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 At the disposal of doctors: reading books strengthens memory

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PostSubject: At the disposal of doctors: reading books strengthens memory   Thu Oct 20, 2011 6:56 pm

Ursula says Linz, the National Association of the German organizations care for the elderly, keep reading the vigilance of mind and help you keep up with current events.

With age, one faces some difficulties such as visual impairment or problems in concentration, and then, experts encourage the elderly not to give up reading and adapt to their abilities.

Doctors believe that there are many benefits to the elderly to read books and newspapers. Linz says: "It represents a special kind of mental activity, which usually requires a higher level of focus compared to watching television."

The ability to convert words into mental images have a positive impact on cognitive performance.

The Zimonh Held, from the "Altershelvh" German help to develop strategies to care for the elderly and promotion, that reading also helps to improve vocabulary and use of language and the ability to focus.

But .. What exactly happens in the brain when we read?

This is answered by Manfred Gogol, a physician and President of the German Society of Geriatrics, saying: "The brain builds new clips and links between nerve cells, when stimulated, as occurs during reading," for example.

However, not enough to read a book once every year.

Gogol recommends reading books on topics of special interest to the reader. If the tall tales seem to work very hard to try to read a short novel or a collection of short stories, but you should read before visiting ophthalmologist to treat any problem in consideration.

German study published recently that nearly 55 percent of persons over sixty years, have difficulty reading for long periods. He says about 20 percent that he should take breaks from reading to rest their eyes. This study was conducted organization "Stiftung to decorate the" German question encouraged to read, in 2008.

In order to meet the needs of the elderly, the role of printed books publishing large lines and greater distances between the lines. According to Ursula Linz that the search for books in libraries large lines is worthy of attention and effort.

But regardless of the issue of reading, there is another important, namely the possibility to exchange views about the book with other people. Whether it readable social journal article or a literature class or a daily newspaper, there is always something worth talking about.

As should anyone feel lonely thinking about joining a group of readers debating the books read them.
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At the disposal of doctors: reading books strengthens memory
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