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 Types of incentives

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PostSubject: Types of incentives   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:46 pm

Many types of incentives and various forms, but that the researcher sees the branching types Alhoues Tsaibat to smaller and smaller is a kind of arbitrariness to connect them in the form of comprehensive one, although it is logical in some,

For example, as a branch of some book on positive incentives branches: financial incentives and non-financial,

Here, we wonder: Is not the negative incentives are the financial branch (Kal_khasm of money) and non-financial (showing indifference or isolation from the community)

Prompting the researcher to Tafraaha of the types of several aspects of the link between the abuse without Tlkm aspects, as was the overlap as follows:

1 - positive and negative;

Valaijaahkaltrgih, allowance, health insurance, transportation or insurance, or praise and participation,

The negative Vkal_khasm of the salary and lack of competition, and the notice of the unit or the humiliation, expulsion or denial of housing features

2 - physical and moral;

Valmadahkaltrkiet and bonuses and gifts in kind, financial or vice versa across the deductions and penalties material

Almanuehkalawloah and in training and promotion and a letter of thanks and praise and participation in decision-Oaeks through warnings and reprimands, and dwarfing the achievements .. Etc.

Often Mataatdakhl circuits between them;

As a gift and bonus material, moral motivation and also together in honor of raising the aspirations of the individual towards the moral character of exchange yearn for him,

Or reduced job satisfaction and frustrating activity if the deduction from salary or marginalized in the financial right Ozifa

3 - individual and collective [1];

Valferdih incentives such individual praise and a sense of importance and a sense of progress in the competition, or vice versa Balzm and important not to notice and the notice of the retreat and Maitbah frustrations at the individual level

And Aljmaihvkalshaour of belonging and participation and success as a team, which is widely used in the corridors of successful business enterprise, or the opposite sense of isolation and exclusion and alienation, etc. ..

4 - primary and secondary;

Valolih innate general of members of the human race based on the needs of the body and physiological functions such as hunger, thirst and motherhood (and involving the human animal with them)

And secondary acquired from individual interaction with the surrounding environment, induce these agents for money or for social status is, and so on.

5 - internal and external [2];

Incentives exist within the internal strength of the catalyst activity Kalthvez to learn the Koran as ten good deeds for every letter or motivation to participate in the session as it aims to acquire the skill of the employee for additional work and job satisfaction is high as well as to the meaning of my appreciation for the chosen example

Unlike external incentives, as is the power of existing outside of catalytic activity separate Kalthvez him to learn the Koran to achieve an academic degree for example, or engage in a training course in order to escape the burdens of work no more.

6 - We should add that Kabbahthenmuslimn rated him last anonymous public researchers in this field on the importance and impact of Galilee in the us and affects us K_khasusih cultural - as Muslims - was omitted from the book as the tendency to transport [3] Most of creativity research:

Incentives worldly and eschatological [4];

Valdnaoahma we get the fruit in the world and the sooner we touch the foregoing,

Incentives, while the Hereafter is calling for sacrifice without limits, and Bmni for administrative control of the operation of the institution,

It gives the sacrifice of life, do not withdraw from their account, but purports to balance the Hereafter,

Considering all the stimulation that a minor did not include considerations of the Hereafter, in the light of guidance of the verse ((know the outside appearance of life, while they are heedless of the Hereafter)) [5]

But will find in the texts of literature of the year and advances the common good is urging him to perfection in the work world and mastery - Quality - Meeting the incentive earthly blessing and the conciliation before the Hereafter! The order of:

(Of the Hereafter, his main concern was making the riches of God in his heart and make him focused and his worldly affairs will fall into it, and his main concern was the world God made a difference between him and his eyes covered No minimum comes from only as far as him) [6]

And (the impact of the minimum; campus and in the Hereafter, and the impact of the Hereafter; achieved and lower)

But, frustrated to find that motivation and institutions belonging to the inhibitory morale - and most Arabs - all these will find a way out in the Hereafter [7] for a incentive to control the feelings and actions, where a solution is no solution [8],

Not motivational to work, but confer a kind of logical aspect of life on the whole

Than their counterparts blind misses this kind of incentives in other nations! Not shared by the reader of this opinion?

Question for reflection:

Q What is the relationship between the following sentences? : -

Have the best theory development, and live in the worst physical reality?

Use of one's principles, requires a minimum of fertility mental and emotional, not only provided a certain degree of urbanization!

Backward nations, little benefit; of principles no matter how high their potential and whatever is available!

