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 Hadith there is in the heart a peice of meat.

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PostSubject: Hadith there is in the heart a peice of meat.   Tue Feb 14, 2012 4:42 am

For Nu'man bin Bashir, may Allah be pleased with him that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: (not that the embryo in the body if it is sound reconciliation the whole body, and if spoiled spoiled the whole body, namely the heart) [Bukhari and Muslim]

Interview to explain, but the heart embryo
Each member of the body to create a particular act:
If a user already has a member who created the sound true.
If you can not act on the member who created him or issued with a kind of disorder or defect was a member of a patient:
Disease of the hand: that it can not be oppression.
And eye disease: Because it can not be considered and vision.
And disease of the tongue: that it can not speak.
Disease and the body as a whole: that it can not be his natural or weaken it.
And heart disease: that it can not create what his knowledge of God and his love and longing to meet him, and turn to, and the preference that all desire.
If a person knew everything did not know the Lord as if he did not know anything.
If all received the luck of the fortunes of the world, and the same desires and did not accrue the love of God, and longing to him and mankind as if it did not splice the pleasure of beating the Naim and the eye.
But if the heart was free from that returned the chances of this world, but the same punishment for him and must, IOS was tormented by the same Mnama from two sides:
On the one hand Thsrh severe miss everything in the world of some of the pleasures and the same chances, and the more tricks between him and none of that with his spirit is very attached to it.
Signs of heart disease:
We knew that the heart is right that the work of the knowledge of God and mankind and love him and longing to it, and that the heart patient who can not be that it does not make him or it could come with some kind of disorder or confusion, and then shall appear the signs of the disease:
The mismatch that affects the human desires to God and His love and obey His commands:
This is shown on the faculties Vivsd his body according to the corruption of the heart or his illness, and the heart is king Kaljnod prey moving about it.
If heart disease became a food adverse affect on food for beneficial and adjusts his medication Daúh beneficial to harmful.
It is his heart was true, God knew, and knew God loved him and sincere his worship must, and did not affect him a bit of pets, it is preferred to be a thing of the things that are loved Vqlbh patient lost the taste and the stomach if used to eat malignant and preference over good fell by lust for the good and lost, and malignant Tawwadt love is good.
Among the signs of heart disease, but evidence of his death, it does not hurt him Alkabbaih surgery, Todjah nor sin, nor burn sins: but sin does not feel remorse or Bthrj or thinner.
Wavered from plain humiliation it ..... Valjrah feel no pain.
It is here that people know about the disease, which in the hearts of two types:
A - Section does not feel his sickness, he is completely dead at heart:
The heart may get sick and intense illness, is not known by the owner, because he works for and his departure from knowing their health and their causes, and may even die and its owner does not feel his death, do not hurt him sin, nor aching ignorance of the truth, and beliefs false, the heart if there is life suffered incoming ugly it, and suffered his ignorance of the right according to its life.
B - and another section feels his heart disease: This section of two types:
1 - the type of intense bitterness he must take medication and the patient, it affects the survival of the hardship of his pain medication, because the heart disease medication in violation of fancy, and the hardest thing to watch, but not useful from it.
2 - and other kind people ready himself to be patient in taking the drug and violation of passion and then annulled his intention shortly after, and continue with the weakness of his knowledge and his insight and patience, as if engaged in by groundless furrowed up to the security, and he knows that the patience he has passed the fear and followed by security, it need to the power of patience, and Guo certain what becomes him, and when his patience and conviction twice came back from the road, and did not bear Amishqtha, particularly the lack of comrade Astouhhn of the unit.

