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 Symposium on domestic violence:

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PostSubject: Symposium on domestic violence:   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:45 pm

Continued yesterday for the second day events and workshop of domestic violence hosted by the Social Affairs in Jeddah amid a little, opening General Manager of Social Affairs in Makkah Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Taoist meetings on the second day, organized by King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, the initiative of a chair, Mr. Abdullah Bugshan for the Study of Family Violence .
The Director of Social Affairs in Makkah Abdullah Al-Tawi in his intervention, the workshops will seek domestic violence through the specialists to develop a national strategy to reduce domestic violence in society, in addition to the discussion of domestic violence of all kinds. He praised the initiative of Al Taoist chair Bugshan of domestic violence to support the issues of domestic violence and to enrich the supply of permanent studies and scientific research in the areas of domestic violence, which would have the effect of the treatment and diagnosis and discover the roots of violence. While Dr. Rizk support the night of a sociology professor lecture in which he spoke about the role of the family in care of the children and the problems of children and their grievances and a mechanism to communicate with them in all stages of life, and violence towards disabled people and how to deal with him, pointing out that there is ignorance of much of some families to report cases of violence and abuse, while some families prefer to deal with issues of violence in silence.
The audience and participants and specialists in family violence work report of the recommendations of the workshop of violence and end on Tuesday, contains a number of proposals, the most important legislation to the definition of violence and criminalization according to the system and the disarmament mandate of parents convicted of violence and calling for killing of incest molesters Bmharmanm-style killing of drug traffickers. And invited specialists and participants in the workshop courses in solving marital problems before and after marriage and the development of information and education programs specializing in the construction of family and creating a culture of communion open to family issues, and partnerships between different sectors in order to develop the values ​​of friendship, housing, and compassion within the family and care for children of broken families and establish centers for guidance and family counseling. Resumed today and a workshop of domestic violence with a lecture on «the disease in the family as sources of violence and domestic violence» delivered her paper, Dr. Abdullah Bakhashwain, and tomorrow the final will discuss the issue of females at risk of abuse in families, and then develop recommendations for submission to the officials and people interested in reducing this phenomenon.
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Symposium on domestic violence:
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