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 Do you know who is the Bankrupt ?

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PostSubject: Do you know who is the Bankrupt ?   Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:45 pm

Bankrupt is: Who came the Day of Resurrection with prayer, fasting and charity, and come and Qdashtm this and threw this and eat the wealth of this and shed the blood of this and hit this be given that the advantages and this advantages, the disappear to his good deeds before he talked Maalih taken from Khtaém put forward by the then thrown into the fire (Ask God to prohibited on our skin)
Hasan al-Basri said: days and nights did not like them never heard of creatures, the night of the graves were found with the people of Tibet did not like her before its morning and night result in the Day of Judgement Day comes to you from God-Bashir either Paradise or fire, and given your book on either your right hand and either Bashmalc
Vostta servants of God to you and Aamilo for this long day God made ​​us and you from the people of Paradise and forgive us and our parents and to all Muslims and may Allah bless our Prophet Muhammad at his family and companions and the peace
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Do you know who is the Bankrupt ?
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