful as saying: "and remove me from it" to ask the Lord that a person should not remain in his heart, then attached to this matter, who wants to do, because the heart will turn into action, Vaanaj person should ask his Lord to fully exchange so as not related to it.
71 saying: "and remove me from it" shows the ignorance of rights, has spent is evil slave, but the slave to ignorance Bmolat things kept on this matter, and Ataatbah, and bemoans the Vute, has asked his Lord, Vaanaj person to collect his supplication between "or I. Me" and " and turn me away from him. "
72 saying this prayer: "Then it Erdana" In the novel "Then Rdhana by" evidence that it is blessed by the grace he has to accept them to complete it good, and that discontent may expel the good that God's power.
73 in the modern evidence that Astkhar Rabbo, something did not write him, he should remove the attachment of his heart, to be congratulate for a living, and more peace of mind to his heart, and that a practical solution to many of the issues people today, where you go themselves sorrows on too good of thought was, but God did not write them the wisdom known to Him.
74 in question of one's Lord began to appreciate good, he said: "Then ordain it for me" and in exchange asked the evil last estimate, which is best suited to the evil that wants to exchange with him first and then estimated his place good.
75 per prayer istikhaarah fully subordination and humiliation of God, and hopes words istikhaarah found in the very cap in hand to God, the percentages of science is all God, and the ability to him, and denied knowing about himself, and denied the ability to do something, no doubt to plead to God one of two pillars of worship, and love its pillar The second alarm before it.
76 of the benefits of prayer that is inherited istikhaarah tranquility, and eliminates the turbulence that happens when some people while taking to do something or leave something, and frequency of these disorders often disrupt the purity of human life, came istikhaarah removing all of these things, believing slave gene tranquility.
77 Istikhaarah section of the collection of good deeds because of the prayer and supplication, even if did not happen only to reward Almstejer his prayer and supplication, and How to Stop the virtues of Allah be upon him Tatar.
78 istikhaarah evidence that the insured did not trust some confidence in his Lord, the Almighty, and this leaves what God has given the accuracy of thinking and a note, and resort to the Eid prayer in the Lord, and this stems from confidence in God and think well of him.

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80 benefit to Istikhaarah
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