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 Shattered lives ashamed of them offline

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PostSubject: Shattered lives ashamed of them offline    Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:57 am

God ask you your ability which has preserved its Yunus in the belly of the whale

And mercy that healed by Ayub after a great calamity

Atbaka that the delusional and grieved .. And narrower and Asagma
And that I had slept on a tight .. Vaigzna Faraj
And I ask God that I was too pre-occupied .. Give me that joyous
And that you are irresponsible .. Health gives me that
And that you are broken .. That gives me strength
If you need to Vlatklna Miswak
And those who love Thfezna
And save me from the love
God I take to myself overloaded
Flathmlha Malatagah the anguish of her life by
The distanced between me and the misfortunes Aldniaotqlb accidents Kmapaadt between the east and Morocco
God wanted me of evil himself Vashglh
Anyone who wants my subtle Vamkrbh you the best of planners

If your case has narrowed days Vthag Baluahd individual Samad
Shattered lives ashamed of them offline

Shattered lives, but
Remain wonderful ...!!!
Are the souls of silent
Despite the apparent silence
Her wounds are to Hassot ..
Crying and bitterly regret ..
However, no one noticed
She cried Aottalm ..
It .. Bleed .. Despite her pain and the ravages of the years ..
Although Aninha Although pulse sad ..

Despite the wound relief.
It remains
Hearts of love ..
Receive stabs and shocks ..
Shock followed by a shock ..
And tracking of shock ... suffering, pain and tearing ..
And remove the delicate strands.
, To remain the same after the wound is open and deep ..

Shattered lives suffer from
Minimum unless the experienced world ..
Thakik find and mimic others
, But did not find it understands ..
And how beautiful it speaks of the mind to self-

Vijatab you.
. Spirit.
And harder to talk yourself.
And no one understands,
Bank Faths strange about him and the world ..
This is the hardest and the strangest feeling.
Shattered lives and despite the crash and her grief ..
Find steadfast rock ..
Shatter them all tragedies
The bitter and painful memories ..

Shattered lives, but
Remain .. Net .. Good ...
Ashamed that the roses touching

Her sense of splendor
It is more than flowers and a sense of elegance and beauty

The hearts of all good ..
Hearts can give happiness to those around her ..
And accommodate them,
To Knhamahtma
Vtsaho suddenly the reality of bitter does not deserve ..

Broken hearts .. Sad ..
Despite her grief ....!!
Found singing ..
Beautiful words.
.. Broken and you find everywhere ...!!!

Whatever our souls broken
Sad painful of any kind
But it's pretty words
Purity and chastity, and good
And goodness and joy
And as long as your soul is full and vibrant
Love and faithfulness

Do not sit half-lovers, or endorse half-friends, do not read half of the talented,
Half-life not lived, and was half death, half do not choose a solution, and not stand in the middle of the truth,
Not dreaming half a dream, do not relate to half hope, if the silence .. Vasamt until the end, and if I spoke ..
TALK to the end, do not you shut so speak, and do not talk so shut up
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Shattered lives ashamed of them offline
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