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 How to raise children to maintain prayers

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PostSubject: How to raise children to maintain prayers   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:58 pm

Peace, mercy and blessings of God and

There are ways of breeding and proper to teach children to get used to pray

From the outset, there must be agreement between the parents - or of the child care - on a clear policy and specific and fixed, so there is no dispersion of the child, and therefore the loss of all efforts in vain, it rewards the mother, for example, his prayer goes back father a gift larger than given by his mother, and gives without him nothing was worth the reward, it makes the reward that he took a small prayer in his eyes or no value; or for the mother to punish him for his shortcomings, and the father comes Istrdah in various ways, for fear of it.

In the case of bonus must be swift reward until the child feels that there is a result of his actions, because the child forgets quickly, if for example, led the five daily prayers in the day, be rewarded directly after evening prayers.

First, early childhood (between the third and fifth):

The third phase of life is the stage of the beginning of the independence of the child and the sense of physical integrity, and Matih, but at the same time the stage of desire in the tradition; it is wrong to tell him if he stands next door to Ikldna in prayer: "No, my children have the right to play now until it reaches the seventh, the prayer is not imposed on you now "; Flandah instinct to imitate, as he wants, and act spontaneously us to achieve independence through choice and do what they desire, and without our intervention (except when entering a danger) ... "If you stop the child next to the worshiper and not kneel or bow, then began clapping for example, and play, Flandah not comment on that, but we all know they are at this stage may pass before the worshipers, or sitting in front of them or standing up in their backs, or you may cry, In the latter case there is nothing wrong We have to hold them in prayer in the state of fear for them, or if there was not at home, for example, cares about them, and we should not Nnehrhm at this stage what is happening for them from the mistakes of the chapel ..
From the original topic here: Education Forum Educational how to raise children to keep praying

At this stage, the child could be memorizing the Wall: light, sincerity, and al.

Second, middle childhood (between the fifth and seventh):

At this stage can speak simple gentle quiet about Yes Allah and bounty (Compatible with many examples), and the love of God for His slaves, and mercy; to make the child of his own longing to please God, at this stage the focus is on talking too much about God Almighty and ability and His beautiful names and virtues, in turn, the need to obey Him and the beauty of obedience and is pleased and simplicity and sweetness and its impact on human life ... At the same time has to be that there will be a good example, sees little in front of him, simply to see the father and mother and their commitment to prayer five times a day, without weariness or fatigue affects a positive view of the child to the obedience, Faihbha love those around him have, and adhere to also commit to any normally and conduct a daily basis. But even prayer does not become a habit and remain in the framework of worship, must be accompanied by something of the teaching of doctrine, it is appropriate here tell the story of Ascension, and the imposition of prayer, or telling the stories of noble Companions and their attachment to pray ...

One caveat that our focus is always to move away from sermons and harsh criticism or method of intimidation and threats; It goes without saying that beating at this age is permitted, must be positive reinforcement, encouraging words to him, even prayer becomes an essential part of his life.

And take into account the presence of warm water in winter, it escapes the small prayer for his escape from the cold water, this in general; and for girls, Venhabbhm things may seem small trivial but it has far-reaching effect, such as knitting Scarves small bobble color like Scarves mother in her home, and provide a rug small especially the girl child ..

Can be If we lazy child to let him pray two rak ahs example, so that the later the sweetness of prayer and then we know the number of rak'ahs Zuhr and 'Asr Vimha of his own, and can encourage a child who feels too lazy for ablution work queue special ablutions starts boy lazy and be the leader and has line of all individuals who are at home at this time.

