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 Story about repentance

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PostSubject: Story about repentance   Sat Oct 22, 2011 12:50 am

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad Tahir Amin.

Repent to Allah

Allah says: {and Repent to Allah all, O believers, that ye may prosper} light / 31

According to our master and our beloved Muhammad, prayers and peace and delivery "as one who repents from sin is not sin." Narrated by Ibn Majah.

Repentance means coming back from sin.

Negligence and disobedience of God's concern is to obey him.

Muslim wise man who is doing the same and takes Bzmamha to the pleasure of Allah and His Messenger.

The same day tended to fall into sin and indulging in the forbidden desires teaches that the Creator is forgiving and merciful and that no matter how glibly into sin and then repents, God forgive them all. He says: {Say: O My slaves who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins, He is the Forgiving, Most Merciful. Factions / 53

And despair of the mercy of God is to assert one's in the same mercy that God does not forgive him but not punish him. This despair guilt of sin.

Muslim brother, Mark yourself and adhere to the limits of law committed to the commands and prohibitions and do not let yourself you speak of sin and that sin was small.

The people than if signed in the mud of sin and sins Astelz quagmire that has been crouching in the darkness of sin and debauchery, has been said:

If Khalot age Khalot days, do not say, but say the sergeant

Have you not seen that today and tomorrow are going faster to the onlookers soon?

Kinds of repentance:

And repentance may be complete and may be incomplete. Repentance is a complete reversal of all sins. The missing is full, it is that a person repents of his sins, without some of the other.

Either repent and repent sincerely and either not sincere.

He says: {O you who believe, repent to Allah with sincere repentance! That your Lord will expiate for you your sins and admit you into Gardens under which rivers flow}. Prohibition / 8

Sincere repentance is that the person repents of sin and does not return to it.

But repentance is sincere, it is that due to the guilt after he has repented of it.

The conditions of repentance:

I know, my Muslim brother, that there are conditions to accept the repentance of God, namely:

(1) take off from sin:

Any left, the drinker must be left to drink alcohol in order to accept his repentance.

The saying "God's forgiveness," which is still to drink wine is not repentance.

(2) and determined not to go back to like it:

Which should resolve in his heart that is not due to sin, which he wants to repent of them. The intention to do so and he repented himself overwhelmed, but then returned to the same sin, it is written on this new sin. The old sin repented her true repentance Do not write it again.

(3) and regret what he has done.

(4) If the sin on the right of human being such as beating unlawfully or eat other people's property unjustly must be out of this dark either refund money or appease the oppressed, he said peace be upon him "who was to his brother, he has a dark Flethllah before should not have dinars or dirhams." Narrated by Muslim.

(5) are required to have to repent before the gargle, gargle is the soul reaches the throat.

It amounted to a gurgling does not accept the repentance of it.

As well as to the accuracy required to be before the rising of the sun from the west of what is true from the Prophet peace be upon him, he said, "The Pope in Morocco created by God to repent his march seventy years does not close until the sun rises from it." Narrated by Tirmidhi and Ibn Hibbaan.

Important benefit:

Muslims disobedient sins of the people who die before repentance are two types: type relieve them from the torment of the fire of God and bring them into Paradise without suffering by His grace and mercy.

The class will punish them in the fire duration and then they are entitled to take them out of them and bring them into heaven and live forever. The Muslim is a sinner who is tormented in the fire does not abide in the eternal fire forever. Because the infidel is immortality, which honors the eternal fire.

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him "out of the fire, said the agency, but God in his heart the weight of an atom of faith."

Bukhari. But the one who died on or involvement in any kind of disbelief, Allah will not forgive him, he says: {Those who disbelieve and bar from the way of Allah and then die as unbelievers Allah will not forgive them}. Mohammed Al / 34 and the Almighty said: {Allah does not forgive him and to engage forgives what is it whom He wills}. Women / 116

Muslim brother, took the initiative to repent before Alfouat Rehab and live in obedience and commitment to the laws of God. Lord, forgive us our sins and our sins and Kufr Tova with the righteous.
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Story about repentance
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