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 They said about the wisdom

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PostSubject: They said about the wisdom   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:52 pm

They said the wisdom

Wisdom is the most expensive thing you can be granted by God to man after the exercise of faith and moral universe, which is the hope of every successful, and was told that wisdom is the goal of the believer.

Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him: Messenger of Allah tacit peace be upon him to his chest and said: "Oh God, his knowledge of Wisdom" [Bukhari].

Abi bin Ka'b and may God be pleased with him that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: "The wisdom of poetry"

[Bukhari] any of the poetry is sincere in word identical to the right.

* And the wisdom and knowledge they said:

- The reason the head of science and literature and the results of vaccination be led mind. Aristotle

- Literature sing for descent. Aristotle

- Will not benefit from the flag was not safe from the harm of ignorance.

- It was not wise, is still moribund.

- The tongue of the ignorant key died.

- Honor the animal rights at all speech and mind, the silent and did not understand Bhima returned.

- Christ, peace be upon him said: The light of wisdom every heart.

- The Prophet Ayoub: "The wisdom Where are they found? And business acumen Where based? Does not know the human value, does not exist in the land of the living. Moon said is not in, and the sea said, 'I do not have. Does not give Braz in place of, nor weighed silver price for it. The gold equivalent bumper, not alarm nor Ambassador Karim, is measured not by gold or glass, do not change the retailer's pure gold, with no mention of coral and crystal. and extraction of wisdom than extracting pearls. is not measured by the Loch yellow sapphire and gold equivalent.

But where it comes from wisdom, discernment and where based? It's hidden from the sight of all births, and Mtuareh for birds of heaven, hell and death, they said: I have witnessed first reached our ears, God is its ways see the world its place. "

- How many men calculate that vacuum hearts .. Of wisdom and reason Etienne opinion

- From the words of Imam Ali: wisdom is the believer, take the wisdom of the people, even hypocrisy.

- The heart of this chilling bored as bored Fabngoa Tra├║v her wisdom.

- Kings rulers of the people. And wise men are the rulers of the Kings.

- One of them said: We are a thousand men and one wise in us and we Nstchireh and obey Him. The Arabs are a thousand wise.

- Hakim said: heads are wiser than that was quiet, and hearts are more powerful that throbbed in sympathy with noble causes.

- Asked the world what the best science? He replied: It is the human knowledge to himself.

- It was said the day of your life without going to learn something new which is a day wasted.

- The reason why one of the four virtues as well as courage, moderation and justice. Plato

- The reason is the highest rank that can be reached by human Having completed the knowledge and up date to the top you get the wisdom and therefore Vagam higher affair of the philosopher and wisdom is the stage next and final post-philosophy, it is the height of peaks and the very goals and congratulations to those who come to wisdom and sobriety. Hegel

They said the wisdom:

- The thing is to put position, and said they should do what should be in time to be .. They said: It is an ideal behavior and decision.

Of the wise sayings:

- The wise one said to his son, he was advising him: O my son .. If you want to accompany a man Vogill .. Oncefk of the same do not let friends with him .. Otherwise Vahdhirh ..

- Asked the wise one: the rich or the best scientists?!

He said the scientists .. Said to him: what about the scientists come to the doors of the rich, the rich do not come to the doors of scientists! Hakim said: thanks to the scientists to see the money, and the ignorance of the rich value of the flag ..

- Socrates once asked: Why Achtaruk wisest sages in Greece? He replied:

Perhaps because I am the only man who knows he does not know anything at all.

- Said a wise philosophy: Brotherhood of three brother .. you need such as food all the time, and a brother acquisition of medicine you need sometimes, and a brother Calda do not need him at all.

- Wise asked what is the reason? He said that the distinction between who you know and the ignorant.

- Be just before you are generous.

- More than in his love for himself .. More people hate him.

- Over the wisdom of men .. Who thinks it is less wisdom!.

- The tongue is not bones .. But it breaks bones.

- Tiger predator in front of you .. Better than a traitor and a wolf behind you.

- Should work to follow the mind-Hakim.

- That one is the root of everything he did.

- Who is not wise is still moribund.

- The reason the head of science and literature and the results of vaccination be led mind.

- The eyes of the mind as much as a person to see things Fassalm mind sees things as truths, and self-malicious see things nature.

- Confirms the ignorant, the world suspect, and wise Etroy.

- Said one of the wise: do not deceive you four: the honor of kings, the enemy laughed, flatter women, free winter.

- Plato: We are crazy if we can not think of fanatics and if we do not want to think about and slaves if they do not dare to think.
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They said about the wisdom
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