It is noted that the implementation of training policy on prayer be gradually begins with the child with Fajr every day, and morning and afternoon, and so get used to gradually complete the five daily prayers, and so at any time, and when they get used to that are trained on the links in the first time, and after that get used so Ndrih the Sunnah, and all he could by his responsiveness.
From the original topic here: Education Forum Educational how to raise children to keep praying

Can be used as the stimulus for that, Venkavih various types of rewards, not necessarily to be the reward money, to give him a reward if he prays five hypotheses, even if the Judiciary, then reward the hypotheses five if he prayed at the time, then reward if he prays hypothesis five in the first time. (11)
We must teach that the pursuit of prayer to seek paradise, and can bring in good located inside, that we say to him: "I can see you my darling fly wings in heaven, or" I'm sure of that God satisfied with you and loves you so much for its effort to pray "Or:" I dreamed that you play with the boys in Paradise and the Prophet peace be upon him play with you after the group pray with him "... and so on. (10)

The boys, Vchjaahm to accompany their parents (or their deputies from the trusts) to the mosque, the cause of happiness to them; first to accompany their parents, and secondly to get out of the house a lot, and shall be removed from shoes with laces that require time and effort and patience
Little to connect them or takes them off ...

And taken into account at this stage the child's education provisions of the purity of some simple precautions to avoid such as the importance of the impurity Kalpol and others, and how cleaning oneself, and eliminate the need for ethics, and the need to maintain the cleanliness of the body and clothing, with an explanation of the relationship Purity prayer.

And education of the child must also ablution, and his training on the practical, as it was noble Companions to do with their children

Third, the stage of late childhood (between the seventh and tenth):

At this stage, notice generally change the behavior of children to pray, and do not abide by them, even though they may be accustomed to, Velhz inaction and evasion and to express dissatisfaction, it's simply the nature of the new stage: the stage of the insurgency and the difficulty of following, and obey, and here should be treated with tact and wisdom with them, Vneptad direct question: Do I prayed day and age? Because they will tend to lie and claim prayer to escape them, so the reaction is either shouting at him to lie, or to dismiss, despite the awareness of a lie, and the first of this and that is a reminder to pray in the form of an alert is not a question, such as age guys: once, twice, three , and said for example that he prayed in his room, tell your room has accounted blessed, we pray, come in my room for Nbarkha; Angels fall for mercy and blessing in the places of prayer!! It is calculated that prayer goes, say it Ptbasm and quietly so as not to lie again.

That did not reach the child stands next to the father or mother - of embarrassment - and says: "I'm waiting for something essential must occur before it is too late" (in a firm but not harsh and far from the threat)

Should also encourage them, and enough girls to say: "Come on I shall pray God to me," Girls tend to prayer, because it is easier effort and the encouragement, the male can encourage them to pray the mosque and it is for the child the opportunity for recreation after a long consultation, and to ensure that coming off can be linked to get off the task again, such as buying bread, or a question about a neighbor, etc. ....
In both cases: the child or the child, you should not forget the encouragement and promotion and noted that his commitment to prayer of the best things we like about their personalities, and they feature overwhelm the rest of the problems and defects, and at this age can a child learns the provisions of the purity, the nature of the Prophet peace be upon him , and some prayers for prayer, and can be considered as the child reaches the seventh is an important event in the life of the child, and even the establishment of a special ceremony on the occasion, called him close to home is decorated with ornaments and a private, start-up phase it is to pray regularly!!

There is no doubt that this affects the child in the same yes, but can also advertise on this occasion in the house shortly before Kchehrin for example, or a month in order to keep the child, keeping watch for the coming of the biggest event!!

At this stage we begin Ptauadh perform five prayers every day, but missed one of them the judiciary, and when committed Btadathen all the Miqadtha, we begin to teach him the prayer immediately after hearing the prayer and not delayed; When accustomed to perform after the prayer directly, should be taught Sunan prayer and remember his virtues, and that the choice pray that between now, or when they grow up.

The following are some specific reasons for the child at this stage to commit to pray:

1. Should see the Son is always in the Father and Mother vigilant sense of a prayer, for example, if you wanted son to asked permission to sleep before dinner, let him hear from the parent, and without thinking or hesitation: "I have not left on the evening prayers little pray together and then sleep with the permission of God; and if the children ask out of the club, for example, or visit a relative, has approached the time for Maghrib, Felicmawa from the parents: "We pray Morocco first, then get out"; One way to awaken the sense of prayer with the boys to hear link appointments to pray, for example: "Snkabl So and so in the afternoon prayer," and "So and so will attend to visit us after the Maghrib prayer."

