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 Damage to the owners of bad

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PostSubject: Damage to the owners of bad   Fri Oct 21, 2011 10:37 pm

Gillies bad cause harm to the owner of each side and its bad in the world and the Hereafter and harms:

1 of sat badly damaged that he might question your beliefs in right and divert them

2 that sits sitter bad calls to Mmathlth falling into taboo and evil
3 that one's very nature is affected by habits sits, character and work, said peace be upon him: (one on the religion of his friend so let one of you Akhall) "Narrated by Abu Dawood," It has been said, "Beware of sitting with the wicked, the Tabek steal out of character and you do not know"

4 that little sin to see whether the phenomenon he or hidden and you know that it notify the sin in one's mind after he was unaware of them or Michagla

5 people who receive bad it hurt to link to them and may be the most corrupt and deviation

6 that you hide your weaknesses and improve Istrha you and relieve you of your sins and sin took place in your heart and you trivialize the failure to obey

7 deprive you from sitting because of the righteous and good people to Anamakk with him in the desires and pleasures and warn you of sitting with Vivotek of goodness and righteousness as their Game

8 that, who sits with bad people compare the misdeeds of their actions Vistql disadvantages by side their sins, so that is a cause of increasing tyranny and deviation, and failing to good works and at least get Bajb what it is and wonder disease fatal, Gillies bad cause harm to the owner of each side and its bad in the world and the Hereafter and weigh

9 that the companionship and Maakhath vulnerable to extinction when there is minimal or otherwise change the interest and even get without hatred, said Abdullah bin Proud may Allah have mercy on him "bad brothers walk away when the Nakba and accept with grace"
Abu Hassan Touhami Allah's mercy:
Anakecaan two things at first sight with young people and ***** wicked trait
The son of Allah's mercy Hibbaan "rational is not accompanied by the bad guys because the bad company a piece of fire track Odh grudges is not correct and does not meet his promise"

10 that the boards of bad people are not free of a taboo and sins such as backbiting, gossiping, lying, cursing, etc. may join them as they were when Geleshm or deny them, but that never leaves the wall of their fall into sin

11 if it is affection in this world as long as they quickly dispersed in the Hereafter, and will turn to hatred and enmity of the Almighty said:) empty that day, but some of them to some of the enemy, but the righteous (

12 that most boards of the people of immorality does not mention God in Vtkon loss and regret on the Day of Resurrection owners

13 to have sitting with in a waste of time, which will be held accountable person to hold on to it the Day of Resurrection

14 you know it and probably misunderstood your order with you for a

In conclusion, Saadi said Sheikh Abdul Rahman Allah's mercy, "and wholesale Vmassahabh harmful of all the bad guys on the faces of evil keeps company with the Khalthm of how many died because of them and how much folks Oqedua to the peril of their friends are and where they did not perceive," said Abu-Aswad al-Allah's mercy "What God created the creature hurting from bad sidekick"

For the wise mentor who wants to have the same survival and happiness in this world and the Hereafter should avoid contact with them and flee to escape them very lightly and the

Second, the fruits of righteous Babysitting

1 - The sitting of the righteous councils covered by the pool and winning them a place of good works, and that did not work, the wise men said: "It hit him sitting in his blessing Fjelas good parents and that God does not Ishqy dog ​​was a dog of the Cave"

2 and that one of them wired to follow Bgelesh and vulnerability to his knowledge and his work and his behavior and approach the Messenger peace be upon him: (one on the religion of his friend so let one of you Akhall) "Narrated by Abu Dawood"

3 The Gelesk Abesrk Bajubc good massage and weaknesses you may God have mercy on him, said Hassan, "The believer is a mirror of his brother saw the money paid and his people liked and degrading and save it in secret and in public"

4 you recognize your mistakes is the behavioral and the worship of the business by comparing it with Gelesk

5 you stop because of the sin good Gelesk

6 that guides you and Adallalk, inter alia, good knowledge of them will benefit you

7 The sitting with keeping the time that life is a container for all business

8 The Gelesk interest you and keep you in the Gapetk not disclose to you a secret you do not violate the sanctity of

9 If you see him as soon as the righteous and good people mention God, he said, peace be upon him: (God parents who, when they saw the remembrance of Allaah) said arc bin obstacle may God have mercy on him: "I threw you to the brother of my brothers Bolkiah Vlokon reasonable person days"

