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The reading of fruit worthy of our planning and thinking, perseverance and effort because they are the most important factors that is reshaping our presence again!

He once asked Voltaire who will lead the human race, he said: those who know how to read and write.

Asked a scientist geniuses: Why do you read a lot? He said, because one life to Atkvana
And nations are serious are those that have great interest in ideology, culture, and they cared about each May to Pray For example, China has, such as is common in this field if you want to know the future of the nation to see their children Maigrah)

The evolution of the concept of reading:

Read: A mental process involving the interpretation of symbols and understand the meaning and also require the link between personal experience and the meanings from this perspective we see that reading requires two connected.

The first process: the shape of any mechanical physiological responses
Second operation: mental process during which the interpretation of the meaning and include this process of thinking and reasoning

Reading in the modern concept:

Is a mental and intellectual activity in which the intervention of certain factors on the reader itself and the environment and factors of article unread

The importance of reading in the lives of communities:

1) between the people and calls for convergence and international understanding in general and between the elements of the local community in particular and of major importance in the process of transfer of cultural production and the legacy of human civilization from generation to generation.

2) to read a great role in community organization and administration of private business management and accounting, it is by reading the plans and projects implemented and managed business.

3) The social change that occurs in the community to create a particular direction become reading his instrument as printed brochures about is a social need to the process of reading is no exaggeration if we say that the reading has changed values ​​and Mpadia was condemned by the community, especially as means of communication has become a quick and affordable, making transfers of cultural, intellectual and cultural phenomenon of the process.

4) If there were criteria to distinguish between different nations and developed is reflected in the industrial progress and the percentage of per capita income and the progress of health or other standards of the opinion that the measure of the progress of societies but judged by more individuals to read and the extent of this demand.

The importance of reading in the life of the individual:

1) provide the individual with ideas and different information and enable access to the heritage of mankind throughout the ages and in every place and therefore is a way to connect with other individual, whether in society or in a place separated by vast distances.

2) the process of reading a fruitful result in a great service and serve an important function in the life of the individual where it reacts with them and thus become a means of increasing expertise.

3) to read a great impact in building the individual's character, composition and development tendencies and changes in some of the values ​​and trends, especially if the pain comes from, including books and studies and the more the individual incursion in reading and widened horizons and branched out in front of subjects increased knowledge and supplemented culture.

Types of reading:

• reading Alakchaveh

• Speed ​​Reading

• selective reading

• analytical reading

• silent reading

• reading aloud

• Reading the central

Multi reading

Benefits of reading

1. Expel obsessive and worry and grief

2. Avoid going into the wrong

3. Distracted from the unemployed and the people of inertia

4. Herniation of the tongue and speech training

5. Development of the mind and improve the mind and filter Khater

6. Abundance of science and the large number of the saved and the concept

7. Take advantage of people's experiences and the rule of the wise and the development of scientists

8. To find the Queen of the digestive science and reading cultures conscious of their role in life.

9. Xiaodhalemman especially in reading the books of the people of Islam

10. Rest for the mind and heart of the dispersion of the fragmentation and loss of time

11. Entrenched in the understanding of the word and the wording of article and intended meaning of the phrase and sentence, and learn the secrets of wisdom.

Date of silent reading:

When she came the Second World War emerged after clearly the problem of leisure time and exploitation and the need for people to recreation and because of this development took silent reading prominent place is interested in understanding as well as save time, as most research has revealed its advantages are reading natural for human life and helped to ensure their success as a better way of reading aloud the emphasis has shifted gradually from reading aloud to silent reading when he started the famous Bstalowczy way based on the linkage between the subject and the child knows the terminology related to this subject.

The importance of silent reading:

Proven experience and research conducted by William Gray at most of the 900 students and the results showed that 95% of respondents use the silent reading in their daily lives so the silent reading aims to:

 Development of the desire to read and good taste

Composition of the habit of reading in which the desire to show

 develop the ability to reading comprehension

 Development of the ability to read flash and increase the speed in the technology age

 increase the reader's Dictionary and development of linguistically and intellectually

The foundations of silent reading:

• psychological foundations

• the social foundations

• Physiological foundations

Some of the Arab Research and Studies in the field of silent reading:

 test for SARS Layyan silent reading:

The test consists of two parts:

The first part consists of three parts:

A test - the ability to know the words.

B - the ability to know the test sentences

T - test of the ability to understand the meaning of the sentence

Section II:

Includes the testing of the ability to understand the meaning of the paragraph and these areas measured by the test key areas in the ability to read.

 Testing Library for silent reading:

The test measures the following aspects:

A - identify the vocabulary and phrases.

B - measure understanding

T - the word discrimination test

W - Stuff verbal

C - Measurement of wealth vocabulary

H - test information

The most important Maalina do in order to promote a culture is to read:

• Motivation: no marks of human problem in dealing with the motives basic, but his problem fundamental in responding to the motivations secondary underdevelopment of civilization makes one busy to meet his basic needs and makes sense and intuition little about each Mihassan quality of life and push it in and attain perfection and this is the fundamental reason for the lack of motivation towards reading among many Muslims.

• Configure the habit of reading:

• Provide book

• Provide time for reading: More than 80% of the books in the month Aigrún apologize that we do not have time to read

• create an atmosphere to read: There are conditions to be provided in order to create the right atmosphere for reading, namely:

- To be a place orderly, beautiful and comfortable

B - to be the place of good ventilation and good lighting

T - some people care about the place and quietly isolated from people and miss clarity of mind and the ability to focus
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Reading Article
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