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 Article about the charity

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PostSubject: Article about the charity   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:55 pm

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon our master and our beloved Muhammad and blessings of Allaah be upon him and his family and companions and followed until the Doomsday, thank God, who commanded in his charity and called us to it and get us out, and he said: {Those who spend their money in the way of Allah then do not follow What we spend does not harm them their reward with their Lord, nor fear, nor shall they grieve} [Baqarah: 262]
Blessings and peace upon our Prophet Mohammed, who ordered us to charity and get us out, he said: "believe before they believe; incredible man Danarh, incredible man Darhamh, incredible man of righteousness, attested by a date, of the rite, do not belittle a bit of charity, even hard- Tamra "Narrated by Muslim

What are the beloved charity?

Charity is the maintenance that is required by the wage and calling obligatory and shamrock
However, the use of custom in Islam was the wording in the imposition of zakat, and in the word shamrock charity.
Meaning called charity: this is taken from the truthfulness of the equality of the act of saying and believing.
Charity extinguish the anger of the LORD, as water extinguishes fire, Islam encourages us to charity and make her morals and conditions
He says: (Those who spend their money in the way of Allah then do not follow what we spent or harm them their reward with their Lord, nor fear, nor shall they grieve) [Baqarah: 262]
And the Almighty said: (Who lends to God a good loan Fadhaafh him with generous wage) [Fe: 11]
So how do we give if what Ntsedkh Nkarzh loan for the rich, loyal, and improved
How can we not been promising, and perhaps that Sinmiha and raised by us to become exponentially
Fayalaa from the Gospel!!

The rule of charity:
From Abu Musa that the Prophet peace be upon him said: 'Every Muslim charity said: What if he did not find? He said, going on his hands Vinf the same charity and said: What if he could not? He said, appointed a need Almlhov said he was told: What if he could not? He said, enjoin what is good or good, said: What do you think? He did not do that: they refrain from evil charity for
In correct {Abu Dhar said: I said: O Messenger of Allaah, which works better? Said: faith in Allah and Jihad in the process I said: any necks better? He said when people themselves and the most expensive I said: I did not do the said manufacturer or had to make for clumsy I said: O Messenger of Allaah, what weakened for some work? He said, a trap for people to stop it from you on the charity yourself!

In this hadeeth that it is obligatory on every Muslim charity and make it five mattresses on the allowance:
First, the charity did not find his money earned money and who will benefit from incredible. And the evidence should be earning; shall appoint the needy could not physically if he can not not, then do Vikv for evil. Valolian located either money or Bmugod Bmaxob hull and the other two is either hand or tongue.
In Saheeh Muslim from Abu Dhar that the Prophet peace be upon him said: 'it is every phalanx of any one charity every praise charity every tahmeedah charity every tahleelah charity and all the opening charity and enjoining what is good charity, and forbidding what is evil is a charity and is acceptable from that rak'ahs sufficient. Duha} In This modern charity that make four words. The commands and prohibitions and two rak'ahs forenoon than sufficient.

The types of charity:
* Good Word
* Aoun man his brother, the thing
* Soup of water Asagaha
* Removing something harmful from the road
* Spending on family is Seeking reward
* All loan charity loan charity being the course of the Campus
* Spent on horses in the way of Allah
Q: What is he fed his wife, as he fed his son
* Handed over to the reception of
* Althlalh, takbeer, Althamidh, Alzbehh, enjoining what is good, forbidding evil
* Etienne desire Halal
* Smiles in the face of his Muslim brother
* Instruct men in the land of delusion if the souls lost on the way man
What fed the servant, as he fed the same
* Empty bucket in the bucket of his brother
* Hospitality three days.
* The need for a subsidy Almlhov
* Refrain from evil
* Say: forgiveness of God
* Guide the blind, deaf and mute heard even understands,
Q: What gave your wife
* Planting the birds eat it, or of human or animal
* What was stolen from him is charity
Q: What is the fruit of the seven charity
* Every day to give the debtor a charity
* Dreams of the morning and in the evening

The virtues and benefits charity

First: it extinguishes the wrath of God Almighty, as in the saying: The secret charity extinguish the anger of the Lord! Targheeb.

Second, they wipe out sin, and its fire as you go in saying: {and charity extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire} Targheeb. Ka'b bin Ajrah may Allah be pleased with him said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "O Ka'b ibn Ajrah he will not enter Paradise flesh and blood Nepta to haraam, fired for it, my heel bin Ajrah people Gadian, Fgad to release himself Vmatgaha, Vemotgaha and Gad, O Ka'b ibn Ajrah, offering prayer, and fasting, the Commission, and charity extinguishes sin as the ice goes on Safa. " Narrated in Saheeh Ibn Hibbaan

Third, it is protection from the fire as in the saying: Fear the fire, even half a date}.

