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 . •. °. • ஐ Clean your heart • ஐ. •. °. •

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PostSubject: . •. °. • ஐ Clean your heart • ஐ. •. °. •   Tue Nov 01, 2011 9:01 am

What a wonderful beauty of the heart and clean ..

The most beautiful is the feeling that Yagmurk ..

And comfort that you feel it ..

And satisfaction that you just get the feeling Vttold wonderful ...

Which reflected positively on your life later ..

Many are exposed to many situations ..

That sets his heart on the others ..

Result of the work they have done or words uttered by would be bothering us ..

Who among us has not been abused to the position of the non-treated ..

Or say it is not what it ..

Saliva or is it something innocent ..

Or criticized him in front of others are injured or negative feelings ...

Or .. or ... or.

As a result of all this we find that in the meantime ..

And the next ..

We live in a state of rage and hatred and loathing ..

This person or others, and hurt feelings remain Sdrona ..

The penetrating and penetrating, causing what caused the hatred and anger ..

Venaih on the track in a state of sadness ...

Remain dark thoughts hover around us ...

And brewing in our souls ...

The burgeoning of causing evil thoughts ..

Us from the wrath to avenge him ..

And Afq mind about things melancholia ..

If we made that will ignite the war ..

The God that these thoughts and feelings that are causing us distress ..

It Tnkd that disturb us and disrupt our lives ...

How can we get rid of them and not heat up so as not to Nkioa its fire?

Let's clean up our hearts and asking these sentiments aside

Take it out of our thoughts and our minds and we will live in happiness

If you hear the words of a bad and actually walked from the other .. and bothers you ..!!

Do not think much on the subject ...

Do not sit down and regain the anniversary of the bad and painful all the time ..

For you are of cause harm to yourself ...

And find that the anger and hatred and hatred to the other ..

Going on in your chest Vschar upset ..

Tolerance ..

Lance does not think of it a lot ..

Do not give him more than it deserves ..

Wage of a dialogue between you and yourself and the dialogue ..

Thinking about the positives and negatives in the subject ...

And you will find that the pros would outweigh that in the end ..

Do not try to hear any one talk bad moves you from others

Quran for yourself ..

Stopped only when I ask them not to tell you ..

For a bad would turn on them or hate them ..

Do not try to recover the bad and painful memories of the distant past ..

They have passed and Onzthert Bandthar days ..

Suffice it to feel sad in the meantime ..

Do not attempt to renew these days again ..

I know that you paid in this honor from the Lord Almighty ..

You are trying to clean up your heart and purify it of all impurity may Ichboh ..

Clean your heart and cleanse yourself of all Aladran ...

And guarantee to yourself to live happily and satisfaction ...

Do not hate or envy or hatred or anger ...

Hello and happy with the cleanliness of the following heart

. •. °. • ஐ Clean your heart • ஐ. •. °. •

Of hatred of hatred of envy

. •. °. • ஐ Clean your heart • ஐ. •. °. •

Of arrogance and condescension of the injustice of the people speak

. •. °. • ஐ Clean your heart • ஐ. •. °. •

Of abuse to others of cheating lying

. •. °. • ஐ Clean your heart • ஐ. •. °. •

Of each recipe ugly outcast hated
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. •. °. • ஐ Clean your heart • ஐ. •. °. •
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