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 Human existence on planet earth

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PostSubject: Human existence on planet earth   Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:06 pm

Human existence on planet earth

God says in the Koran: (got a man from the lottery was not something remembered {1} [Al rights].

Does any rights with starting time?

O man, when your grandparents live ancients earth, you found the man with the starting time, or time and then began the creation of man after that, so there was time and time without the presence of people on the ground.

God created the earth before the creation of rights, including more than four years Mlionat

And study the Earth and Mstgesadtha marks the beginning of human existence on Earth

Who was in the modern era (Alholusena), which began before 15 500 million years only

While studies have geologists on the radioactive metals - such as uranium - and elsewhere that the Earth's age ranges from 4 to 4.5 billion years

God has created the earth in two days of any two phases

First stage: when separated from the sun and the ball was then carbonated rocks and liquid (molten), this stage lasted billions of years

Phase II: formed in the earth's crust and solidified, while the remaining layers deep liquid (layer SIMA), followed by an in-depth core of the land that was and still rocks liquid inflamed, which begins from time to time through the areas of weakness in the earth's crust to the surface in the form of volcanoes, huge belch lava and molten rocks, and large quantities of gases and water vapor and smoke when he said: (Do you come on man from the lottery was not anything worth mentioning)
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Human existence on planet earth
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