Fourth: that Motassadeq charity under the Day of Resurrection as an obstacle in an interview with Ben Amer said: I heard the Messenger of Allah says: {Amrye under each charity, even among people spend}. He said more than: (Abu Marthad was unmistakable on only believe something if the cake or onion), has said that the Prophet of the seven whom Allaah will shade shade on the Day no shade but His shade: {Vokhvaha man who gives charity, so do not know what the north spends his right } in the correct.

Fifth, that in the charity, medicine for physical illnesses, as in the saying: Treat your patients! Charity. Says nephew: (I heard Ibn Al-Mubarak, and asked a man about a sore left knee for seven years, has dealt with the types of treatment, and asked the doctors did not benefit from it, he said: Go Vahfr wells in place need to water, I hope that the stems are appointed and hold about you blood, the man did Fbero) Targheeb

Sixth: the cure for heart disease as those who complained said the severity of his heart: {If you want to soften your heart Votam poor, and clear at the top of the orphan} Narrated by Ahmad

Seventh: that God pays charity types of affliction, as in the commandment of Yahya peace be upon him to the children of Israel: (and order you to give charity, such a man captured by the enemy Vothagoa his hand to his neck, and they have made to strike his neck and said: I redeemed you a little or a lot, he paid the same of them) [true Whole] du'aa has an astonishing effect in the types of payment if the scourge of the libertine or unjust but an infidel, Allah Almighty to pay the types of affliction, and this is well known to people and their common folk and the elite people of the land coupled with it because they may Ejreboh.

Eighth: that a person but the fact land up charity as stated in the verse: {will not gain righteousness until you spend what you love [Aal 'Imraan: 92

IX: The King spent calling him every day other than Grasper At that says: no day on which people only two angels come down one of them says: O Give successor spending, and the other says: O Give holding damage} in the correct

Tenth: that the charity bless him in his money, as the Prophet put it: {does not decrease because of charity money} in Saheeh Muslim

Atheist Twelve: it does not remain the owner of the money from his charity except that which, as in the verse: {And spend of good Vlonevskm} [Baqarah: 272]. When the Prophet asked Aisha about the sheep that Zbhoha what remained of them said: What is left of them except her shoulder. Said: 'left shoulder is all in Sahih Muslim}

XII: that God doubles the reward for Motassadeq as saying the Almighty: {The ratifiers and Almsedkat and lent God a good loan for them and increases their generous wage} [iron: 18]. And His saying: {Who lends to God a good loan Fadhaafh him many times and is caught and brought back to him and simplifies the [al-Baqarah: 245

XIII: The owner called the special section of the gates of Paradise said the door to his charity, as in the hadeeth of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah said: 'Whoever spent a couple for the sake of God, called for in heaven, O slave of Allah, this is better: it was the prayer of the people invited a matter of prayer, and was one of the people invited from the door of jihad jihad, and the charity of the people invited a matter of charity, and if he is invited to fast from the gate of al} Abu Bakr said: O Messenger of God, of what was called the doors of the those of the need to do is called one of those doors are all said: Yes {I} be one of them in the correct

XIV: When they are met with fasting and following the funeral, visiting the sick in one day, but enjoined the owner of Paradise, as in the hadeeth of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah said: 'Whoever among you is fasting today? ! Abu Bakr said: I am. Said: 'Who among you has attended a funeral today? ! Abu Bakr said: I am. Said: 'Who among you sick today? ! Abu Bakr said: I, the Messenger of Allah said: {What Amrye met in only enter Paradise} Narrated by Muslim

XV: that where you feel happy, and peace of heart and peace of mind, the Prophet struck like a miser and spent like two men with two meals of iron from Tdaehma to Tracehma As for the balance not spent only widened or provided on his skin so obvious impact, and the miser does not want to spend anything but to Zkt each episode place it extends and expands [the correct] (Valmtsedk whenever gives charity Ecstasize her heart, and Anevsh the chest, he is like the breadth of that cloak it, the more incredible widened and Anevsh and Ecstasize, and powerful joy and great delight, though not in the charity, but This benefit alone was a real person Balacetkthar them and hastening to the Almighty said: {It is Aouk scarcity of the same, they are the successful.} Hashr: 9

XVI: that if the balance of scientists is the best houses of God as in the saying: but the minimum four men: a man to whom God's money, knowledge, and he fear the Lord and have mercy on the up, and God knows where this is truly the best home .. ! Talk.

