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 Good example

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PostSubject: Good example   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:49 pm

So that the example is valid, it must be ...

Qualities of the good example:
1 conjugation of speech and action:
Vakaddoh good say good and works good, find no contradiction between the logic and behavior, and therefore the prophets and the Imams (peace be upon them), and parents, role models are valid because Nick find Andgama line clear between what they say and what embody those words, and this is what called for the Koran to consider the contradiction is abhorrent God (O a guardian who believe, not what you say you do not * hateful to God that ye say that ye do not).
2 possessing the qualifications and qualities of effective:
To be a role model for other people must be characterized by the smile or features lacking in many or some of whose example, seeks to walk the same manner as role models for the acquisition of his qualifications and qualities are benign.
The more role models possess the qualifications of the largest, the greater the momentum, so young men and women are advised not to limit the Kaddoathm in the Limited models, but the starting vertices, so the poet said:
It fears climbing mountains *** live forever in the pits
3 stability on the principles:
Good example is not a role model seasonal affect part-time or in specific places, but are of influence and attraction wherever she went and traveled (and made me blessed wherever you are) Consistency gives the impression of sincerity and patience, challenge and a deep belief in the principles held by example, unlike the oscillation, frequency, or retreat, or precipitation.
The young man or woman could collapse under the pressure, but if you remember steadfast steadfast, the resistance in the stubbornness, ashamed of himself and sat down on the wounds, and continued walking.
4 Working on Alsjah and not affectation:
Act as role models were inspired by the self-confidence and faith, and without the expansive mood makes no representation does not cost, it tighten attention to it. Saying good example of overflowing water from the fountain as spontaneous and automatic, and good deed shall also be issued by the beam of the sun and the fragrance of the rose itself.
The Rose if she wanted to wear perfume fragrance is perfume fragrance that might have smacked temporarily, but not a breath rose Atrh, but it is something extraordinary and the exotic. As well as the role model Vflha and she is not an emergency but is Hmaúlha.
And the human soul inclined by nature to man honest with himself and with others, and acting on the purity of similar purity of the water and the beam and fragrance, this is the reason why some people affect you is to speak with you, Vslokh alone model, which is the same reason that makes the Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (AS peace) said: «Be advocates for people without tongues, until you see the truth and righteousness and piety, it is calling».
Has proved that educational (education indirect) process, the more influential of the (indirect education) anecdotal.
5 peremptory conference .. Nahia Ended:
This is the congruence between faith and work, even role models influence to bear, it is necessary to work as ordered, even if the participants do as ordered ratified and took directs.
It also must be terminated by the end of what the evil or bad or evil or malice or obscenity, if Almenthon did not notice it, or saw the reverse and otherwise, Aaboha and detractors of the amount and mocked them, and in the poet says:
Do not end for creating and comes like *** shame if you did a great
If checked the stories of good role models I've seen this condition and clear in their behavior and they would not ordering anything until Espqgua people back to work, nor forbid anything but go too far and people also refrain him.
6 recognizes the error and seek to correct it:
Kaddotan example.
Example infallible does not address the error to the words and actions, as they are the prophets and the Imams (peace be upon them) who LIKENS THEM some Balhmos bright that all the light, and because you want them to enlighten people's minds and hearts and lives, it is true that there is something out of darkness, even a little bit.
A good example is infallible, may be issued by the error, but the acceleration to be addressed and avoided and recognition and not to insist upon or repeat in the future, and thus set an example even in the openness and transparency, and in seeking to correct what are its errors.
The righteous, who are role models valid, fall into error occasionally, but Mazathm for others, that others take pride in unrighteousness Facabr and Ihor and maneuvering so as not said about him a NH mistake, while Aúb Almottaga to his Lord and Athob quickly to his senses (those who fear if touched by a visitation from the devil remember If they Mbesron).
And (some professional Satan) is the Discussion malicious and evil that come to mind of man, but including Oti the ability of faith corrective works to expel those whispers and Altsoelat and thoughts, to return to its previous status and purity, like a river falling some impurities of the contamination, but quickly returns to Cefaúh again .
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Good example
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