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 Message to each of his own parents!

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PostSubject: Message to each of his own parents!   Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:21 pm

Words and very realistic ......... a letter from the elderly to his son .... ?????

My son Aziz

... ... ...
When it is the day when an old man .. Strana Please be patient

Fahmy and trying to

If my clothes dirty during the Eat .. If I could not wear

My clothes on my own ..

Remember the hours I spent to teach you those things

If you talk to you and repeated the same words and same is thousands of times ..

Do not interrupt me not bored me .. And listen to and repeat with Asalta

When I was young, my son, I have always repeated and ask and I answer you with open arms

That I understood everything

When I do not want to take a shower .. Not to bully

Remember when you Otardek and give you a thousand excuses to invite you to shower

When I can not see me Ojary and learn new technology ..

Only .. Give me enough time .. And do not look at me with a smile and sly satirical

I remember who taught you how to do many things .. How to eat ..

How to wear your clothes .. How to bathe .. How to face life

When I lose my mind or in my Otakbt .. Give me time to remember

And if I could not .. Do not lose your temper .. Even if the newborn is not important ..

You should listen to

If I did not want food .. It does not Trgmana

When hungry will eat

When I can not walk because of the patient's feet

Give me your hand .. The same love and the way that I did with you

To take your first step

When the day comes when I tell you to meet God Mushtaq ..

Do not grieve and do not cry

You'll understand one day

Try to understand that I am now close to completion

And one day you will discover that in spite of my mistakes, I you

Always want the best things for you .. And had tried to preface all the ways you

Help me to walk .. Helped me to overcome my way with love and patience ..

As it did with you always

My son helped me to reach to the end in peace ..

I hope you do not feel sad and helpless when not even watch Tdnoa

Must be next to me and beside me .. And trying to Thtweini ..

As it did with you when life began

Ahtdhana as Ahtdhantk and you are a small ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻
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Message to each of his own parents!
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