10 They Zain and forget you in prosperity, and at times of calamity and a good help to ease your worries and solve your problems, output bin Masood may Allah be pleased with him back to his companions and said, "You are the evacuation of sorrow," said Aktham bin summer Allah's mercy "to meet with loved ones Mslah to them," said Omar Bin Al Khattab may Allah be pleased with him: "You Ikhwan honesty Fh in kenaf, they decorated in prosperity and at times of calamity"

11 The escorted to the people of good reason in the logged in who do not fear them the Day of Resurrection and the most important grieve the Almighty said:) Alokhal termination at that time some of them to some of the enemy only telecommunica yen, O slaves do not fear you today and you grieve ("Alzachr P: 67.68"

12 you benefit from their prayer for you the back of the unseen in life and after Mmatk said peace be upon him (call one Muslim for his brother the back of the unseen is answered at the head angel appointed whenever called for his brother well, said King entrusted by the Secretary, you have likewise) "Narrated by Muslim," said Obaidullah ibn al-Husayn Allah's mercy to man, "begrudged means good friend of the Acer to inform him of what affects your death should ask you"

13 The boards of the good people Ihabha devils of mankind and the jinn said peace be upon him:
(You need the group, I just eat the wolf distal) (Narrated by Imam Ahmad)

14 The sit in, authentication, and the visit is the reason for the love of God as in the hadeeth Qudsi said the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: (and the obligatory love to love one another in Almottagalsa n in Almetzaoré n in Almtpadla n in), "narrated by owner"

15 The righteous councils councils remembrance of Allah the Almighty said, peace be upon him: (do not sit people who remember Allah but angels of mercy and fainted I got them quiet and one who has mentioned God) "Narrated by Muslim,"

16 If you visit his brothers in God like himself and like Mmshah and assume the great houses in Paradise said peace be upon him: (a sick person or visited a brother in Allah called him cries out: that blessed and choice, Mmchak position in Paradise house) "Narrated by Tirmidhi"

17 and from the fruits of righteous Babysitting It leads to the love of God and love of God the fruits of his great and great effects on the souls God has paid him great reward and great reward

18 and Wholesale Valgeles good benefit for you in the face of every religion and worldly affairs, said peace be upon him (the believer, and his cattle Nfk Haorth Nfk and his co Nfk and everything from his benefit) "Narrated by Abu Naim"

My brother in God

Know May God help you to correct it was not characterized by human reason but to act pursuant thereto, sent for your mind, and work your mind, and breach of yourself, and I know you are a creature is expensive, and you duties you are required by, and the two angels Ihsaan Olvazk and Nzratk, and breath the living footsteps to for it, and the amount of Allbut few in this world, and a long imprisonment in the graves, and the agony of desire and the approval of the Bill, and the unwavering sponsor of the consequences of things you need patience for all the desires and hates, and found yourself inadvertently Vahmlha to mention near the tombs and leave

Where pleasure yesterday? Deported and kept regret
And where the lust of self? How Next I removed the head and feet
And Saad Saad, but unlike desires, nor of the naughty naughty but selflessly worldly, and I know that the performance of the statutes and is necessary to avoid incest, when infect humans, fire fire

Brother, be aware of yourself and regret for past and try to work you failed to catch up as long as full-time capacity, and Esq Gsnk as long as the moisture your watch and say Enough is enough, which lost by a sermon, I went the lazy pleasure and missed mattresses virtues

Cried a man said: What makes you cry? He said on the day before the silence and the night I went to summit

I know my brother: The days simplifies hours, inhale and extend its hours, and all the same wardrobe, be aware that without going the same thing you see in the resurrection Vtendm empty treasury, and the computer yourself and look at each word

Wade to both his right and see as to what hours of Saatk go, but not deposited by Ashraf as possible, do not neglect yourself, and what promises to be supervised and work well done, and send to the Fund is satisfied on the grave to access it as it was said:

I worked from Bdnaah and surprise along the Hope
Death comes suddenly and the tomb of the Labour Fund

And prayer and peace on the best creatures and our final prayer is praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds
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Damage to the owners of bad
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