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 The therapeutic benefits of garlic

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PostSubject: The therapeutic benefits of garlic   Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:01 pm

Garlic is known as a "poor man honey," because it is used to treat many diseases, pain and trouble, and people used to link it around the neck wrapped in a cloth to protect against the cold. Asia is the origin of garlic, where he was transferred to Europe, and Europeans saw as a medicine, and believed that it provides them with immunity from the plague and protect them from vampires, demons and protect them from too!

Treatment for thousands of years old
Use garlic treatment of diseases for thousands of years, and that it is wrong not forgotten **** today under the pretext of power and the aroma! Mouth because the smell lasts about 24 hours at least. During the day, and we are doing our activities normal, avoid eating the morning or afternoon or evening, especially if we were surrounded by people. Often replace the garlic, for example in sandwich chicken little mayonnaise and often ask for salad bowl without garlic or garlic is light, in order to avoid embarrassment in front of people when we talk to them or approach them, because the smell of garlic are persistent and become somewhat unpleasant in the mouth and undesirable .

Views of primitive and ancient Egyptians
But the sharp smell attracts so primitive that they believed the power of magical treatment. The ancient Egyptians believed that garlic in which the secret of eternal youth until they gave him for the workers building the pyramids, in order to maintain their health and activity.

Of the Greeks and Romans
And as the Greeks and Romans garlic right to assess because of the curative properties. The Greek philosopher said, "Hippocrates" once that garlic "laxative fast and also a diuretic," as it is spiritual treatment from time immemorial in India and used today. It will be said: it is protective of arthritis, and neurological disorders. Has also been used in pain relief bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, influenza and "colds" and other lung diseases, and the expulsion of gases and parasites, and also used as a treatment for inhalation, which is effective for the treatment of whooping cough in children.

Ambiguity of the chemical composition
Although garlic is used as a treatment for thousands of years, but we are still in the first phase to understand the chemical composition and the causes and how to use it as a treatment. The research confirmed the pharmacological and clinical trials of medical claims attributed to him. It contains fresh garlic on the amino acid called "Allen" and when you cut the head of garlic reacts "Allen" with an enzyme called "Olnz" which converts the "Allen" to "Olesen."
A strong factor against bacteria distinctive acrid smell, and this in turn is divided into several components of the therapeutic anti-fungal and anti-blood clotting, prevent blood clot and block the chips they make the blood less viscous. Garlic helps to reduce blood pressure as well. And back to these properties reflect the benefit of garlic is used in the treatment of coronary artery disease and arrhythmias.

Lowers lipoprotein in the blood
Showed experiments on rabbits that garlic oil reduces (L. De. L) in the blood. A low-density lipoprotein, or LDL cholesterol health, which sticks to the wall of coronary artery, and increases the risk of heart disease. At the same time and in turn increases the "HP. De. Il," a high-density lipoprotein, or good cholesterol, which do not stick to the wall of a coronary artery.
I have some patients with heart disease in the analytical studies ten cloves of garlic a day for a month, these studies showed an increase of harmful substances in the blood of the bloc.
The laboratory experiments also showed that garlic juice stops the growth of harmful bacteria, fungi and fermentation, in addition to this it is believed that garlic is effective in healing wounds. Has already been used in huge quantities of it during World Wars I and II.

Helps digestion!
Garlic is used successfully in the treatment of intestinal disorders such as chronic diarrhea and amoebic dysentery. And found that it improves the properties of bacteria in nature in the intestine, which helps to digest food. Valthom a good food source, as it is rich in carbohydrates and contains some protein, fiber and very little fat.
It also contains enough of the vitamins, health and minerals, especially vitamin (C) and iron and potassium.
It is also one of the best sources of "Alljermanyum" which is a rare metallic element and the metal helps to strengthen the immune system in the body, as well as selenium, which is another form of racial characteristics is resistant to oxidation, the same properties of vitamin E.

Except for pregnant women and nursing mothers!
Although it is useful for people who enjoy good health, but it is desirable for people with infectious and digestive problems; because garlic indigestible and may irritate the stomach and the urinary system in the body.
And prevents the garlic for pregnant women and mothers with infants, because the smell of garlic transferred to breast milk and mixed with makrooh child to eat his mother's milk because of the smell.
Finally, to get rid of the smell of garlic, try eating beans or coffee beans or cumin or some parsley or apple.
There are accounts of the household (peace be upon them) on the importance of this article, it stated the Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said: The Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and his family): Eat garlic, Treat it, then the healing of the seventy's disease.
And Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said: The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): O on all the garlic, it was only because I ate a King Onaga.
Imam Baqir (peace be upon him) said, 'to eat garlic and shallot and cobra.
Asked Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) from eating garlic? Said there is nothing wrong with eating as much, but if it does not go out to the mosque.
And also from Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) was asked about eating onions? He said: good Toabla in the pot. There is nothing wrong Ttdaoy garlic, but if you eat, it does not go out to the mosque
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The therapeutic benefits of garlic
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