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 Fruit taboo to

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PostSubject: Fruit taboo to   Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:23 pm

However, fruit taboo to eat!!! However, fruit taboo to eat .. !!! Islam has forbidden fruit .. It is this fruit that I love the people heavily in our time, and annihilated in the fruit all the time and when ... everywhere, all the ... It became a fruit that entertains people in their spare time, as well as their working hours ... It is the fruit eaten by the rich and the poor ... It is the fruit which is forbidden by God in His Holy Book and described in the most horrendous recipe ... eat it and forbade beloved peace be upon him for eating ... You may Araftamoha my sisters and brothers ..... She called her backbiting Hasan al-Basri "the fruit of women" and what I believe are limited to women only, has become a fruit for all .. They were men or women. Yes, more evident for women .. But also found in men .. Is is time to deny ourselves to the fruit .. ?? Let's concern ourselves with the remembrance of Allah, rather than dwelling on the symptoms of these and this is enough that God said, "do not backbite one another, not like one of you to eat the flesh of his dead brother," said the Messenger of Allah (the bankrupt of my ummah will come on the Day of Resurrection with prayer, fasting and Zakat, and comes may curse this, and threw this, and eat the wealth of this, and shed the blood of this, hit this, be given that of its attractions, and that of its attractions, the disappear to his good deeds before they spend what it took from their sins and put forward on it, then put in a fire!) Sahih Muslim (2581 ) How many of these tongues is Abd Allah and involved and how these tongues without the rule of his Almighty how many of these innovations caused tongues .. Odmit and hearts .. Egraht livers and how these tongues wombs stranded .. Apart and crashed .. And hearts split how these tongues bled the blood .. And killing innocent people .. How oppressed and tortured by the divorced mothers .. How chaste and threw the money I ate .. Violated and symptoms .. Been lost and the souls of the dying boy stumbling with his tongue and not die *** One of the stumbling man
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Fruit taboo to
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