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 Charity and a sense of what charity

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PostSubject: Charity and a sense of what charity    Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:48 am


Shares have hearts that has an amazing effect forms the poet said:
The best people to enslave their hearts ... As long as the enslaved human kindness

But it has the love of God - the Almighty - as said - peace be upon him -: (I like people to God are most useful to people), and God - the Almighty - and say {good that God loves the doers!
If you are accompanied by men, so be a boy ... ... .. all owned companion
Be like the taste of fresh water and cold ... ... ... on the liver of each Ahary friend
How wonderful to those who buy the Mamluks how his money does not buy Bmarovh free, and spread kindness many cronies.
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Charity and a sense of what charity
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