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 types of tea

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PostSubject: types of tea   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:44 pm

Tea is more than something people love to drink after water. In India, there is a demand for various types of tea, and accepted by all segments of society. But shows how to prepare tea and presented the cultural diversity within India. Culturally, tea is a true representative of the unity of the Indian diversity. And away from the tea «Iran» and tea «Masala», began to show new things fit the current era.
The focus currently a number of new cafes and restaurants to tea instead of coffee, and prepare some exotic forms of tea that emphasize taste.

There in the restaurant «Chetna Gold» Hilton Hotel Delhi pavilion for tea fragrance it smells different and diverse as chocolate and jasmine, strawberries and mushrooms.

Comes with all of these different types of tea rich history and a way to set up - as is the case with the types of food.

The suite offers a variety of tea, 18 tea, which is the national drink in India. Although the chef Theodore Rodaferja, an Italian jovial spent time in Beijing before coming to India, talks about his experiences in the tea and spices in the restaurants and shops tea lies in the way of small side, the tea at the Pavilion Tea Bchina quite different from the taste of milky fermented who used it most of us. Here you will find the likes of yellow buds of tea, a tea varieties from more scarce in the world, it is clear that not only produce 22 kilograms of it in the world. Comes along with that strange white tea from Fiji, and the chimney and green varieties.

And yet, there is tea, legs, smile that smile on his face without the cost and has a deep understanding of how to prepare tea, and knows you can be different things on the list.

Sonia said, offering tea, during an interview: «I have a 9 out of 10 customers requests. And direct the various types of questions, including questions about where he came from the tea, and how they were prepared, and what can be taken with him ».

And miss the bar high tea all the things associated with traditional shops on the roadside, but drink it before all the features that are found in a cup of tea in stages. The tea helps to calm the nerves and relaxes the mind, as it controls all your senses and your imagination.

And you can go to a bar, tea and study the expanded menu, and enjoy the variety variety of tea, you may need to consult the person who serves tea to choose something that fits. The tea of ​​your choice to your table, both within the gallery itself or in the restaurant next door, and take tea minutes or 5 (there are hours of sand a small table), depending on whether you want a strong or mild, and provides the best picture provided by the tea.

Royal taste and feel when you ask distinctive tea inside the restaurant - Tea eternal moment. Track gold graphics on the surface when you take the first Sip a cup of this, and think whether Alvanlia flavor than dark chocolate.

And grappling with some strong flavors to taste left unspecified, and ends with a piece of banana cakes. And may surprise you that this sweet tea can fetch up to 250 rupees, but will leave you a great experience may not be repeated often in the future.

There are visual pleasure to watch favorite jasmine tea during the preparation. Granules and bloom magically to take a form such as flowers during the pouring boiling water on them. And spreads light brown and fragrant jasmine granules while blooming before your eyes.

The preparation of many steps, where they are first put jasmine flowers in the leaves and leave like this for three months. After the flowers are kept, to remain in the leaves smell of sensuality.

There is also a Shanghai tea strawberry flavor, fragrance, which smells of it stronger. The varieties of tea that few could smell the smell from a distance.

There are stories of great wealth give the full experience. The yellow tea buds of the rarest species in the world where the production of 22 kilograms each year - and we know that he is picked only for the Emperor of China in Sichuan, and continued it after that.

There are white tea, which can drink after a fatty meal, green tea is semi-fermented, which makes some vegetables fried with a delicious taste, as well as black tea smoked Imperial.

The prices of all items on the list between 150-450 rupees, but as they say no problem to remember with a wonderful cup of tea.

Although the culture of coffee shops spread over the past decade, the bars, tea is the new flavor inside. Contrary to public cafes, which offer their services to the public, there are tea breaks is a special experience for discerning customers. It is no coincidence that in addition to the Hilton Hotel, acquires two hotels in Delhi, two new Mtervan reputation preferred the services they offer, and comes in tea provided. In the «Palace following», which is described as a hotel more expensive in India, is drinking tea in the gallery something significant (which is delivering beverages throughout the day and during the days of the week all), and offer assortments of special requests (and expensive) and most of the Indian tea.

Include objects made beautiful tea cups and kettles (which is necessary to enjoy the full experience), along with a small sandy hours know them the best time for tea business. It is known secrets, afternoon tea, which can be ordered in the gallery at a cost of less than 500 rupees per person.

The world began to know the therapeutic properties of tea, do not stop Delhi away from it. And confirms the «Cha Bar» at the Library of Oxford Connaught Palace, it is that offers you a wide variety of health tea. There are in this bar a variety of teas from around the world - the African Alruibi and Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lankan and Japanese green tea and tea Alolong. Some accept the tea Ayurveda, which represents a value-added tea bar in a list of health authorities and the sandwiches and pasta, a library can identify where more information about tea.

Tea break in the Hotel Intercontinental Eros in Delhi away from the usual beverages, you can taste the tea is equipped with traditional mango flavored iced or whiskey. The rest seem ideal for friendly gatherings to address the high cup of tea with friends thanks to the pastry buffet, which changes every day. Even the smaller restaurants such as «Blanco» and «Vojin» now has lists of great tea succeed in providing not only an ideal of Cuba tea «Darjeeling light», but provides an excellent tea cups also like Thai tea.

No This option is available in Delhi only, in the Silicon Valley city of Bangalore, one can take one cup «Stupa», where they spin the tea leaves in the form of flower bud in a glass of warm water, or in a cup of cold water allows the tea leaves can drink cold water to get the look and feel of a drink of whiskey. One can also take a cup of tea «Tanoan flower», a cup of tea taste and the smell of flowers.

Is to provide all these drinks and more drinks in a cafe the other «Infiniti», the first ad hoc cafe for tea and the first in a series of coffee shops would be opened in various parts of India.

Is pick out some types of Chinese tea and exported specifically for the cafe «Infiniti». There are a variety of exotic teas available on the list. These include tea types «Stupa», where the formation of leaves and spun together strongly in the form of flower bud and then placed in a cup and pour the boiling water. Bud and turn slowly to the shape of a flower inside the cup, and spread the flavor of tea in hot water. The same applies to tea «Peony Rossit» arises again in the form of flower bud in a glass of hot water. There is also a tea «the pearl of mountain» where are the tea leaves to form individual balls in the form of pearls dissolved in a cup of hot water.

Is to provide every kind of tea is on the list in a suitable glass. The Darjeeling tea in a cup of Chinese white, while offering tea, which is like whiskey in a bottle of whiskey. Are offered green tea in a small Chinese tea cups. For the exotic tea varieties such as tea «Stupa» or tea «Peony Rossit», where the flower bud of tea and turns into a flower in the cup, cares cafe «force» to ensure that the glass reflects light and transparent beauty of the flower and drink.

«It is time for tea Oh people .. We wish you a pleasant Cuba! ».
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types of tea
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