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 Article I Liked

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PostSubject: Article I Liked    Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:58 am

*** Lord, make me a resident Dhirata prayer and prayer of our Lord and accept ***

"Oh God, Agvrlna and our parents and our husbands and children who will bring, and all believers, men and women living and the dead"

Aaaaaaaaaaamin Amen

The second at noon and the second of the night ... Pause and spirituality with a letter of the Custodian of the Two Holy God and saved in the old Park

Susan girl companion Mashharawi

Away from the intellectuals

Away from the politicians

Away from the analysts, writers and journalists

O'clock noon sat about 27 million viewers watching motivated and eagerly awaiting eagerly the blessed discourse, which may find it an honor achieved their hopes and concerns and remove the release a bit of pain!

Even in the SMS that Friday were not only talking about that speech the holy timer per second at noon, and carries with it the awards and grants and gifts!

It is likely that good personal generous, so good decent ..

Known to the tender and generous ..

The hours pass like days to them! Waiting for sweet words and gifts and delicacies to achieve dreams!

Here's minutes and converge and fall to declare:

Royal Order to ....................

Royal Order to ....................

Royal Order to ....................

Royal Order to ....................

And attentive ears hear

Hearts and refreshed

And eyes dilated joy

At that moment Khantna Dmati triggered torrential shame .. Yes, and is ashamed of the great Karim Razak Wahab Ali Mawla Top guardian Jabbar Hearer protagonist with beautiful names and attributes the highest, and Aldzly gifts, gifts and blessings and great bounty.

Maconna when our Lord which we have seen that moment in our hearts all that longing and trust gifts of humanity??!!

But what do we at the Great Quran, which does the night sky of the world's mercy and compassion towards His slaves with them and meeting their needs .. Is it farewell answer him?

Is Moustaghfir forgive him?

Is he repentant repent?

The answer of the people were asleep oblivious to the wanton, undaunted: (I called you hear if alive)

For no power except in Allah

I wonder where the 27 million when the second night in the last third of the night?

But where they are between the ears and accommodation? (Do not answer the prayer between the Adhan and accommodation (

And if you wish, tell where they are at the prostrate (the prostration in which heaped say a lot of you do not succumb)

His appeal to every need ... To all the hope and pain ...

(Security responds to the distressed Him, and if the evil)

(It's the weight of a grain of mustard Vtkn in a rock or in heaven or on earth by God to come to God is gentle expert)

(Say: Allah delivereth them from all distress)

Let the tongue are you:

God closed the doors on your door but my God, stop at the gates of the Kings guards and open the door, asking not disappointed I am receiving.

Mali and for the rich and *** you, Lord, do not limit the blessings of the rich

Mali and the strong and the *** are you, my Lord and Lord of the people Maqguak

Mali and the doors of kings and you're creating *** Kings and the Department of Property

I am all I went homeless in life *** I never saw the best of the Moak

Myself and learned first-hand the way to survive *** did not find spared only Mnjak

And searched for the secret of happiness hard *** I found this secret piety

Finally ........

Thank you so much beautiful Custodian of the Two Holy

And Sorry Sorry you and our God and our Lord and king and Razkna Vsobhank what Abdnak Qdrnak right worship and right of your destiny.
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Article I Liked
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