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 Ramadan and the longing to God

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PostSubject: Ramadan and the longing to God   Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:26 pm

Sent and raise the longing for God

Over the days and nights creates faith in the heart () and stainless steel pillars love you need to of give you Serbala embrace a new faith to receive it the month of Ramadan, and continued ability to do the God's help and then hoard the slave, and we mean Palmúna his desire and his will, For as much as rations come aid.

In the modern shrine: "If a person brings to the Shubra approached him arm, and if approached closer to the arm of it sold, and if you came to me and I approached him walking walking jogging," Bukhari.

Valbdah of the slave and then inevitably answer from the Lord: Call on Me will respond to your {} {} Therefore remember Me.

Must be to raise deposits Hawkk to God Almighty, even soften you worship Vtadaha Maiqa sweetness and Ztha, and no pleasure can be collected from the night and endure to ensure and persisting foot tired or thirst you thirsty, pain, hunger bellies if not all of it based on the meaning of: {and hastened to you Lord, to accept} ()?! It answered the call without Habiba Hawk is held out cold lumpish, love does not suit her taste.

No offense to the prayer of the Prophet  and peace in his prayer: "I ask you for the Elimination of satisfaction and response to live after death and the joy of looking at your face and the longing to meet you ..." Narrated by Women bond properly.

Hawkk to your Lord and please him and he spent Rennes doubts and desires and sins Ohlkth pandemics and the passage of times without toil to God, you need O seeker of good to breathe this longing again if he was dead, or left undisturbed if the potential exists

Factors sent the longing for God

1 read the names of Allah and His attributes the highest, and generating words and understand the speech, it is Such a reading, understanding and reflection in which to sharpen from the heart mettle to reach the manifestations of these names and attributes and meanings, Vtthrk deposits knowledge in the heart, mind and comes then the periods ().
Look at the story of Abu Dahdah to understand how to move the words of Lord Erhristith teachings of love and wear.
It was narrated from Abdullah ibn Masud said: When this verse was revealed: {from The
Which lends to Allah a goodly loan Fadhaafh it} Abu Dahdah Ansari: If God wants us to loan? He said: Yes, O Abu Dahdah, said: Show me your hand, O Messenger of Allah, the Messenger of Allah said Venolh his hand, he said, Lord, I lent my Wall, he said, its wall a hundred palm trees and a mother Dahdah Aaalha. He came and cried Abu Dahdah Dahdah, O Mother! She said, for Beck, said: Get out of the wall, I lent my Lord, and in another report it because I heard him say that deliberately Sbaanha graduated in their mouths and wash it in their sleeves, said the Prophet : "How corymb Rdah in Paradise for Abu Dahdah" () .

God cared for and hopes of understanding how ret suspicions Companion of the Word of God Almighty the apparent meaning without the hesitation in his heart or because the tree of faith calls on the leg of the transcendence ().

2 - Menen reading God's great blessings and bred into the grave Hearts become one of the best love it so many verses in the Koran market, the blessings of creation and alert the credit for this meaning, the more I note you yes God the more you longing to thank him for Namaúh.

3 - bemoaning the missed times in non-obedience to God, but to make it up in the worship of fancy. Ibn al-Qayyim: This melody leads him to view the crime, and stand on the threat, and roll to avert them and get rid of leaves and survive scrutiny by request.

4 - Remember the above two with Tkhalafk with the laggards Aorthk this Thrka of the competition and the rush and competition, all is God, the Almighty said: {and quick to forgiveness from your Lord, and the Commission} and said: 'try to beat to forgiveness from your Lord, and the Commission} and said:' At that Let the competitors }.

I know - oh who wants good - that sent a longing and function do not alter or stepper to God Almighty, but should be stepped up this longing before the month of Ramadan, the doubling of effort in it, and this longing type of fuel the faith that motivates obedience, and by the taste worshiper taste of worship and soliloquy .

Offline and you have many areas of greatest and most serious longing to see the face of God Almighty, and the exercises you can read this yourself updated with modern Bmenzltha God, and whether his vision will gain honor or not? He  the Prophet peace be upon him: "If the people of Paradise enter Paradise Allah the Almighty says: You want something Oziedkm? Say: Did whitening our faces? Pain interfered Paradise and Tngena of fire? Exposing the veil, what gave nothing dearer to them than looking at their Lord." Narrated by Muslim.

In the areas of offline: the longing to meet God and to his committee and his mercy and his heirs in the vision of Paradise and the longing for a private meeting with the Prophet peace be upon him  in the highest paradise.

I know that this longing for thieves and sectors exposed to you, be aware of recreation (especially in the month of Ramadan) and beware of sedition funds, and children and husbands behind them and behind you do not pay attention and flashing as ordered, and make your logo in the month of Ramadan: {said they Ola on archaeological and accelerated to you Lord, accept}.

Vhihla If you have a mettle
Limit your XI offline Vato Alemrahla
Do not wait to walk accompanied by base
And let the torque is sufficient for carrying
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Ramadan and the longing to God
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