And some of the answer:

But the nations that side to her right and left,

Not only the men around them find a third-degree or fourth,

Working harder to sight the men of other nations

Researcher for example and

And a new field of practice [9]

And some authors tend to blend between the types of incentives and methods of stimulation, it is worth modified

Methods of stimulation types through the following topic:

Methods of stimulation

1) method of stimulating the development of the trend towards wage as an eschatological in the world to achieve the ultimate goal - heaven - according to ((and look the same tomorrow Makedmt)),

Unlike the goals that desire to increase productivity but

The productivity is required but with perseverance and a high activity according to ((seven years diligently cultivate)) but also future planning in accordance with ((and then after that will come seven hard));

But it is Att be a means in accordance with ((and where Astamrkm)) for ((except to worship)) by ((and my living and my dying are to Allah, Lord of the Worlds)) by the totalitarian concept of slavery

And (as far as Matkon one's goals and purpose high as it activates the mind and body ... and that if the targeted man to enter Paradise and Neil shrines high in and live with that goal in this life from time to time sufficient so as to feed the card is not implemented) [10]

The following methods based on the fact that the individual usually tends to support the resolution, which participated in the making as follows:

2) method of expanding horizontally in the work [11]: adding tasks at the same level of administrative parcels and boring notice of confident and informed for the integration of the institutional

3) method of enrichment vertically to work: to give the employee more freedom in planning and monitoring work, as he was part of the work of the President.

4) method of the rehabilitation staff: adapting with the new work environment - training

5) style of management by objectives: the place where the highest degree of internal motivation is the most common methods in recent

6) method of the mandate: to give power to someone, in part or in whole - according to the skill of being able to develop the ability to work or driving [12].

Impediments to effective stimulus

1 - dwarfing the contributions of personnel and Aligdhae it.

2 - the distance between the short-term goals and long-term; weaken as the extension direction, and affect ancient times straining to see the goals.

3 - twice the element of continuity in incentives.

4 - Tovez not enough time to accomplish.

5 - the large number of cumbersome formalities for launching the achievements.

6 - the intersection of the tasks you require more stimulation to the hand.

7 - confronted with anxiety and dread the institution.

8 - lack of clarity of the objectives of the institution management.

9 - not the similarity of the goals of the institution with the objectives of staff.

10 - lack of training and evaluation of the errors.

11 - double the channels of communication between motivators and management.

12 - lack of justice in the system of incentives, motivation and effort not to link.

13 - sequential change in leadership [13].

14 - depression of the spirit of competition [14] that fuel motivation and raise vital to win it.

15 - Do not include negative incentives, disincentives, to deter the achievements of the approach to minimum performance.

16 - lack of coherence between individual motives and incentives to work; it has to be alignment between them.

17 - No synergy types of material and moral incentives, Oouathadahma catalyst in one whenever possible.

18 - sufficient incentive without worldly eschatological, as has been his statement.

19 - work incentives in the region is higher than the energy of the individual and the production ceiling.

Which leads us to ask:

Where is the incentive to the person's strengths?

Are all strong incentives for individuals to achieve its objectives?

Will always match the power of incentives Trdiaoukoh production?

This Masnpinh question in the next God willing:

Books / researcher Abualfarouk inhibitor

[1]) Hameed - Salah - concept and educational management theories and its methods - p. 156 - i 1-1406 e

[2]) Abdul Hadi - Samer - Arab Open University - p. 7 - URL:

[3]) and increased Hecmamn trusted in the long hunger see the other study (Arab management and change of the mechanical transport of ideas to the creative industry) Postal Abdullah - Rules of the Forum of the Saudi Society of Management

[4]) the idea was inspired by a book (Secrets of the advancement of peoples and nations and the reasons for fall and fall) to Mekdad Agan - which took forty years authored according to the author - PO 22-1428 e - i 1 - world of books

[5]) Ar-Rum - Verse 7

[6]) from Anas, may Allah be pleased with him brought - Jaami

[7]) (the spiritual base of the individual Muslim is borne by the setbacks that have become the nation in different fields), quoting from the book (Introduction to Integrated Development), p. 204 - Abdul Karim Bakkar - Darkulm - 1422 e. - 2 nd

[8]) Bakkar - Karim - (our time and live in his time is difficult), p. 26 - i 2-1425 e - House Pen

[9]) Ibid.

[10]) Agan - Mekdad - Secrets of the advancement of peoples and nations and the reasons for the crash landing - p. 88

[11]) Naji Al - Mohammed - the school administration and educational theories and practices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - p. 335 - Adapted many

[12]) Arafj - Sami - contemporary educational administration - p. 189 - i 2-2004 m

[13]) to the disposal of many quoted here and add on - Naji Al - Mohammed - the school administration and educational theories and practices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - p. 338 - i 1-1426 e

[14]) Some U.S. companies powerful cadres trained some of its rivals, to keep themselves within a competitive environment to ensure its vitality in the long run, according to d. Ali Al Hammadi at the crossroads of administrative Taif in 1428 profits.
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Types of incentives
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