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 swimming is a useful sport

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PostSubject: swimming is a useful sport   Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:00 pm

Peace, mercy and blessings of God Almighty

Bbagm \ afternoon .. Mgshean health and wellness InshaAllah, '

I would like to touch my brothers in this matter to one of the sports
Common and is swimming, which represents a real pleasure as well
To the many benefits on the human body in various reconstruction
And recommended Bharcolna beloved Muhammad, peace be upon
And peace in the verse (Teach your children swimming, archery, horse riding)


.. Of the benefits of swimming ..

* Represents the water resistance of the muscles when we exercise swimming, massage, it is one of the best sports to fine-tune and maintain muscle strength Petite.

* Medical Research shows that sports and swimming for half an hour a day, reduces blood pressure and strengthens the heart and reduce the rate of cholesterol in the blood and increase the efficiency of blood circulation.

* Swimming for an hour burns between 250 and 500 calories, depending on the strength and speed of swimming, a boy is one of the best sports to reduce weight.

* Swimming is very useful in getting rid of stress, and relax the body and mind, and raise morale.

* Water makes the body seem lighter than it really is (due to a driving Archimedes), to knead, the swimming of the most suitable sports for people
Religion are overweight or joint problems.

* Swimming is diverse audience of sports are suitable for adults and children, men and women and for pregnant women and people with problems
Health does not qualify them to do other sports such as walking and running.

* Found that the pool of great credit to the elderly being renewed circulation and relieve a lot of back pain and joint pain and aided by the flexibility and vitality and helps to strengthen the heart muscle, which increases the performance for the delivery of blood to the rest of the body parts is also improved access of oxygen to the muscles.

* Only in the presence of water induces the kidneys and increases their performance
By 700 percent.

* Recommended for patients with asthma to exercise swimming ..


.. The benefit of swimming for pregnant ..

Help swimming pregnant on building muscles, shoulders and abdomen that are pregnant need to build these muscles to the stage of pregnancy advanced, but found that it helps to reduce the pain associated with pregnancy general meaning and improve the status of any increase in pressure or diabetes during pregnancy, so Vtnsah pregnant swim, especially in the early months and the Central of pregnancy with the emphasis that the movements are mild and far from violence.


.. Types of swimming ..

1 / freestyle: useful for the muscles of the arms and shoulders. Is also active breathing and performance of the circulatory system.

2 / swimming on the back: It is recommended for the elderly because of their usefulness in the relaxation of the muscles of the shoulders. And are considered best for pregnant women.

3 / butterfly: the best exercise to strengthen muscle and endurance. Particularly young people and athletes.

4 / swimming on the chest.

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swimming is a useful sport
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