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 Umrah in Ramadan

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PostSubject: Umrah in Ramadan   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:48 pm

Praise be to God alone, prayer and peace upon the Prophet after him, and after ..
If the great virtue of the Umrah in Ramadan, its virtues, the double, as was narrated from Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased that the Prophet peace be upon him came back from the Farewell Pilgrimage said of supporters of a woman named Umm Sinan: "What prevented you from doing Hajj with us?" She said: Abu so and so mean her husband had gone for pilgrimage to one of them, and the other draw it, said to her, the Prophet peace be upon him: If Ramadaan comes, the Umrah is equivalent to Hajj with me. "{Bukhari and Muslim} What a win is great and the reward Amim be someone who does' Umrah during Ramadan Hajj with the Prophet peace be upon him. and clear in this article:
1 preferred Umrah. 2 jurisprudence Umrah.
3 mistakes of pilgrims.

Preferred Umrah

Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "'umrah to an expiation for them, and an accepted Hajj has no reward but Paradise." {Bukhari}
The scholars differed as to be sin by expiation for Umrah, he went Ibn Abd al-Barr to be expiation of minor sins without sin, and the others went to mainstream, says Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar said: The expiation Umrah for the sins of restricted Bzmanha, and atone avoidance in the age of a person whole Vtgayera, means Allah's mercy to atone Umrah of sins in the time to do only the avoidance of major sins Vikvr sins, throughout life, and preferred to Umrah that it denies poverty also denies guilt in this saying of the Prophet peace be upon him, "Keep on doing Hajj and Umrah, the pursuit of their sins are washed forgiveness just as the bellows iron slag. " {Tirmidhi} In the modern mustahabb follow-up to the Hajj and Umrah, and umrah Prophet peace be upon him four times; Amra Hudaybiyah in a November where repelled polytheists and Umrah the following year in Dhul where the benefit of the infidels, and Amra Aljarana and the deployment of peace be upon him the spoils of nostalgia and Umrah with his argument peace be upon him, is known to increase the reward of work over time as more than honor the presence of the heart and Bkhulus intent, he said Ibn al-Allah's mercy. Hence, if the Umrah in Ramadan, the reward doubly, and Ibn al-Heroes: The reward of Umrah in Ramadan modify the reward for Hajj but does not take his place in the projection hypothesis.
Here, forms answered by Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar may God have mercy on him when he said: The Prophet peace be upon him not only wearing the months of Hajj have been shown preferred Umrah in Ramadan, Which one is better? He said: It seems that the Umrah in Ramadan to other peace be upon him better but what made it better in the right peace be upon him, because he did the statement may be what the people of ignorance withhold them, he wanted to respond to them in word and deed, and some said that the Prophet peace be upon him used to come down to work when they do it for love, fearing that it imposes on the nation's compassion and mercy on the nation's peace be upon him.

Jurisprudence of Umrah

1 is recommended for those who wanted Umrah if this meeqaat and venue of the country to take a bath and clean himself, and do women as well as if she is menstruating or bleeding following childbirth but they do not roam the house until she becomes pure and bathe, and perfume men in his body without clothes ihraam is not possible to wash the meeqaat there is nothing wrong with that.
2 man free himself from all his clothes and wore a sewn garment Mizar and reveals his head, and women in clothes that do not have fame and Accessories.
3 Ihram is the intention to engage in rituals heart and say out loud "Umrah", the feared disease or enemy, he may require that saying "the Hpsona Habis Vmhali where I am prevented," was narrated by Bukhari and Muslim to Dubaa'ah girl Zubayr, may Allah be pleased with her: 'O Messenger of Allah, I want Hajj and I'm complaining, he said peace be upon him: "Haggai and Achtrti to be where I am prevented," and then meet, saying: "Here God to Beck, the Beck is not a partner for you to Beck, the praise and blessing to you and the king, do not you partner" and is recommended to him a lot of responsiveness, the male and pray, if arrived at the Grand Mosque with his right foot, saying "the name of God, prayer and peace upon the Messenger of Allah, I seek refuge in Almighty God and face the old Karim and his authority from the accursed Satan, God open the doors of Your mercy for me." As it does when entering any mosque.
4 If you arrived pilgrims to the Kaaba cut Talbiyah, meaning the Black Stone were received and received it that easy for him, and kiss the stone and receive years not commit haraam for years is not a crowd of people and harmed and begins when you receive a stone that says: In the name of God and God is great, and starts circling, provided that the on the purity of both minor and major, and the Sunnah for him to uncover a finding that the right shoulder in all the circuits of the Umrah, and the sand is to accelerate the pace in the first three rounds, and when it aligns with the corner-Yamani received by that able to do it is not Sunnah to kiss him, nor the reference to it when not being able to received, and not to circle specific du'aa no mention ad hoc only between the Yemeni Corner and the Black Stone say: Our Lord, give us good in this world good in the Hereafter and save us the torment of Hell {Cow: 201}, When he has finished roam the Old robe on his right shoulder and prayed two behind the place that facilitate Otherwise it has in any position of the mosque in the first reading, "Say: O unbelievers," and "Say God is One", and then receives a stone that is easy for him.
And upgrade the pilgrim Safa reader: The Safa and Marwah of the symbols of Allah, it is Hajj to the House or the umrah is no sin he has to go around them and volunteered to good, God Shaker Knowing {Baqarah: 158} and that at the beginning of the quest only, and is recommended he receive the kiss is the Safa Faihmd God and his senior saying: "There is no god but Allah is no god but Allah alone with no partner to Him is the praise which is over all things, there is no god but Allah alone fulfilled His promises and victory to His slave and defeated the confederates alone."
And it is recommended to accelerate and jogging in between Alokhaddran flags and walking with only the Mkthera male and pray with the observation that the pursuit does not require a purification Kataiwav.
If completed seven circuits or failure to analyze the throat and take women by the hair as much as one inch and thus permissible for a pilgrim is forbidden to him in his ihraam.
Errors pilgrims

A woman to travel for Umrah without a mahram, which is widespread in this day and act contrary to Islam, where the command of the Prophet peace be upon him man to leave the Jihad and the pilgrimage with his wife, narrated that Ibn 'Abbas, may Allah be pleased that the Prophet peace be upon him said: "Do not travel women except with a mahram not enter upon a man unless her mahram, a man said: O Messenger of Allaah, I want to go out on such and such and my wife wants the Hajj, he said peace be upon him: "go out with them." {Bukhari and Muslim} and this Imam al-Bukhaari in his Saheeh door pilgrimage women.
2 that the other does not have the physical capability for the expenses of the pilgrimage, however, and owes himself to be above its cost, unless the same Viclv assigned to him by God.
3 that some of the pilgrims passing on his spatial meeqaat without entering ihram, and this results in the blood of the atoning sacrifice for it outlawed.
4 that some of them leave the duties of staff and sometimes for mustahabb and the banal and the Sunan.
5 Status of women's perfume on her clothes, may not be prohibited because women forbidden to wear perfume if they leave the house.
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Umrah in Ramadan
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