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 How to get to your goal?

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PostSubject: How to get to your goal?    Tue Nov 01, 2011 9:02 am

How to reach your goal.?!

Setting goals helps you on the life of a more balanced psychologically ... It guides you to your way of life .. It guides you to the direction in which the focus is always ..

When there goals .. no sense to work .. which means .. more balanced life, where the presence of meaning as it does human life balanced ..

Of people:

Does not know what he wants .. needs to determine his goals ..

Knows what he wants but does not realize the way to achieve it ..

Knows what he wants and knows to be achieved without confidence in his ability ..

Knows what he wants and knows the way to achieve and insist

Always aim to achieve a successful person ....()

Remember: the act .. is the difference between success and failure ..

Control Act: Place the alternatives and possibilities .. put solutions prior to the anticipated problems ..

Always exercise the role of the act and the amendment

Values ​​results
Amended plans
Off to the future does not always pay attention to the past .. do not allow the past Bjzpk back .. and learn from the painful past rather than to repeat the painful experiences in your mind repeatedly Vtaischha thousands of times without the use ..

Tolerance with everyone - especially parents - do not hold grudges in yourself .. if they were documented they have to give you what they did is the best ..

Objectives are divided into:

- Key objectives ..

- Short-term objectives, "such as learning a language .. read a book

Medium-term objectives "of the year to 5 years."

- Long-term goals "of 5 years to 25 years."

- Goal .. The objective continuous in time ..

Objective: To end once achieved .. and so you could go back to the beginning of the session after the brain to achieve ..

Example: if you made it your goal to quit smoking .. you'll end up gaining the goal .. and after take-off .. back again with the return cycle of the brain to get used to it and written by!

Continuous-time goal: the goal is the impact does not end .. it differs .. cycle of the brain does not takes you back to the first point after your first goal ..

Made if your goal is to draw closer to God, you will continue this without returning to the beginning ..

Around the goal to quit smoking to quit smoking to get closer to God .. thus become the target to the goal of continuous in time .. and thus to become accustomed again to the beginning ..

Reduce the excess weight goal .. The decrease in order to preserve the appearance of better health and stylish .. the goal is constant in time .. and has reasons to make it stronger ..

Give the reasons for each goal and away from Allqaúaat become aware of your actions on the basis of information ..

The challenges of achieving the goal:

- Fear:

You should know that the wisdom of the presence of fear or pain

Help you get closer to God .. 1

Stay away from negative behaviors 0.2

That the improvement of your life 0.3

When you become aware that the fear or pain and improvement of education .. they would not be an obstacle for you ..


A false sense of constant fear
Negative self-image
External influences (Kalmthbtin)

Always remember .. other people's ideas may suit them .. they do not mind to receive suggestions .. but with instructions .. you decide on your own what comes from your self ..

Remember: people opinion of you does not mean you, but on the personal opinions of their own ..

Balanced rights issued to conduct balanced around him .. and vice versa ..

"Success and the power to cross from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm" George Bernard Shaw ..

Procrastination ..

The seven pillars of life balanced:

Corner of the spiritual:

Love of God ..

Tolerance Alentkamil: Disconnect between the person and his behavior .. not because you hate the behavior that you hate him!

Unconditional tender

Health corner: your health care

Staff Profile:

For routine work out .. and remember to enjoy the complete comfort to the rest of your achievements ..

Then the development of human skills and resources ..

Corner of the family: good family relations, family relations .. also the successful completion ..

Social Basis: good links and social relations ..

Professional Staff: professional achievement is essential for life balanced ..

Material element: financial stability is important .. but remember: money power ground that focused on Jzpetk down.

Must have money in your hand is not in your heart

Ask yourself questions continuing objective:

Where I am now of all this?

This question leads you to know your location from the fact ..

The question: Why do I want?

Leads you to realize the goal ..

The question: Why?

Leads you to understand the reasons .. which strengthens the motivation to aim ..

The question: When?

Develop a plan to achieve the goal of time prevent you from procrastinating .. ..

The question: How?

Begin planning and resource inventory, development and challenges ..


The law of focus: the focus is always in one direction ..

Thinking in the direction of expanding and spreading in the same direction ..

Human being is very sensitive to what he thinks .. and very sensitive to any touching on what he is thinking in some way ..

Target the belief and the law:

Each goal with which your instincts become firmly! ..

Objective belief can act generates a reaction!

The reaction also generates believe its potential ..

In other words: the possibility of implementing a belief is .. what makes you able to implement it ..

If it was then scooped from the implementation (for example), this generates the belief you have the possibility of implementation ..

The target and the highest value:

The highest value paid to the target .. The target pays to act ..

Accept the fact that the gift of God to begin to develop solutions ..

Achieve the goal by the conscious mind:

Type target

Writing the target is 50% of the achieved and to guide the focus was entirely about thinking

In the target

I read always especially before sleep ..

Think of it until the goal is always part of you ..

Developed gradually in the act ..

Achieve the goal by the unconscious mind:

This is done by:

Reflection in achieving the objective

Imagine the positive imagine a way of achieving the goal has already been explained -

Access to the alpha state and relaxation

Perception: different from the imagination .. Valtsour be imagining your image in case you want to

- Relaxation - positive affirmations ..

How to reach Alpha:

Alpha state is a state of complete relaxation with a measure of serenity .. where psychological help a great deal to separate your feelings from the problem faced by .. and depends on increasing the efficiency of the brain by providing a great deal of oxygen ..

Are accessed through deep breathing takes its inspiration about eight Aadat and then kept almost instantaneously and then exhale in four Aadat ..

You lift your eyes to the top .. during inhalation and exhalation .. During Aspalhma

This up to a state approaching hypnosis .. Then you can relax to think is far from negative emotions ..

Law confluence Discussion: All what you think is find ..

Feki strategy to achieve the objectives:

Well .. This is a strategy recommended by Dr. Ibrahim al-Feki ..

Trust in God.
Be clear about what you want.
Confidentiality and anonymity in the first period, at least .. The purpose is to move away from external influences ..
Clear-cut decision to achieving the goal ..
Identified the causes and always read it .. the desire for strengthening ..

Law is ended activities:

Each activity is linked to the infinite unconscious pain .. in the sense that if you did not read a book I bought (for example), this Saaoukk to buy another book and read it .. try to accomplish all that start with .. If you read the book that you keep returning to buy the other ..

Link to your goal is not happy .. if the pain associated with sports in mind tired and lazy Vsthjm them .. But if Vstnct have been linked to health ..
Belief: the belief that God will not waste your trouble .. and the belief in your ability to act ..
The highest value ..
Develop your skills Ozdd know
Creative imagination ..
Remember: external influences do not affect your decision one will make you feel something without your permission ..
Full commitment to achieving the goal ..
Full flexibility: the most flexible control in his life and in the same ..
Maintain enthusiasm ..
Continuous improvement: Develop your skills continuously ..
Help others: God bless you in your knowledge and continue your idea of ​​the Game
(By pupils) and will help you achieve your goals of the course helped them
Stay away from: cash .. so do not make it critical in the development of motivation to you!
Stay away from: the blame .. it makes you in the position of the victim!

Remember: the goal (of interest) and the highest value .. Aouselank to your goal, whatever the challenges ..

Mark your goal is always the satisfaction of God ..

I thank God Almighty .. and start your prayer Ptazima and thanks and blessings on the Prophet peace be upon him
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How to get to your goal?
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