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 Skill of persuasion

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PostSubject: Skill of persuasion   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:51 pm

Peace, mercy and blessings of God and

Persuasion: The Force lost: -
Recounts some of the myths that the sun and wind Trahunta to compel a man to take off his coat; and began to wind in trying to win the bet storm and the air heavy and men increasingly insisted on his coat and insistence on the stability and survival until the dissolution of despair wind Vkvt him; and despair one palms, says our ancestors. The role of the sun emerged and Vtkdmt emerged of the man and the temperature Doiha Once seen even take off his coat selected satisfied.

The coercion and harassment had inherited resistance and conflict, while persuasion and Interviewing remain on the friendliness and intimacy and lead to change easily and satisfaction. The persuasion as dialogue is the language of the powerful and the normal way; and embrace him, or approach a person only had his share of respect and appreciation by the other parties, regardless of acceptance.

And the Qur'an and Sunnah, and two nV Muslims and their constitution and in which all the best and benefit have come so as to enhance persuasion, and emphasizes the impact, Lafayette argument and thinking like that over the village is empty, and the king of the Haj Ibrahim, peace be upon him in the Lord and Kmenaakech believer of Pharaoh his people; and the conversations it is best known modern young man Almstazn in adultery; and modern man who Rizk Bold black; and supporters after giving an interview the author of their hearts and leave them; all of these texts are full of lessons and the lessons that describe the arts of persuasion and methods and those who have a heart, or hearing a martyr.

What is persuasion?
To persuade several definitions, including:
Use the speaker or writer of words and signals that can affect change in the trends and tendencies and behaviors.
Another definition:
Intellectual and formal operations in which one party tries to influence the other and subjected to an idea or opinion.
The definition of third:
The impact of sound and acceptable to the convictions to change in whole or in part, through the presentation of evidence acceptable to the facts and clear.
It appears clear from the above definitions that the persuasive section on proficiency in communication skills and mastery of the art of dialogue and etiquette. And overlap some of the words in meaning with the persuasion with the differences may be accurate to a degree Khvaúha on the other; and times of these words: deception, seduction, negotiation. Some irritation to the instincts of some falsification of the facts and some are just a compromise agreement and without conviction, and so on.

Elements of persuasion:
1 - Source: must have the qualities, including:
Confidence: The history obtained from the source in addition to its interest in the interests of others.
Credibility: the promises, news, and evaluation.
The ability to use several methods of persuasion: the word, article, logic, emotion,
Scientific and cultural level and knowledge.
Commitment to the principles and convictions that he wants to convince others of it.
2 - The message: You must be:
Clear and unambiguous so that the public understood similar audiences.
The emergence of the target without the need to bother to search for.
Arranged logically, with an emphasis on evidence and proof.
Appropriate phrases and sentences so not to cause embarrassment or problematic and place of each article.
Far from controversy and alienate others; because the besieged no doubt will resist!
3 - the future: should consider the following:
Age and environmental differences.
Cultural and religious differences.
Scientific status, financial and social.
The level of self-confidence.

Aalaqnaa success depends on:
1 - the ability to communicate the principles and ideas and science proficiency.
2 - who are subject to the conditions of knowledge, values ​​and order.
3 - charisma three pillars: good manners, elegance of appearance, the wide culture.
4 - true positive interaction with the other party.
5 - mastery of the skills of persuasion and the mechanisms by acquiring proficiency in communication skills and commitment to dialogue with the arts etiquette.
6 - trust in God and supplication with think well of Him glorified.

What you should do:
• Before persuasion:
1 - full setup Equity destruction of effort and a waste of time.
2 - most importantly, first start for fear of the tyranny of money on important matters.
3 - choose the appropriate time for you and the other party.

• in the course of persuasion:
1 - to clarify the idea to the extent that it eliminates confusion.
2 - and logical progression.
3 - care of the needs of the other party.
4 - Activating the impact of emotions.

• After persuasion:
1 - to refute the suspicions and respond to objections.
2 - to ascertain the degree of conviction by telling the other party or his participation in the answer to the objections or his enthusiasm for the work based on his conviction.
3 - direct behavioral activation.

Rules of persuasion:
1 - to be done purely for God and not tainted by the same luck.
2 - to resort to God and request help to reconcile and clear right.
3 - the presence of the main requirements of persuasion, namely:
Conviction of the idea. And clarity.
The ability to be clarified. Force in launching the idea.
The availability of the necessary qualities in the source of persuasion.
4 - personal knowledge of the recipient, values ​​and needs, identifying the order. You should have been playing the character to find out his motives and point of view. As you must know the tricks and Olaibh not even becomes entangled in the fall.
5 - Calculating characteristics of the idea advocated by the River with the knowledge of the real or imagined opposition and analysis of the potential negative answer and prepare for. I know that the safest way to overcome the objection to make it part of your speech.
6 - Choose the right conditions to convince: temporal, spatial, and psychological and physical; comes with the opportunity to achieve this.
7 - Analysis of persuasion to:
Introductions agreed Kalhakaúq and Muslim women.
Results are based on logical premises.
8 - to stay away from controversy and challenge, and the accusation of intent, making the other party because he accused the defense and perhaps arrogance and stubbornness.
9 - If you will be in the vicinity of the idea: Chicken with staff at the Ocean before published.
10 - Learn to compare between the two cases and two tracks to promote your idea.
11 - pre-select when and how to end your speech.
12 - summed up the basic ideas so as not to get lost in the maze of the modern complex.
13 - Set yourself up does not Tstther; and watch your body language even Atkhounk.
14 - I feel Aalparty turn your interest through:
Link the beginning of the end of his speech talking as much as possible.
Strengthening aspects of the agreement.
Let him think that your love and your excuse for him.

Barriers to persuasion:
1 - tyranny and oppression, because the formal consent of the other removed the demise of tyranny.
2 - the nature of the person's return: it is difficult to convince the opinion of merit and the growing difficulty if the Aggressor boat himself ignorant of ignorance.
3 - the large number of ideas which confuses the mind.
4 - the level of fluctuation of the conviction or the poor performance of the message by the source.
5 - the mistaken belief it to be impossible or difficult to change: This is an early result eliminate every effort before the finish.
6 - the disappearance of a culture of praise from the right before the source of the future.

Stops are important:
1 - McCann kindness in a thing but it adorns.
2 - honesty in the modern equivalent of a benign trait it even if it is sincere in his talk what should not; no conflict between error correction and reward honest.
3 - will knowingly possess the skill of persuasion and was able through the strength of knowledge and safety practice; and if you find the best talent, all the better and the only Being able do the job alone.
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Skill of persuasion
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