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 Important information on the Qura'an

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PostSubject: Important information on the Qura'an   Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:50 am

Did you know !!!!!
When you take the Koran, the devil is suffering from severe pain in the head ..
When you open the Koran, it breaks down and fainted
When you read the Koran and make the longest Agma├║th
Did you know?
To hear the Qur'an reduce the spread of cancer cells in the human body, but destroys
And to prolong the prostration strengthen memory and prevent stroke.
And to raise the index finger of the witness increases the flow of blood to help strengthen the heart.
And that the prostration removes positive charges in the body because the shipments of the earth is negative. ...
Do you know also
That when you want to return this message to others, the devil will try to re ... said that the Devil: Lubna Adam wonderful love of God and disobedient
And hate me (hate me) and Aitionny
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Important information on the Qura'an
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