2. Islam urges the sport that protect and strengthen the body, the strong believer is better and more beloved to Allaah than the weak believer, but it should not come love or exercise at the expense of performing the prayer on time, this is unacceptable.

3. If there is disease and small, you should visit him to pray as he could, even arises, he knows and get used to it does not excuse him for not praying, even if he was sick, and if you are in the travel must be taught a license palace and the combination, and drew his attention to the grace of God in the license, legislation and that Islam is full of mercy.

4. Plant a in your child the courage to invite his colleagues to pray, and not feel embarrassed to finish a phone call or talk with someone, or in order to inflict a prayer group, the mosque, and also Plant a when not making fun of his colleagues who neglect to pray, but invite them to this good, and praise the God who guided him to this.

5. Must Ntdrj redundancy in the education of children after the persistence hypothesis.

And to use all means legally permissible to inculcate in them the prayer, including:
* Ruler by decree how ablution and prayer.
** Education account and the multiplication table Barbthma prayer, such as: a man who prayed two, then 'back four rak'ahs, how rak'ahs prayed? ... Thus, if large, it is examples: "a man between his home and the mosque 500 meters, a cut in one-step 40 cm, step by step how to get to the mosque to go and return? If I learned that God gives the ten good deeds at every step, how good it gets?
*** Video and cassette tapes that teach ablution and prayer, and other things that God permitted.

The question of beatings at the age of ten he does not pray, in the opinion of a writer of these lines that if we perform our role should be since early childhood and the cooperation of an integrated between the parents, or caregivers of the child, they will not need to hit him in the tenth, and had to that, let beating is not severe, and not be in areas not permitted such as the face; and not hit him in front of one, and not hit him at the time of anger ... and in general, the beatings (as ordered by the Holy Prophet at this stage) purpose of reform and treatment; and not punishment, humiliation and create problems; If saw that the teacher will create a multiplication problem, or will lead to hatred of a small prayer, it will stop completely, and try him that will follow a phased program said ...

Let us remember that attendance at prayer - such as any behavior that we would like to gain for our children - but we are dealing with prayer sensitivity due to its religious dimension, with the Prophet of Allaah be upon him when we put to teach our children prayer took into account the subject and said, "Teach your children to pray for seven, and hit them when they are ten" , a speech by teaching them talk about the steps planned for a time period of three years, until the child acquires the habit, and then begins to account for and enters the punishment *** Night of the means of education in the system of acquisition behavior, factor is time important in the acquisition of behavior, and should not be unthinkable when we try to to win them any conduct, mere guidance is not enough, and it takes planning and the steps and time needed to reach a goal, and the motivation to give the behavior of the important things, and even made up, it needs to start early and to the accumulation of values ​​and meanings that link to the child so that he has motivation comes from within, towards the acquisition of behavior that we would like to gain him, but if delayed parents Taouidh prayer to the age of ten, they need more time than if the starting rose early, as the nature of the psychological and mental development of a child ten needs to work harder than it needs child seventh, in order to gain the same conduct, the matter in this case needs to be patience and calm, wisdom, and not nervous and tense ..

