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 Parents and children in the Quran

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PostSubject: Parents and children in the Quran   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:57 pm

In the name of God the Merciful
Praise be to God, enough is enough and peace upon His slaves whom He has chosen and after
This is a book parents and children in the Koran is about the relationship between them
Lust for boys when parents:
The boys are having a boys lust of desires in people and in this he
Surat Al-Imran says, "Zain people love the desires of women and boys" and the infidel
Wants to have children and have built many of Surat Maryam said, "what about the Kafr Our revelations
Oaten said the wealth and children "and the cause of the will of the infidel Benin is the reproduction of many
In children and in this he says Surat iron "but know this life
Play and fun and Accessories and boasted and multiplication in wealth and children. "
Female infanticide:
The infidels, if one was told the birth of female same sad devastated and grabbed his fury
It moves away from the eyes of people that think that the girl is good news in itself a bad conflict
Between the burial of the girl in the soil and keep it alive with what is believed to be
His humiliation and dishonor, and in this he says Surat bees "and if one of them a female human beings under
His face is Msauda Kzim slips from people of ill people by what the Hun or Oamskh
Idesh in the dirt "
Killing of children:
Some people kill their children in Benin and daughters at birth or who are in pregnancy
Fear of destitution, a poverty that forbade God's alive and showing them that all
In this surah Isra he says "do not kill your children for fear of poverty we
Provide for you and that killing them was a big mistake "
Girls and parents infidels:
Look for some infidels double for girls to understand the evidence Aahbunhen worship the gods of alleged
Feminine, such as Lat and Uzza and Manat, and in this he says Surat star "Have you thought about
Lat and Uzza and Manat the third other quantum male with the female if the apportionment of those
Dazy "as they guide their hatred Alonhen the birth of female to them and their report and stopped in the act or
Satisfaction of humiliation in the case of survival and in this he says Surat bees "If human beings
One of them a female face with a Msauda Kzim slips from people of ill as preached by
Oamskh the Hun or Idesh in the dirt "and evidence that they are making them and the boys
Females who inherit In this understanding of God the Almighty said Surat Saffat "Vasfhm
Olrbak them girls and boys "
Parents and children infidels:
The relationship between parents and children is established by the infidels in the following:
- Killing their fathers to their children a sense Adilalhm any response from the right dress Islam
In them he says this fit of cattle "as well as Zain to many of the idolaters killed
Their children to turn them to their partners and they wear their religion. "
- Has become the religion of children is the religion of the infidels and their parents was their response to the Apostles (R) is the
We met the religion of our fathers on any nation and we are moving any of their religion and refused to Mguetdon
Ivroa leave any religion of parents and in this he says Surat decoration "and I found
Our fathers and unto the Mguetdon their tracks "and said Surat norms" Ojitna
To worship God alone, and vow that our fathers used to worship "
Fathers and sons infidel Muslims:
Sunan from emerging in people's lives and there are infidels to them the children of Muslims such as the father Azar
And son Ibrahim (R) has called for Muslims to God's children accompany parents
Promotion of a charity means obeying them as not contrary to Islam and spending
Them in old age and the lack of them and not Altavv Nehrhm Zjarham and only when Williamson
Islam is bad and not Aitiaoheme if God told them to shirk which is disbelief in Islam
In this he says Surat Spider "dutiful and good to his parents, although well
They strive to involve me what you have no knowledge then obey them not, "said Surat Luqman," and that
They strive to involve me what you have no knowledge, then obey them in this world
Known "
And duties of parents towards their children:
God enjoined Muslim parents the following duties towards young children:
- Spending on them is to bring them food and drink
- In the clothing clothes Monday, Surat al-Baqarah Allah "and his baby
Livelihood and reasonable manner "
- Consultation with mothers in the process of weaning any Arthrosis ruled by not less than
In the two years that he says Surat al-Baqarah ", the wanted Vsala by mutual consent
Consultation and there is no sin on them "
- Bring on the father if not satisfied with nursing divorced mother to breastfeed her baby and in this
He says Surat divorce "breastfed, the interpretation of the meaning and acted with you
Reasonable terms and that his other Taasertm Vestrda "
- Child-rearing on the right prayer guide them to the mercy of God's children as a result of their upbringing
In this surah Isra He says "the Lord has decreed that you worship none small"
- It is recommended that all parents with their money for their young children if there are children of senior
Spent on them and gave them what made them riding in their lives and in this he says Surat
Women "and who are afraid if they left behind them weak offspring feared them So they should fear
God and speak right words "
- To choose the father before he married the mother of the righteous Muslim and in this he says
Fit of the light "and Ankhawwa Aloaamy you and the righteous, fit and Amaúkm"
The duties of mothers toward their children:
God enjoined mothers next to the boys:
- Feed the children two years and in this he says Surat al-Baqarah
"The mothers breastfeed their children for two full years for those who wanted to be breast-feeding"
- Child-rearing on Islam and in this he says Surat Isra "and say the Lord
Has decreed that you worship none small "
The duties of children toward parents:
Imposed on the children of God and duties to parents are:
- Not to say the children of the parents is the view of F-words for propaganda, they
- Not Azjarham boys when requesting something
- To speak with them any good gracious words
- Have mercy on the children's parents do anything for them, a plead for them
- Ask the children of God have mercy on the parents and in this he says Surat
Isra "And your Lord has not worship none but Him and dutiful to your parents either they reach
Old age have one or both say not to them but address them disrespect, nor say to them a word of
Generous and lower the humiliation of mercy, and say the Lord has decreed that you worship none small "
Nursing mothers:
Expanded the circle of the family of God through breastfeeding, it becomes a child suckling his mother and consequent
To this is that girls become nursing sisters of the infant and thus deprive them of that
Okhuhn also become brothers, the sons of nursing the baby and thus deprives them
Married to their sister and she shows all this verse fit of women "denied
Your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, your father's sisters and Khalatkm and nieces and daughters of sister
And your mothers and sisters who have Erdankm of breastfeeding "
Adoption of Islam was a project by project remained in the copies of the rule of Islam even
Adoption has adopted the Prophet (PBUH) says Zaid evidence Surat parties "when he had finished
There has been increased from Zojnakea in order not to be faithful spouses if Odeiaúhm
There has been spent of them and then canceled by saying adoption is in the same sura, "What made
Such is your opinion about your sons Adaiakm mouths "
Stories of fathers and sons:
Mentioned in the Quran several stories include the story of Noah (PBUH) with his son, the infidel, who declined to Islam
Because love drowned Noah (r) has been requested from God for the mercy of a taboo forbade his son
God is not a kaafir this request of his family because he was not valid, including the story of a dream
Ibrahim (PBUH) to sacrifice his son Ishmael (PBUH) has bowed to the boy asked the father Vonqzh
Fdah God and a great slaughter, including the story of Jacob (r) and tribes (r), where Jacob suffered
(R) of the belief is wrong when adult children, a preference for his two young sons
Yusuf (PBUH) and his brother, and from them we learn not to distinguish between children in treatment
Never lower their frequency so as not to lead them to kill or harm or hatred of brothers, including the story of
Imran woman who vowed to God in her womb She came he accepted a daughter of God and the righteousness of
Yahya (PBUH) to his parents Zakaria (R) and his mother dander Issa (R) his mother Mary (pbuh) preached to them and
Luqman (r) to include the story of his son and the ingrate son and his parents, Muslims who Talibah
Vkfr Islam and also the story of the son who was killed by Al-Saleh (R) so as not exhausting
Parents tyranny and disbelief.
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Parents and children in the Quran
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