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 The wisdom of wandering

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PostSubject: The wisdom of wandering   Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:04 pm

God has enjoined Hajj and Umrah in Makkah for the dignity of a private God made them, and dignities of this place to make God the first place to worship the God on earth and in both Alsairtin Hajj and Umrah demanding Muslim cycled around the Sacred House seven games Bdomn the Black Stone and the end of the Black Stone and the cruise is in the opposite direction clockwise, the same direction, which is by the movement of the universe of the most accurate Dqaúgah to the largest units Valalektron in the corn is about himself then revolves around the nucleus of the atom in the counter-clockwise, the same direction of circumambulation around the Kaaba and the atoms inside the various liquids moving wave motion in counter-clockwise, the same trend circumambulation around the Kaaba even within each living cell Alberto obligatory moves a circular motion in the counter-clockwise, the same direction of circumambulation around the Kaaba and the earth revolves around the sun and the moon revolves around the Earth and the solar system revolve around the center of the galaxy and the galaxy revolve around the center of the pool reaches and assembly course revolves around the center of the universe no one knows but God and all these movements in the counterclockwise direction, the same circumambulation around the Kaaba
In all parts of living organisms which consist of protons and protons molecules is very complicated to built amino acids and amino acid consists of five elements are carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, these elements have on the carbon atom either order right-wing or Tertitb leftist scientists found that this arrangement in the bodies of all living organisms have a leftist any arrangement in reverse Gqarb the same time the direction of circling the Kaaba It is strange that if the organism dies, the atoms of amino acid re-arrangement order of the same right-wing fixed rate of specific scientists were able to calculate the moment of the death of this organism
We therefore consider that the circumambulation around the Kaaba is the year fungal mushroom universe by God and His believing slaves wanted to be subject to this law, cosmic Vivqgua with the rest of the universe in this movement, which likes to a Muslim can even once if it was able
• What is the wisdom of that errant always be one Valkaabh one, as well as the nucleus of the atom and electrons, which roams around one and the planets revolve around the sun which is one and so Valmtov always one
Known to us that all the flour is about what is the largest of it Valalektron revolves around the nucleus and the nucleus is higher than the earth revolves around the sun and the sun Cbrmnha and the moon revolves around the earth and the earth, the largest of it, and so on ... but this is up around it is one and a plurality of, or cruising around it is a symbol of uniqueness God It is impressive that everything created has created unparalleled views of the energy is an even multiple positive and negative material and visible and invisible, male and female, so that remains unique in God's oneness.
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The wisdom of wandering
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