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 Work n the last ten days of Ramadan

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PostSubject: Work n the last ten days of Ramadan   Sat Oct 22, 2011 12:08 am

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon His prophets and messengers to his family and his companions venerated Elgar.

Dear Muslims: our topic today on the work of the last ten days

For the last ten days of Ramadan when the Prophet peace be upon him and his companions are particularly important and they have a special guidance, they were what they are most keen on the obedience. And worship, and the male to do and to learn in these minutes on the most important work that the ancients were careful and we should imitate them in that:

1 is the most important works: {neighborhoods of the night} was proven in the correct from 'Aa'ishah that the Prophet peace be upon him was when he enters the ten districts of the night and wake his family and tight apron and the meaning of the revival of the night: a took to staying in prayer and remembrance, and others, has came at the Women's her said: I do not know the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him read the entire Qur'an during the night and set up for the night until it became not fasted the whole month never any other time} For this to be alive the night meaning that the majority of the night, and was probably Yahya all night As stated in some ways the modern.

And the night in this holy month and this virtuous nights of doubt that a great work worthy of careful and take care of until we are exposed to Rahmat Allah would

2, and the important work in this decade: the man awaken his family to pray.

It was a gift upon him peace in this decade that awakens people to pray, as in Al-Bukhari from Aisha, and the keenness of his blessings and peace be aware of his family virtues of nights of this holy month is not only to work for himself and leave his family in their sleep, as some people do This is no doubt that shortening the apparent error.

3 and the work that the Prophet peace be upon him was when he enters the ten-lift apron as correct and it means that he retire from the women in this decade and are busy with worship and obedience in order to clear the same Chagrins and Almsthiat Vtkon closer to His Highness the heart to Qubool acceptance and is better for the same to embrace the atmosphere angelic and this is what should be do to Salk without suspicion.

4, which should be very careful in these ten: I'tikaaf pray in the mosques where he was teaching of the Prophet peace be upon him continuing i'tikaaf in the last ten days until he passed away as correct for Aisha.

But he retire into these ten days in which to seek Laylat al-Qadr definitely busy and emptying of the nights, and a departure to and conversing with his Lord and said his supplication, and he was holding the mat give it about people not Akhalthm not worry them.

Al-Bukhaari that peace be upon him i'tikaaf in the year when he died twenty days.

Imam Zuhri said the mercy of Allah be upon him: {strange that the Muslims left with i'tikaaf that the Prophet> peace be upon him <What made since leaving the city until the possession of God}.

The secrets of serenity i'tikaaf heart and soul as over the business on the heart as in the modern (and only that if the embryo in the body repaired reconciliation if the whole body and corrupt the whole body, namely the heart)

Vlmakan fasting and protection of the heart of the consequences of Alsoarv sensuality of intriguing food and drink and the marriage so too i'tikaaf involves a great secret which is to protect a person from raising the curiosity of companionship and the curiosity of speech and the curiosity of sleep and other Alsoarv that distinction is the heart and disrupt its meeting on obedience to God.

It should be noted a box here that many people believe that it is not true to him i'tikaaf unless i'tikaaf every ten days and nights, and some believed it to be unnecessary mosque throughout the day and night, otherwise m is true retreat, this is not correct as the i'tikaaf although the year in which i'tikaaf all ten it is true i'tikaaf some ten both during the day or night is also correct to observe i'tikaaf human part-time day or night if there is cut off retreat of the concerns, if what comes out is not over important or function, for example resumed intention i'tikaaf on his return, because i'tikaaf in the last ten elderly If i'tikaaf duty if the vow i'tikaaf example, this invalidates his exit from the mosque there is no need of human faeces and was in its meaning as prescribed in place of the books of Jurisprudence
Not operate except in win-Ela ******** does not satisfy the same psychological Balrdy
In the retreat of human science focus completely ******** recognizes one's religion when autism
Acknowledges the said injury and was told ******** sitters and Wash irritated and envy
The best serve you and the ornament ******** desalination God said mosque

Among the most important work in this month and in the last ten days Menna particular reading of the Qur'an and reflecting on humility, and to consider the meaning and commands and prohibitions he says. (Month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur'an, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs of guidance and the Criterion), this month of the Quran, The Prophet peace be upon him to study with him Jibril in each day of Ramadan until it was revealed to him from the Koran and in the year, where he died read the Quran to Jibreel twice .

The Prophet peace be upon him to the virtue of the Koran and read and said (they admitted the Koran, the you with all the characters well and good ten-fold but I do not say the pain a letter, but Alif is a letter L letter M letter) Narrated by Tirmidhi and attributed correctly and told the Prophet peace be upon him that the Qur'an argues for the owner, said the biggest day of the show (Ute Day of Resurrection, the Qur'an and his family who were working in the world provided by Al-Baqarah and Aal Thajan all behave with them) narrated by Muslim

It was the predecessor keener to read the Koran and especially in the month of Ramadan was a black bin over stamped the Koran in six nights If the income of Ramadan stamp in three nights if entered a ten-stamp every night, and was Shafei God rest his entire Book in the last ten every night between Morocco and dinner, as well as narrated from Abu Hanifa may Allah have mercy on him.

Reported Hafiz ibn Rajab, Allah's mercy is that the prohibition of reading the Quran in less than three but Hua on the face in the usual places for those virtuous Kmkh income or in the good times like a month of Ramadan and ten do not hate him, and it advances the work of

We ask Allaah to help us to help us to obey Him and please Him and follow a righteous path for us and improves our conclusion and accept our good deeds that he is the Most Generous.

May peace and God's mercy and blessings.
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Work n the last ten days of Ramadan
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