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 Remarkable letters

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PostSubject: Remarkable letters    Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:53 am

Your logo will not make my predecessors, Habibi A bulk of the gaze

Of what has found God and what God has found

Be my girlfriend was not God also wants you to click Matrade

My sister .. The reconstruction is limited and a few more breaths of forgiveness and repentance

Sobhk raised him from finding out the number of day and enter the joy his heart and enlighten his path and ordered him pleased and answer his prayer

Glory be filed for each occupied Vashgl the heart of what God's heart of love love

God awakened in times like you and remember Ivkirk and Istgfrck Vtghafr merciful to him,

Here you who do not hide O_khash forward (do not you stay is only a sin and Amahah)

God made you with the first group to enter Paradise and your parents and all dear to you who has the right to you.

If the sun tended Friday .... Group of us used to say .... Of sincere prayer ....

Medicine is the secret of its light hearts Unseen said erase sin (Agency for Alllah (

You want to be loved by God You want to help you You want God to bless you You want to protect you Mark is a secret between you and him did not know

Are you them if Tkmutai narrated that Allah and if Scotty With the move of God and if God On orders T

The best of two witnesses? Is not God? (Ashhdh on I love it (

Tree in the garden under the tree estimated area of ​​100-year march ask God to walk in it, and Thabay

Echoed ... Forgiveness of God and remember the great God and McCann Mazbhm they Mstghafron

To walk together .. To heaven .. For we meet loved ones .. Mohammed and his family ..

Who lived for others lived tired .. But lived and died a great big ..

The most beautiful things in life .. Brothers in God .. It is a city closed .. Ensure that only loyal ..

To secure • View topic does not see beauty of this world without them ...

I ask God that his face shone with the light and the darkness of those who denied you to be shot for your body

God made us and you tell them who shot Aabbari you secure your light switched off, the bullet

You specifically do not hide Hawk ((do not you stay is a sin only this Friday and Amahah ((

Mathsv the people of Paradise on something as Thsfoa an hour did not say where God

It was said to wise, from your brothers love you? Said of the dam and forgive Khally acting out and it reminded me Barbie

Poplar is said to have the most beautiful ((game)) written on her forehead not only dutiful Analna Make us of them.

Al-Bukhaari ((what Tahab two men in God, but was most severe Avdilhma love for its owner)) Regards ...... Love in

God does not deprive you of five living and guidance and mercy and forgiveness and his committee.

Will last love has ticked the heart and the religion of truth .... We will continue to remind us Bdaaúna over the years ......

You willingly days and nights and Oskink God in high heaven

I have pondered what life book and found the finest and most beautiful of obedience to God's love and a brother in God

God made you and your parents who said to them Enter Paradise, no fear you, nor shall you grieve

God made ((there is no god but Allah)) pronunciation of the tongue and the pulse of your heart and light your days and good Chtamk

I ask God to you and the light in the darkness of rak'ahs in the health and tear in fear and a prayer and forgiveness, and the Commission

God I love Calder scattered Icksonna joy and pleasure palaces Vosknhm Committee

Fans of the longings and longing for a meeting of God is greater. And between them and pray Ossal Wissal and Edom

Do not forget to pray by Morocco on Friday, he answered, God willing, not Tnsana of prayer

Pray fresher river being between one hundred .. Rak in God.!

When Ieodney nostalgia and those who love them offline Agbanna Aamlk Elan Adaulhm

Believe that you do not deserve Kevin Rsalhtistahl up last night and claim you well

Lord open my door is opened pleased and delighted Amoorha and make the first heaven and the last pass.

Habiba there waiting for your peace today (O you who believe it arrived and handed recognition)

May God Tqak and fire and Qak and make paradise Moak.

Invited me write you my heart (Hmsh nostalgia) through the ring and remind you of forgiveness at all times.

The land of God's heart shone with light and perfume with du'aa '. And age does not love others

The number of spray rain, and the beauty of sea breezes and purer cast Abeer, I pray you to paradise and the river.

God protect you and do not deprive you satisfaction and peace of mind and all the best and Ickramk're all evil.

Goodness of God and realize all Amesak Omanic and rivers of Paradise and Asagak Sandsha Axhex.

God's eye passed Bewitchments pleasure and company of the good guys and the mercy of the righteous and Ghaffar

I ask God to you and me this evening, multiply the advantages and disadvantages of flying and concerns of the scattered

May God Tqak and fire and Qak and virtue guided you and the Committee invited you and paradise Moak

God has mocked the hearts and save them from pain and her happy with the progression of sunrise and sunset

Z O is the face light and make it on Friday and in all her days with pay Pleased
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Remarkable letters
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