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 The wisdom of the creation of the flies

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PostSubject: The wisdom of the creation of the flies   Thu Oct 20, 2011 6:54 pm

Attributed to a fighter bin Sulaiman as saying when asked Mansour Aldoaniqi: Do you know any wisdom God created the flies? He said, to humiliate him mighty men!!
But scientists in the "London" and found another reason to create flies!!
Scientists use gene to the genetic material to produce flies destroy cancer cells.
Middle East Online of London - was the latest fashion for research therapeutic area of ​​cancer, the use of fireflies light and insect flies to develop a new type of photodynamic therapy to treat tumors that respond well but can not be monitored treatment dynamic light the traditional, which depends on the laser or light bulbs.
British scientists have resorted to the use of gene genetic Araat light to produce light glowed vital to address the cancer cells modified in the laboratory.
The researchers explained that the treatment dynamic light works to raise sensitive material to light for the production of other substances such as oxygen unilateral or free radicals, to destroy cancer cells, and is this treatment is the first choice for doctors because it causes side effects low as compared to treatments other, pointing out that the external forms of this treatment does not can reach tumors deep inside the body, and painful methods to connect to the light of these tumors such as placing optical fibers into the tumor by needles, often fail to destroy all the malignant cells.
Scientists explained in the journal "Cancer Research", that the use of light output is chemically like the one produced by fireflies light and flies, Bright may help overcome such problems because it would cover all cells, has proved effective previously in the treatment of the virus that causes anemia in horses, where reduced HIV infection and the degree of the pathogenesis of about ten times when used with other materials, indicating that gene transfer can be the product of the light fireflies glow to the prostate cancer cells.
The researchers in this study to plant photosynthesis gene Firefly modified in cancer cells, known as "Vaabroblast," and then added the light-sensitive material, which produced toxic substances causing the death of malignant cells.
They say that this is the first time that confirms the possibility of poisoning of the cells through the production of the light inside it, and the possibility of shedding light on the tumor cells in particular and quality, to get the treatments effective and powerful anti-cancer.
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The wisdom of the creation of the flies
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