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 Theft and resolved

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PostSubject: Theft and resolved    Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:02 pm

When they steal a child or adult, it affects the parents concerned. The focus of concern for the reason that their son steals and wondered if their son or daughter "is only human."

It is natural for any young child to take the thing that holds his attention ... It should not be taken for this behavior as the child grows up to steal the minor, and up between three to five years old until they understand that taking something that belongs to others is wrong. And Parents should teach their children that the property rights for themselves and others. The parents in this case should be role models for their children ... If you come to the house, office tools, pens office or anything for work or take advantage of an error in the calculator market, Vdrosk in the Secretariat for your children will be difficult for them to recognize it.

Therefore, the children stealing her motives are many and different and must therefore understand the motives in each case and understand the purpose of the gains for theft in the life of every child so that we can find a solution to that problem.

Resort and some older children or teenagers to theft for several reasons, despite their knowledge that the theft of an error:


Small because it robs a sense of deprivation was stealing the food he liked some sort of eating because it is hungry

The other steals games because it deprived them or they may steal money to buy these things

The child may steal a tradition of some colleagues in the school without understanding the consequences of what he does ... Or because he grew up in an environment criminal returning to the robbery and assault on the property of others and makes him feel kind of theft of power and victory and self-esteem ... This behavior involves criminal behavior in adulthood because the environment is already an environment together

Also has little to steal even with his brother or his older sister if I felt that his share of life less of them.

In some cases, steal the child to show his bravery to friends, or to give a gift to his family or friends, or to be more acceptable to his friends.

The children begin in the robbery out of fear of not being able to independence, they do not want to rely on anyone, so you resort to taking what they want through theft.

May also steal the child because of a mental illness or because he suffers from mental impairment and low IQ, which makes it easy to fall under the control of the children are delivering the largest of it have been about theft


And parents should be aware of the cause of theft of the child ... Is the child was stolen out of the need for more attention and care?. In this case, the child may express anger or trying to be equal with his parents ... Stolen may become a substitute for love and passion. Here should be the parents should do their best to give more attention to the child on the grounds that an important member of the family.

If parents take the proper educational procedures, the theft will depend in most cases when the child grows. The doctors advised the parents that the children including the following when they discover their son to resort to theft:


Tell the child that stealing is wrong behavior.

Help the youngster to pay or return the stolen goods.

Make sure that the child does not benefit from the theft in any way.

Avoid giving lessons to show him the black Centzerh the future if it continues the same, or saying that you have now is a bad person or a thief.

Clarify that this behavior is totally unacceptable within the customs and traditions of the family, society and religion.


When the child to pay or return the stolen goods, do not Enbg the parents raise the issue again, in order to help the child to start a new page. If the owner and the continuous theft problems in behavior or symptoms of deviation of the theft in this case a sign of more serious problems in the emotional growth of the child or evidence of family problems 0

In addition, children who are accustomed to theft, they have difficulty with trust in others and the work of a close relationship with them. Instead of showing remorse for this deviant behavior, they blame in their conduct on others and argue "because they did not give me what I want and I need ... I'll take him myself." So it must offer these children to specialists and psychiatrists who specialize in childhood problems.

When you view these children to the doctor psychological evaluation must be done to understand the causes of this deviant behavior in order to complete remedial action plan. An important factor in treatment is to teach this child how established a relationship of friendship with others. Must also assist the family in promoting change in the child's access to appropriate behavior in various stages of growth.

And treatment of children stealing should do the following:


Must first provide the necessities of the child of food, clothing appropriate to the age of

Also help the child a sense of integration in the groups together is far from the deviation in the school and the club and in the home and society in general

Children to live in the middle of a family has the emotional warmth between parents and children

We must respect the ownership of the child and visit him to respect the property of others and Ndrih it since childhood with the guidance and supervision of maintenance.

We must also do not harass a child to admit that he stole because it pays to lie Vimady the behavior of theft and lying.

The need for role models in their attitudes and behavior of adult-oriented Secretariat.

Explain the disadvantages of theft, and harmful to the individual and society, it is a religious offense and the guilt of a social, and enlighten the child the rules of ethics and social traditions.

Accustom the child not to cheat in exams and work ... Etc..
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Theft and resolved
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