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 Ensure the Ramadan

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PostSubject: Ensure the Ramadan   Thu Oct 20, 2011 6:57 pm

Ensure the Ramadan of two types:

Type I: The sequel to the fast and the fact that the night seeking the pleasure of God and the anticipation of the approval of much of the night, which is better than a thousand

Month, to ensure this is required, and we hope that Antfieh Ala├║m Day whereon neither wealth nor sons, but of God came a sound heart, There is nothing wrong

To spend the Muslim part of the night in the first month to visit relatives and ties of kinship that is their sound, which

Fast and be scratched Tsamram also with the satisfaction of God Almighty.

Type II: Dhae night or most of the fun, or to look at what God has forbidden to follow the channels that broadcast toxins, and compete

Especially in this month in the distribution of types of corruption, from the songs and Vijorolho is innocent, which gets its sin and decreases by

Pay, or spend the night in gossip and play cards and backbiting people and undermine their symptoms vanities and turn to consider sites

Alkhpartya miss the internet these things for themselves:

One: they do not participate in the prayers and faithful readers involved in reading.

The second is that they do not profit the people involved in worldly profits, they miss the this and that, and perhaps led them to this Sohrhm

Sleep for morning prayers
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Ensure the Ramadan
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