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 Seat belt is important

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PostSubject: Seat belt is important   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:50 pm

The access to the following facts we see makes us near and risk tolerance in safety belt use, whether for us or for our children, it is found that in the UK, someone dies every two hours due to car accidents, lack of seat belt is the main cause of death in the event of an accident.
As studies have shown that the use of seat belts leads to a lack of deaths and injuries that occur in traffic accidents by 70%.
But do not use adult safety belt sends the wrong message to children that the use of seat belts is not necessary.
Benefits of safety belt use:
- The safety belt of the most important means to reduce the incidence of deaths and injuries in traffic accidents, it was shown that the use of seat belts reduces the number of deaths in accidents by 50% for front seat passengers and 60% for rear seat passengers.
- Seat belt prevents the passenger from the rush out of the car in the event of an accident.
Three-quarters of the passengers who rush out of the car during the accident are dying, it was found that with the link belt, the possibility of rush out of the car is 1%, while only 20% among those who did not use seatbelts.
- When an accident occurs, the car stops suddenly while rushing the passenger as fast as the car forward if the car was speeding at 100 km / hour before the accident, the passenger is not used for the seat belt will be pushed strongly from 1000 to 1500 kg forward, resulting in the killing or harming himself and other passengers in the car to make their Arttamh or smashed car or rushes out of the car.
The safety of children in the car:
- Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children between the age of five years of age which is equivalent to deaths from all diseases combined.
- The back seat is the safest place in the car for those who are under twelve years of age, with less risk by 27%.
- Every child should be placed in the car seat in the custom security to the child or linked to seat belt if he was right to do so in the rear seats.
- May be caused due to air bags in place in some of the newly manufactured cars of the dangers to children, this increases the requirements of the application belt and child safety seat for each riding in the car.
The best ways to use the belts and safety seats for children:
Must put all children under the age of twelve in the rear seats of the car, and the application of all means of safety, namely:
- Children under a year or weighing less than 10 kg placed in safety seats for children and high-quality heading back in the back seat of the car.
- The situation of children in the front seat or back and forward guidance may lead to serious injuries in their necks and causing death or injury quadriplegic in the event of a collision or the car stopped suddenly it took off very quickly.
- If the child weighed 10 kg or more and at least one year old can be placed in a seat custom security heading forward in the back seat of the car.
- Children who weigh 20 kg or more may be riding on the seats supportive Tervahm and linking them to safety belts.
- Children can use the adult seatbelt if the car was appropriate to the size of their bodies, where the belt wraps the lower on the hips and shoulders on the upper belt without irritating the face or neck while avoiding the situation or the shoulder belt behind the back.
- Be sure to read all the data in the booklet accompanying safety seats for children and make sure they fit the type of car and prove carefully to make sure the safety seat before putting the child.

How efficient is the use of seats and safety belts for children in the car?
Scientific studies have shown that the use of seat belts and seats for children reduces the likelihood of child deaths in accidents by 70% and reduces the possibility of serious injury by 50%.

Are air bags in the car safe for children?
Scientific studies have shown that the main danger to children is the lack of compliance by placing them in seats reserved for them with no seat belt and not in the air bags ..
The statistics indicate that the situation of children in the rear seats are safer than front seats in the case of air bags in the car.
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Seat belt is important
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