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 Smoking damage

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PostSubject: Smoking damage   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:53 pm

ترجمة من العربية إلى الإنجليزية
Regret the majority of people ask smokers find they have a desire to stop smoking, but the vast majority do not know how to stop or to follow the best ways to stop smoking. However, before reviewing how to stop smoking should be mentioned some of the damage smoking, when the note is clear to us that smoking can affect almost all organs in your body in varying degrees, and the most important diseases caused by smoking are:

1 - lung cancer.
2 - a narrow stretch of the airways and lungs.
3 - stroke, heart.
4 - diseases of the mouth and teeth.

There are many studies showing that the smoker's risk of many diseases more than doubled to ten times higher for non-smokers by type of disease (see table).
Disease risk of mortality from the disease due to smoking
Non smoker Smoker
Hardening of the arteries, 1225-43%
Myocardial infarction 1575-80%
Lung cancer 11080-85%
Narrow the airways 1680-90%
Algrgarena 1990-98%
Deaths due to various types of cancer in 1230%

A picture of a smoker's gums, note gingivitis and retreat from the teeth and tooth decay as well as the pockets of the gums.
After a review of the diseases that may be caused by smoking may occur to smoking that you can for the body to get rid of the effects of smoking in the case of stopping him, and in fact, to stop smoking, great benefits and the body the ability to get rid of some materials related to smoking such as nicotine and carbon dioxide very quickly , although some symptoms such as cough, phlegm, ease for several weeks and can reduce the risk of heart stroke by 50% in just one year and is reducing the risk of cancer is gradual.

If it is the way to stop smoking?
We know that stopping smoking is not easy because smoking causes ((addiction organic and addiction psychological)), but a lot of people can stop if you find a genuine desire for that and a lot of people are afraid to stop smoking suddenly, in fact there is no damage from a sudden stop smoking, but a lot of people doing this thing if there is sufficient will, we recommend following the program the following to stop smoking:

1. A specific date (Target day) for the final stop smoking and this date is usually within 3-4 weeks of thinking in the downtime.
2. Talk to close family and a desire for smoking cessation and to help the person and understand the conditions that may pass by.
3. During this period (from three to four weeks) on the smoker not to smoke more than ten cigarettes a day.
4. On the day to stop smoking nicotine are advised to take compensatory time off, and the purpose of taking nicotine is to reduce the symptoms of tension and nervousness experienced by the smoker when you stop smoking.
5. Compensatory nicotine (see below).
6. Follow some instructions to resist the longing for cigarettes is:
• delay: meaning that if you want a cigarette, the person says to himself I will smoke, but after half an hour in most cases after a period of half an hour or more, this desire for less and the person can gradually overcome.
• refrain: to refrain from certain places or situations that usually remember the person smoking, such as diwaniyas, cafes, and this omission be for a temporary period of one month for example, because after a month, the human usually can more endurance.
• Escape: The meaning of this thing is to escape or get out of a situation by which the human feels very nostalgic to the cigarette, for example, if a person in a particular place and feel very nostalgic to the cigarette, it may be forced to exit or change of venue in order to overcome this nostalgia.
• Finding alternatives: an attempt to engage in work or other hobbies to try to busy thinking about smoking, such as exercise for a certain period, intensify social visits, and these alternatives will help to forget about smoking somewhat.
Here we would like the alarm that it is necessary, choose the right time to stop smoking, for example, may be easier to get rid of smoking in the period of leave from work, and thus away from the pressures of work during the first difficult or exploitation of certain opportunities, such as Ramadan or Hajj Therefore, having these opportunities and practice worship at these events strengthened the will of man to resist bad habits such as smoking.

Lungs of a non-smoker compared it with the image on the left. Lungs of a smoker compared it with the image on the right.

A picture of smoker lung cancer lung (black arrow).
Compensatory nicotine

There are three types of nicotine compensatory:
1) nicotine gum: comes with 2 mg or 4 mg, and we recommend that the person using the smoker's gum 4 mg initially, and should take 8-12 gum per day to compensate for the body, which was received by the nicotine from cigarettes. And must follow the correct way to slow to take the gum to chew rights gum for a few minutes, and when they feel the taste of nicotine, it stops chewing, and if still the bait, he continues to chew and are repeated this process for about half an hour, and can take the chewing gum every one to two hours during the day.
2) a groupie nicotine: Usually come a groupie nicotine in three doses (high - medium - soft), and in order to overcome the addiction to nicotine, we advise you to take a groupie with a high dose daily for four weeks and then medium for four weeks, and finally light for four weeks, and we recommend placing The plaster of any place in the body and removed after twenty-four hours ago and new plaster.
3) nicotine filter: This filter is a component of a substance such as nicotine cigarette can be inhaled, and can be used intermittently throughout the day.
Other drugs that can be used to help stop smoking:

Demonstrated some studies that some Anti-depressants help to refrain from smoking, especially a new drug (Buproprion or Zyban), which has proven its effectiveness in helping people who have a genuine desire to stop, but you must take this medicine under medical supervision, usually not recommended until after the failure of attempts to stop using other methods.
Should alert the smoker that the person may pass such and such a failed experiment in trying to stop smoking, but it should not despair and try again to take advantage of failed experiments.
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Smoking damage
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