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 Almighty is laughing

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PostSubject: Almighty is laughing    Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:51 am

Do you know who laughs God Almighty in this world ..

Veiled a great .. The advantage of generous .. ÇÍČÇČí of my customers laughed at him .. Do not torment him
Do you know .. Is

His .. The great luck that God has a laugh???

They are the owners of determination .. Who have all the darkness, on an apology .. Then Tsandoa to Ruahl
And forgiveness .. Raised letters and undergo refraction .. Again, he is the righteous answer .. Kahar's nice ...

It was told by the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him .. That
Almighty Allah for laughs based night .. And also felt it
Satisfaction and joy .. Doing it in the dark .. People are sleeping .. Blessed are you, based night .. This great reward ...

Ibn Mas'ud may Allah be pleased with him said, "but that God laughs of two men: a man in the cold night of bed
And the edge of the Dtharh .. Qtodo then has to prayer
.. Almighty Allah says to His angels: what brought this slave-making on what?
They say: Our Lord, please do not have .. And compassion than you have .. He says: I would have gave him what Raja ..
Amenth and what he is afraid "

Dear Sirs: May God make us all from people who told them the poet:

God the people of God Chroa themselves. . . Vataboha Bzger chronic character of God
As for the day, he and Lavoie fasting. . . In the darkness you see them where monks
Bodies, in God grew tired of themselves. . . And spirits in God grew tired of Abdana
Melted their flesh fear the account tomorrow. . . And cut off the night praise and villages
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Almighty is laughing
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