At this stage the child needs us to understand his feelings and feel problems and concerns, and helping him to solve, and do not see us that all our attention is the prayer and not the child himself, he is already thinking about the world around him, and the changes that began to hear that it will occur to him after a year or two years, and have played important has large, so he overlook to pray and defying it is imposed on him and cause him to psychological pressure ... should not we get Belhahana it to be expected of us that whenever we ask for prayer and signed by our eyes!!
Let us remember that it is still under commissioning, and that it was to pray in this age for training only, and is not getting used to!! Therefore, our question about the problem of breaks my heart, or are, or fear of wounding him will bring us closer to him and documenting our relationship with him, becoming more and more confident that we Sindh Secretary, and his chest wide warm ... If they corner us implicitly later responding piecemeal to prayer and other acts of worship, and the veil

Fourth, the stage of adolescence:

A child at this stage, Band and rejection, and the difficulty of following, and the desire to prove oneself - even if it is in violation of the just the offense - and the inflation dignity blind, which may lead the adolescent, despite his belief in the gravity of what he makes to continue with it, if you happened to stop him from doing Ciecoppe defects, or suspicion that referred to his decision to stop the error is not out of the same, but the impact of a near or far. To know that the payment method and the pressure will not work, but will lead to rejection, dimension, and as they say, "For every action a reaction of an equivalent in strength and opposite in direction," so you must understand the Son, and listen to him to be talking and treating him gently as possible.

The following is a phased program, this program could take three months, and perhaps more or less, according to reconcile God and destiny.

Phase I:
A) duration:
Take three weeks or more
B) the method used:
Must be where to stop talking on this subject "Prayer" Just, do not talk about it from near or far, even a hint, no matter yet. It's like giving children medicine, described their doctor, but we give them, although not to our knowledge the full its components and its effects, but we have learned of the Prophet peace be upon him that a drug for every disease, a child infected with rebellion and stubbornness in adolescence, as the majority of children caught a cold in the winter.
C) The purpose of stop:
Is to forget the son or daughter's desire to urge him to pray, so separating talk in this and our relationship with him or her, to get this relationship to the stage feels comfortable, as if there is any controversial issue between us and him, Vistaid confidence in our relationship with him, and we love him to his person, and that the rejection is effective for the poor, not the person. Tension made in relation to parents because of their differences with him Ahathma fence Barbed harms more you try to approach them or try to parents approach him advise him, even now feels psychological abuse more you try to speak with you, and we want to do at this stage is to try to remove the barbed wire, which has become separated between him and the and parents.

Phase II:
Stage act is silent
A) duration:
Take from three weeks to a month.
B) the method used:
At this stage will not extend to any kind of talk, but we will set of an effective landing, for example, "deliberately put the prayer rug on his chair of choice in the living room for example, or deliberately put the prayer rug on the bed or in a preferred location of the house, then return the father to be taken and he thinks out loud: "Where prayer rug? "I want to pray, Hey ... I have entered the time, Oh my God, I almost forget ... and you pray the obligatory and the other to ask him:" Habibi, how much time? Is authorized Almadn? How many remained on the hypothesis? Habibi Do you remember that I prayed? Oh, I forget I have become these days, but my god, this is only .... And continued on like this for another three weeks or two weeks until you feel that the child may rest, and forget the pressure that you practiced it; and then, you can enter in the third stage ...

Phase III:
Your calling intermittently, so it looks natural, and automatically out with you, and your some of the lessons the pretext that you want to accompany him, and not inviting him to attend the lesson, saying: "Habibi I'm tired and I feel a little lazy, but I want to go to attend this course, come with me, I want to I rely on you, count on you, if the refusal does not comment nor is it the request, and retry in a second time. Parallel with this is that the share in all that manufactured by the things you comply with one of the first order, and seeks to bring the relationship and integration between you by asking for his opinion and advice with the utmost love and understanding, as if the mother says to her daughter: "my Come what do you think of this veil the new" What do you think of this tie? all this and you are standing in front of the mirror, and when Tstaadin out, for example you say to her: "Come hear me this tape," What do you think it ? "I will tell you what took place in the lesson today," and then they take you view it, and so unintentionally Osaliha acts of worship, which used to engage you. Leave your son or daughter to talk about themselves, and their views on the lessons that we tell them about freely and Bansat well of us, and leave them until they start question about religion and its affairs.

We hope that we have Avdnakm Bnsaúhana
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How to raise children to maintain prayers
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