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 Multi beautiful deserves to be

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PostSubject: Multi beautiful deserves to be   Sat Jan 21, 2012 6:07 pm

In the name of God the Merciful
Peace, mercy and blessings of God and
Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace on the best Npinaalah peace and completed the delivery and after ...
I wanted to put your hands on that subject that I hope to God that holds to your satisfaction ...
I leave you with this issue ...

Said that the number seven has the same energy in the end

Of reflection and contemplation and reflection, and that he was inclined

A miracle, but it deserves to stand him

7 gates of Hell

7 Wonders of the World

King of Egypt 7 Revelation

Ordered the boy to pray at the age of seven

Circumambulation around the Kaaba seven

Seeking between Safa and Marwa seven

Number of verses in light 7

7 the number of pebbles

Number 7 of the Sea

Major minerals in the Land 7

Science come to 7 basic types of stars.

And also to reach 7 levels of electron orbital ...... That the 7 levels around the nucleus.

And reach the flag for the 7 colors of the visible and Lda to 7 radiation invisible to Lda ....!!

And 7. Further lengths of the waves of the radiation.

Also reach the flag to that man consists of 7 ... It consists of

Corn + molecule + gene + chromosome + cell + fabric + member

Double the Sanabel good in 7.

Positions of prostration in the Quran seven.

Holiday opening seven takbeers.

Hajj tour the 7 times around the Kaaba, and we are .. .. 7 cycles and throw stones 7 times

Each time we aim 7 embers

Seven main colors of the rainbow

The number of days of week seven

And the moon around the earth four Spat (28 days)

Number 7 continents of the world

Why seven tones of music?

Why do we celebrate the seventh day of the birth of the child (NPS)?

Why become a seven colors of the rainbow?

Mentioned in the Koran the seven heavens

Seven ears

Seven cows

In Christianity we find the seven sacraments

In Judaism we find the seventh floor of the tree of life <Ntzakh>

God's shadow shade with seven days to remain with only shadow:

1 - just ruler.

2 - man grew up in the worship of God.

3 - his heart a man hanging mosques.

4 - Thaba two men in God .. Met him and separated him.

5 - A man invited a woman and the beauty of the post said, I fear God.

6 - a man who gives charity Vokhvaha .. Even to learn what his right hand spent the north.

7 - a man who said God empty eyes overflow with tears.

Last but not least

The certificate of consolidation .. Seven the number of words

Not god _ _ _ only God

Muhammad _ _ _ Messenger of Allah

Demtem iPod Thita for all
Tears of pain
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Multi beautiful deserves to be
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