XVII: that the Prophet made rich with spending like the Koran with do, in saying: Let there be no envy except in two: a man to whom Allah Quran is done by night and day, and a man to whom God's money, he spends the night and day}, so how about if according to God's servant to bring together all that? We ask Allah of His bounty Quran.

XVIII: that a person Move to the Covenant, between him and God and the integral of the deal, which held him once to make himself and his money in the way of Allah refers to it as saying Almighty: that God purchased of the believers themselves and their money that they have a Paradise fighting in the way of Allah and kill and kill and except it really in the Torah and the Bible and the Qur'an is from God fulfilled his covenant, which Fastbashroa Bouapekm Baiatm it and it is a great win} [Repentance: 111]

XIX: evidence that the charity of the sincerity of a person and his faith as in the verse: {proof} and charity Narrated by Muslim

Twenty: The charity disinfectant for money, get rid of the millet that fall ill as a result of idle talk, and NATO, and deceit, and negligence was the Prophet recommends traders said, {O merchants, this sale will be attended by idle and NATO Vhhofer charity} Narrated by Ahmad, Women and Ibn Majah, Jaami

Women for her charity.

He said peace be upon him, "If women spent her food but she will, she had spent her wages, including, but her husband, including wage earning, and the storekeeper like that, does not diminish some of the wage of some thing" (Agreed)
God Almighty says: {O you who believe, spend of what We have provided you before a Day comes when no sale, nor friendship, nor intercession.}
Allah says: {and ratifications and Almsedkat and lent God a good loan for them and they have doubled the reward cream!

Hudhayfah said, may Allah be pleased with him) said Omar may Allah be pleased with him talk of you keep the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him for sedition? I said, I save it, he said. You said it for a bold, how? I said affliction men in his family and his son and his neighbor expiated by prayer, charity and known - said Solomon was saying the prayer, charity and the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice Bukhari
Ibn Abbas: The Prophet peace be upon him blessings of the day of Fitr rak'ahs not reached before or after, then came to women and not look at him Fjolhn charity benefit by receiving their earrings and necklaces! Bukhari

Literature and the charity are:
* Be of good money is not bad or malicious
* Good to come out with the same Motassadeq intended to be the pleasure of Allah;
* Not to bless and do not harm

Fatwas for charity

Asked Sheikh Bin Uthaymeen Almighty God's mercy
Is a non-Muslim charity to pay out if you need them the most hope to benefit by that?


Sheikh: charity to a non-Muslim prize and the reward if he needs it but does not solve his obligatory charity no Zakat only be made up their hearts and required in the charity, he should not be those who fight the Muslims, was among those who fight the Muslims and drive them out of their homes, it does not give him because charity it include or require help him on Muslims say Allah (Allah forbids you not those who fight you not for religion nor drove you out of your homes, dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loves those) but Allah forbids you from those who fought in religion and driven you out of your homes and helped to drive you out to Tolohm and who takes such are wrong-doers)

Question: Sheikh Is giving alms to beggars is considered zakat?


Sheikh: beggars who are going through to people and ask them the money is not without conditions of the two first order as the most likely sincerity and that they need They are giving of Zakat and voluntary charity is no sin on man to give them, but should not take the mosques, a place to ask but have places ask them at the gates mosque from the outside and the second thing that most likely they are not honest with Him with poverty and need, but most likely they are liars and they are asking people their money Tkthera They should not be given, not zakat nor obligatory charity because that would encourage them to question Muharram and rights denied him to ask people their money Tkthera but asking people their money Tkthera a major sin, because the Prophet peace be upon him than he asked people their money Tkthera I just ask the coals then let him resign or bulking and I have heard a lot about some of these beggars if they died and found they have a lot of money, even gold and silver of money and this shows that some people ask to pay Tkthera not need or necessity.

Is it permissible to give charity money which likened him?

Hate the charity, including the suspicion, and is recommended to choose the lawful money and kept him out of the Sacred and compromised; the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: {of incredible fairly Tamra to earn a good - and does not accept God's only good - then God accepts his right hand and then raised by the owner also keeps you truly Vloh so that like a mountain! Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim, and this word novel, and Filo open ta included lam and the tightening of the waw, and said: broken ta, housing lam, a born horse as a youngster. Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him also said: "He Messenger of Allah peace be upon him {O people, Allaah is Good and accepts only good, but God is faithful, including ordered by senders, said the Almighty: {O ye Messengers, eat of the good things and do good I am what you do, Knowing} and said: O you who believe, eat of the good things that We have provided the man} and prolongs the travel unkempt dusty extends his hands to Heaven: 'Lord, Lord, and his food is haraam and drink is haraam, his clothing is haraam and haraam fed Oneness so} Narrated by Muslim.
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Article about the charity
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