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 The importance of playing to children

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PostSubject: The importance of playing to children   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:41 pm

No doubt that the play is very important for the child at all stages of life, he is assisted to grow and improve the process of concentration has a view and I will try the various stages of play and the role of mother in their development and development to reach the desired goals

The first phase of the month to the age of six months

The child is fond of the monitor is bigger than the discovery of what is in the process around it by putting everything up to his hand in his mouth and called the discovery phase of this topic are characterized by oral Kdlk delinquency of the child to play and individual exploration
And the mother can help her in this topic point to provide a games DAT different voices and lights and various massage to stimulate the senses of the rest of the child and made him aware of things through the senses of hearing and touch and watch instead of only Duke. To forget my sisters to talk to this object is small because it is the beginning stage of language learning is not Adhb in your mind that he does not understand what you say, but recent studies have proved that the child has a full preparations for learning to speak since his first days ..

= Second stage of six to twelve months

This topic in the stage the child acquires new skills to learn about the world using the five senses Dla mentioned previously and the child begins the process of imitation Fterah mimics the movements as simple as enjoying some games such as hiding the face and then using the hand Adharh quickly.
In this topic stage the mother develop some games that children enjoy Bahla and the inclusion of songs and use the fingers of the hand movements and help to understand the chant. L can also supply a basket of her son Mmlaeh Balalalb treasure basket

Cloth made of soft toys and explored by himself and left of this method strengthens his sense of and desire for knowledge

Children aged 18 months to two years
Of the most important features of this period, the so-called learning by trial-and-mis as the child starts trying to install the cubes or the introduction of forms in the right places, as it is called this stage the process of imitation and Simulations for those who are not his senior. Coming in and the impracticability of exploration through the development of things received by the small hand in his mouth and shows his passion for the pen and line maintenance of random pages.
Atraei and attention at this stage passion play for children with adults, and I mean the parents and bring their attention while he tends to play singles in the absence of and concern for him without paying attention to those around him of the children do not participate with them in the play.

The mother can in this period to provide for her son rides appropriate to the age of synthetic, such as cubes with Jem Kabarao game boxes in various sizes and can for paper and pens appropriate and encourage them to use an expression of interest Pmaism. Also continues to extend the parent-child games women with different voices for the development of the sense of hearing has
Wa is proposed to continue in education Nahbd using simple finger movements to strengthen muscles and movements of the body and the two men as a kind of sport to Inga about the child at all stages of life.

It remains to use the picture book-size Kabarmen the most important ways that give children the language and open to the world of his imagination Alsourhwalrmozhutenct his memory.

Child from age two to four years

Phase of this topic are more mental and physical maturity and show some sort of use of reason and logic to use for things or understand them. The first thing to note here is to get rid of the child to use his mouth to understand things as it was in the early years
It will also continue with the theory of learning by Mistake and try to repetition and redundancy in the re-installation of the scattered parts of the picture or the formation of Alnmadj. And strengthen the phenomenon of imitation of adults and the use of fictional characters to different things as well as being inclined to play became a mass with the children especially in the tradition of the roles of adults. And tends more to the same type of wealth of any mixing of boys with boys and girls with girls.
This topic and are frequently stage Kdlk Questions curiosity and imagination in the broad narrative of the story and find interpretations that appear in some cases, the type of Alkdb = =. It also shows the child in this age a great passion for learning and conservation and in the rush of interest most of the adults and the tradition of their roles
This topic is the period of the most fertile periods in which the child is going through in his life because it is a transition period from the vicinity of the home and family to kindergarten or narrow book and mixing Penmadj new and diverse.
We suggest the mother in this topic from the life of her child to be aware of and understand anything Bahmmeltha GOARN not slip into the wrong interpretations of some of the behavior of her son, accusing him of Edb or dams in behavior Ada saw him acting in a non-Malovh
And invite them to help provide games jigsaw puzzles and fatty cubes DAT variants also help Ai development of imagination through the duration of kinds of games that represent Housewares home corner and different clothes dressing up clothes for Eduaralta imagine and he wants to be applied on the ground. This in addition to known tools for drawing and versatile handmade dough clay He wrote letters and pictures and add them to water, sand game sand and water which is one of the most important contemporary teaching aids in bringing the concept of quantity, weight and shape for children

From age 4 to 6 years
At this stage the child becomes Ghaderaaly understand and use reason and logic to understand things and new experiences. Also be able to understand simple symbols such as letters and numbers with the use of his hands and fingers to draw the private letters and link them together to form the word expressive image in kind.

As the child begins to understand some simple rules to play and a tendency to play a joint role by respecting and giving priority to those who deserve it.
As the child becomes fascinated with activities handicrafts, especially those that require concentration and patience, such as drawing, coloring, cutting, cooking and installation of the cubes properly. And mother can here the help of her son by providing the tools possible, such as milk cartons are empty and the cover Alchuklath and cans cereal and cartons empty egg and a pasting and left Aptcarelashkal crop them and enjoy the designs and desires.
L can also begin in the education of the son and daughter Culinary Arts Albesathbastamal simple materials and supervise the preparation.
At this stage the child is much Alolua what he is doing and very proud of himself if he succeeds in making something big thank him.
Do not forget the mother as we have said in the episodes of the other virtual games provide the tools and clothing for the fairy tale characters that Ahuaha.
It can also for Bsporh and writing tools to mimic the role of the teacher and to practice writing letters and numbers Kmalk.

The child from the age of 6 years to 8 years
At this age the child acquires the skills necessary for understanding and perception as a Ghaderaaly control the movements of his body and his fingers so more able to use a pen and write words and sentences and understand the meaning and place them in a logical order.
Also be able to understand the rules of the game and its importance in making the play interesting and more useful with it inclined to joy and many Balantsalr discontent and anger in case of loss.
The most important characteristics of this period begin to form any intimate social relations of friendship _ _ and children tend to choose to Sedklihm Femial child to link the relationship of friendship a child like him.
And girls tend to her gender because of the common interests and sticking.

At this stage behooves pain to add new things as well as availability and the above mentioned cards, such as pens for writing to recall events of the Islamic and explained to the children and encourage their friends to congratulate on this occasion by the card and gift or visit
The mother can urge her to Alyaltba postal stamps and cash-away world nothing can be collected.
And do not forget here the role of the mother to push her son to read and to initiate the establishment of library that will be the nucleus of the first in his life to build what is more, God willing
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The importance of playing to children
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