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 the meanings of the Eid

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PostSubject: the meanings of the Eid   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:56 pm

Of the meanings of the Eid
Praise be to Allaah Who has perfected our religion for us, and we did grace, and for us Islam as our prayer and blessing and peace be rendered, and the gift of mercy; Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah, his family and companions and allies, and then:
Eid, the manifestation of religion, ritual and rites of binoculars that involve the rule of a great and solemn meanings, and do not know the secrets of exquisite Nations in various festivals.
Yearly, in the meaning of religious thanked God for the fully worship, do not say it insured his tongue only; but Tatlj in Sra├║rh satisfaction and reassurance, and Tnbalij in Alanath joy and celebration, and result in the hearts of believers in human beings and mankind and fluency, and wipe between rich and poor of the chill.
And holidays in the human meaning: a meeting place on the power of the rich, the poor and weak and to love mercy and justice inspired by the sky, entitled Zakat, charity, and expansion. Reflected feast on the rich yuppie; forgetting attachment to money, and come down off its perch modest to the right and the creating, and states that all around him, his brothers and his associates; erase abuse of kindness day. Reflected feast on the dusty and poor; raises concerns, and rises from the horizon was inconceivable to him his dreams, and forget nuisances General and his troubles, and erase the effects of screen feast of hatred and dissatisfaction of the same, and defeated his great despair to triumph, while concerns please.
And holidays in the psychological meaning: the line between the restriction under his breath, and to live prey, and between start of his opening Allahoat, and mindful of his desires.
And holidays in the mean time: a piece of time; allocated to forget worries, and removing the costs, and Recreation Gahdhalehiah powers.
And holidays in the mean Social: Children's Day flooding them with joy and fun, and on the poor FIND THEM easily and capacity, and on the wombs collected on the mainland and the link, and on Muslims united by tolerance and regular exchanges of visits, and on friends renew those bonds of love, and the reasons of proximity, and on the souls precious forget Odganha; collects a large number after the separation, and after Taatsafy bung and shake after contraction.
In all this a renewal of the Association of Social strongest of love, loyalty, and brotherhood, and the most wonderful thing to confer on the hearts of mankind, and the souls of joy, and objects of comfort, and its social significance - well - a reminder to members of the society against the weak and helpless; to include the joy holiday every house, and permeated grace each family, and to this sense of social symbolizes legislation charity-Fitr Eid al-Fitr, and to slaughter sacrificial animals on Eid al-Adha; is to provide before the feast, or in his days at all of the hands of the good in goodness; not the Sun the feast, and above all the lip smile, and joy flooded every heart. Eid Istrouh naughty Wind happiness, and breathing Chokers in an atmosphere of capacity, and the taste landless good things living, and to enjoy Allowajdon Botaiba. At the feast acathexia souls wild seem unwieldy to the good, and Thish souls Alkzh to charity. At the feast the provisions of suppressed passion, and behind it the rule of feeding the mind , and underneath the secrets liquidate self, and between her memories of fruitless torment in truth and goodness, and in the fold through the manifestation of the facts, and the balance establishes justice among items varying from humans, and purposes of the sound in the maintenance of the unit, and the reform issue, and the lessons of practical high-sacrifice, altruism, and love . Eid show allegiance Mstalna for all, and guide people to each other gifts hearts sincere love, as if the holiday spirit of one family in the whole nation. At the feast accommodate the spirit of neighborliness and stretching, until he returns great country like a family house and the one achieved by the fraternity sense in practice. Eid starts on Aftrtha qualities, and highlights the emotions and tendencies for what they are.
Eid in Islam: the serenity and dignity, and maximize the One, the Irresistible, after the causes of doom and the entry of the fire, and feast with all of that to pre-empt the field of good works, and gestures in the field of competition. One indication of the bone would feast that Islam is a century every one of the Christmas bonus great Bsairh of rituals general have Jellalha serious spirituality, and has a danger of Galilee in the social studies, and has a fragrance Alhabh good, benevolence, righteousness, compassion, and have a profound impact in the education of individual and collective, that are not valid for the existence of the nation's useful only in the presence of.
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the meanings of the Eid
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