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 Status of scientists in the Quran and Sunnah

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PostSubject: Status of scientists in the Quran and Sunnah   Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:03 pm

Occupies scientists scholars rank great in Islam, is evident from what is mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah of the verses and sayings in this regard, he said God, pointing out that they are more the creation of fear of God, said the Almighty (but fear Allah among His slaves) and is expressed the Almighty for the knowledge of wisdom and that obtained by a good many, says the Almighty (and borne wisdom has Otte much good) has Qrnhm Almighty himself and the angels, saying the Almighty (God saw that it is no god but He, and the angels and the adepts) In a further sign _khashm seniority, where Allaah says (God raises you who believe and those who were given science degrees) and so this will continue to focus on them and praise Bmenzlthm to acquire queens solemn Ohilthm of these degrees, he said, the Almighty (and those proverbs cite people and Aaklha but knowledgeable) These are some verses that have been in the book of God against science and scientists.
And it continues to interest on the lips of the Prophet Muhammad and his family infallible (p), where Allah's Apostle said (r) (jurist and one more on the devil than a thousand Abed) The Messenger of Allah (r) that such scientists in the ground like stars in the sky guided in the darkness of the land and sea If Antmst about to get lost remission) and Imam Omaralamamnin (p) said (who was from Hiatna world Bashriatna taken out weak Hiatna of the darkness of ignorance into the light of science that Ahbunah it was the Day of Resurrection on his head a crown of light shining to the people of those Arasat, and the suit does not the less wire of minimum entirety, and then a voice calls out of this world from some students of Muhammad not it is directed from the lower baffled ignorance Vlichbut his light to get it out of the confused darkness of this Arasat to walk havens and come out of the knowledge in this world good, or open the heart of ignorance lock or explained to him for suspicion).
Said Imam Muhammad bin Ali al-Baqir Alehmaalsalam (the world like someone with a candle light for the people whoever saw Bashmath called him safe as well as the world with a candle removes the darkness of ignorance and confusion, everyone who lit it went out of confusion or survived by the ignorance of it from Atqaúh from the fire and God make up for it with all those who frees him what hair is better than charity hundred thousand quintals in the manner ordered by God Almighty, but that charity and PAL on its owner, but gives him what God is better than one hundred thousand rak'ahs in the hands of the Kaaba).
He said Imam Ali bin Mohammed Hadi peace be upon them (not for those who remained after an absence Qaúmkm of scientists who call him and Aldalin him and Almaben his religion arguments of God and savior of the weak slaves of Allah from the window of the devil and Mrdth and traps Naasibis who hold crisis weak hearts of Shiites also holds the ship's population, the remaining Wear only one religion of God, those are the Alavdilon God Almighty).
He said Imam Hassan bin Ali military peace be upon them (scientists comes Hiatna Alqwamun Dafa those who love us and the people of our mandate on the resurrection and the lights shining from the crowns ....).
This is shown by the great importance of the blessed verses and hadiths contained all the infallible Imams peace be upon them of the status of the world in this world and the Hereafter.
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Status of scientists in the Quran and Sunnah
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