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 The five fundamentals of dealing with teenagers

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PostSubject: The five fundamentals of dealing with teenagers   Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:01 pm

The five fundamentals of dealing with teenagers

1) composition of a love affair with a teenage son or daughter:

The relationship of the father with his teenage son, as well as the relationship between mother with her daughter is often the traditional relationship just like pouring tea, kissing the head, and so on, or the relationship guidelines covering the orders and prohibitions only, and this is a problem is that this relationship there is a barrier to prevent the son or daughter to return to his father or his mother. What is required / a love relationship with a comprehensive (and D, and tenderness, and love, and guidance) be the base for safety of the adolescent male and female, such as war-based, they can not move away too much, and she has a secure base close due to it constantly; either because of malfunction or otherwise.

To reach this relationship is required from the father and the mother of openness with the adolescent, such as that resolves the father son and the mother her daughter to eat a delicious dinner in the roof of the house or garden, for example, or taking tea to the room teenager for filling the Council stories and Prices, it must be our relationship with the pros not only with the negatives.

We also direct the adolescent to life with the focus and warned against giving him room to open up and learn to not be driven (by remote control) such as the pilot when the plane he learned leadership training on the aircraft on the ground and then a small plane, and so graded so that skillful.

2) the principle strengths and weaknesses:

When a problem occurs with the father of the teenager and dealing must be based on the origin follows:

The man of power and control is the one who is calm and balanced and has the same, is not running with the motives of self (raises voice down a whip), but be in his heart and his conviction that he is the strongest and decide the appropriate punishment of the problem, the problem must be faced with a strong principle of the former without yielding or compromising or barter in the duties, and applies that principle and not strongly self method.

Such as: the story of a young man who was threatening to break down the car if his father did not give him the car keys and weak father and give him the key and the problem began to grow, Jr., Dr. Vensahh: report to the police, the father expressed surprise at much of this solution! But he did recently for the persistence of the Son and the broken down car at the rejection, was this a reason to return power to the power in the house of the father.

Of failure (weak) sense of rivalry with his eldest son when he sees the deal as distinct from his mother does not allow the teenager to compete with his father versa.

The father is the decision and the decision-maker, recently, following the debate.

3) the rights of adolescents:

Not of strength teenager robbed of his rights Ktrdh of the house only if it causes a danger to his brothers because of drugs, for example.

Also, if a patient is not said to him do not go to your doctor because you did such and such.

Son to abide by the rules and respect the house rules of the trade-off is like (and you as well as teach) the basic principle (that Zuma is taught to you only), as well as the subject of prayer.

Not less than the son studying and then do whatever you want.

That the son is part of the family in Khrjatha and conditions and Tenshaa.

Topics are subject to negotiation and introduces the issue of reward and punishment, such as: Buy Mobile or not.

4) change the world of adolescents:

Must teach them how to live life with whom they live but the problem is we do not know they have a good life different concepts, for example: the story of teenager who complained to his father for his companions to know a name of his mother and father said to him, so what?

Wrath of the Son, saying: You do not know anything!

In fact, replaced by words of the son when the father does not know that his son's colleagues in that offend him.

Another example: a teenager's claim that his father does not come to school for taking the time to leave with him and his sister in the car, Son does not think the difficulty of his application on the father to drop his sister first and then come to his school to take him.

Must be aware of the good life such as cars that walk at night with lighting.

How to learn science as men did not sit with them God guided Some parents locked their children from the community this is a big problem.

Beware of linking the event with the collapse of values ​​directly.

Teenager's mother used to vent the problem and solve the problem father.

Link to religion is very strong values, such as: the story of a girl who wants to marry a person very far from the habits and values

(I met him online) Vqhobl asked her marriage to the man's vehement rejection which insists on marrying him, and when he came to the doctor of the clinic by her mother, was discussed by Dr. the importance of values ​​and principles, even acknowledged the Bradwkhha fashion and customs of the society, which may run counter to Sharia.

Problem Tdayev defect after weak concept of the Sacred.

Achievement and achieve something: many teenagers looking for history and rise and fame, Aariqlhm in that, especially the sons of affluent families that everything is processed and will be held and lead them, who shall Evaht car for example, and so on.

5) What do we want from the teenager?

As you sow reap (How to be strong in his life, a "brilliant"), (How to be honest and father lying on it).

We can not make the future as we want.

Many parents asked his son to achieve unless achieve it.

Some parents want a perfect son! And is supposed to be at least a good behavior.

To be educated according to his ability and his energy and working according to the circumstances of time and space.

The father and sensitive dimension for comparison.

Required the teenager to be effective as far as possible and be a servant to his religion and society according to his desires and inclinations of good parental guidance of good
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The five fundamentals of dealing with teenagers
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