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 Story about arrogance

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PostSubject: Story about arrogance   Sat Oct 22, 2011 12:17 am

In the name of God the Merciful

Peace, mercy and blessings of God and


A phenomenon that has become these days present clearly is for some people when they see he will be walking on his foot and will be matched one of the workers, for example builders, however, cleaners and others do not recognize them even if the worker is the one who recognizes him from the severity of pride for the Laird upon this phenomenon exists, unfortunately, a lot .

And I Prophet peace be upon him was modest was the answer owned if invited to a dinner, even if the feast, barley bread and he answered him and not given request one does this to prevent not to emulate the Prophet arrived upon him a most honorable and I of you, even snobs.

And humility is not to condescension and arrogance on one of the people, but for a Muslim to respect everyone no matter how poor or weak or less the status of it. Has been commanded by God - the Almighty - humility, he said: {And lower your wing for those who follow thee of the believers} [poets: 215], which humility to all people. He says: {the Hereafter.
Make it to those who do not want louder in the earth or the consequence of the corrupt and those who fear Allah} [stories: 83].

And warned the Prophet peace be upon him of arrogance, and ordered us to stay away; so as not to deprive of Paradise and said: (Do not enter Paradise who has in his heart an atom's weight of arrogance.)

This is another image of Salman may Allah be pleased with him:
I sat Quraish boast days in the presence of Salman the Persian, was a prince of the cities, he took every man of them mentioned that he has money, under, or ratios or Gah, said to them, Salman: The I Fowlie sperm dirty, then Asir cadaver skunk, then come to balance, the I am the weight of cream, though eased, I mean.

Valemutir each of us to be modest in his treatment of the people, not the arrogant one, regardless of the position or wealth, or about gaining; the humility of the attitude of customers, and arrogant attitude of the villains.

Imam Shafei Allah's mercy:

Humility not Kalndjem loomed on the pages of the headmaster of a high water
Tech does not smoke himself above the atmosphere and is wasted.

I hope you like the topic and benefited from it and most important example is the example the Prophet peace be upon him
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Story about arrogance
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