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 Refreshing Faith In The Heart

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PostSubject: Refreshing Faith In The Heart    Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:38 pm

Faith wears out in the heart as wear clothes, if Ahtro and become obsolete, Awsat, and classed the insured in some cases, the cloud of the withdrawal of sin Fazlm and this is portrayed to us the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said in the saheeh hadeeth: (What's hearts heart but there is a cloud Xahabh moon, Pina the moon shining as his illness cloud Vazlm, as demonstrated by the Vodhae) Narrated by Abu Naim in the ornament 2 / 196 is in the right sequence 2268. the moon comes sometimes a cloud covers the light, and after some time away and dispersed is attributable light of the moon once again shines in the sky, as well as the believer's heart mired with sometimes dark pull of sin, totally veiled light, the human remains in the darkness and loneliness, if sought to increase his faith and God Almighty used those clouds cleared, and returned his heart light shines as it was.
1 - to weaken the faith of the heart must keep your good deeds and diversification in worship to have any faith.
2 - can be distributed and takes advantage of his time and his spare no benefit in a lot of worship so as not to get bored, because the Prophet peace be upon him said Rohawwa hearts Fassaah hour.
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Refreshing Faith In The Heart
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