From this we know that the signs of heart disease have an enemy for food beneficial to have a harmful food, and the enemy of her her medicine Daúha beneficial to harmful. Let 's get some of those foods harmful to warn them.
Examples of foods harmful heart sick:
A - follow the whispers and suspicions and doubts: and think about some things without knowledge, and getting carried away thinking about the metaphysics of God and so on.And concern for work and obedience.
B - a forbidden desires or thinking about it: and, in some faces in the interpretation of the verse (in whose hearts is a disease), it was said that any weight.
It is well known that the key to the lusts of the vulva look lustfully to any creature is the wife and the king of the right.
And the launch of sight to what God hath inherited disease of the heart Astth for his Lord, and burdensome for the worship and also deny the Ztha and sweetness, especially if signed in disease adoration which compromised scientists shirk because every attachment to severe heart without God, and the principle of all, consider taboo.
It was therefore turned a blind eye incest inherited three benefits a great danger great extent: one of them: the sweetness of faith and joy.
And the second: a light to the heart and health Frasth.
And the third: the power of heart and steadfastness and courage.
Not surprising then that the launch of sight to what Allah has forbidden of the most important causes of disease, hearts, and the gaze of the most important reasons for the health of hearts and healing, because the gaze cause comfort the heart and presence with God Almighty and his meeting in worship without dispersion, and making use of the Koran when he read and hear.
It is well known that a person in great need of the Koran because it is the most useful drugs, but a person is not making use of the Qur'an if his heart was distracted rambled in the valleys of desires, Sarha in thinking about it.
Anyone who was fascinated with desire of the lusts of this world he lives tormented by Lahiya for Naeem Koran and the joy of worship even spoil his heart corrupt great, and if you want to know the torment of this world, it hopes the event ÚÇÔÞ is in love with a lass, and the more RAM closer to the lass distanced him, and does not meet his , and migrate from the enemy up. It is with the lass suffer greatly therefore, choose to die without him.Vmahawkh few meet, a great betrayal, many variegated, is not safe Ashqh with him on himself nor on his property, with that patience it to him, can not find his way Salwa comforting, nor Wissal endure it, if not for this lover torment, but this speedy enough, How if it comes out of this world did not accrue Bmahawkh and tortured because of his job in the Hereafter, where his quest for the application of Zadeh's interests in the future and a re-Day.
If this event of his corrupt heart patient, let us look to the case of a healthy heart.
The heart right has signs guide him on his health mention whatever of them to stand all of us to stop it with the same: Is there have these signs or is he needs to repent, and medicine urgently, and the prayers of honest, and accountable to the same, and the increase of obedience and Anzjar sin.
Signs of heart health:
1 - it is these marks that affect the heart beneficial to the healing of harmful drugs from harmful and evil desires.
Vtkon of pleasure in reading the book of God and hear, it is more useful medicine and the best healing for what is in the breasts, as the Almighty (And We send down from the Qur'an what is healing and a mercy for the believers) and verse (O ye people may have come to an admonition from your Lord and a healing for what is in the breasts, a guidance and mercy for the believers { 57} Say thanks to God and His mercy that let is better than collecting).
Osman said may Allah be pleased with him (if cleared ate our hearts what the Word of God).
2 - Among the signs of heart health that travels the world to come down to the afterlife, so it feels like from the afterlife and their children who have solved it, should be promptly and take them back to his homeland.
3 - Among the signs of heart health that he has always paid her for the behalf to God and insist upon the Abt and reverence for the Lord and led to the comment by the Almighty attached beloved compelled to PET, which reassures, and it lives, and the houses, and its joy, and he puts his trust, he mentioned his strength and his food and his love and longinghim his life and blessing, and pay attention to the other and hung Psoah Daah, and return to Him medication which removes disturbance and concern, and fills his poverty and his poverty, and meet the desire and need.
The heart in destitution and need to be plugged something but never God, in which Shaath and differentiate Almh not demand it is the Almighty, in which the disease does not heal him is his devotion and worship of the Almighty alone.
Some familiar: poor people of this world, came out of this world and tasted the best that is in them, it was said and what is the best? He said: love of God and mankind and by the longing to meet him, and enjoy the penis and obey him.
Another said: It is me going through times where I say: The people of Paradise in the Klan such as this they are good for in life.
Another said: God, what the world is but willingly obey Him and His love, nor heaven, but to see him and watch it.
Another said: The Life of the heart to mention the neighborhood does not die, and live full life with God is not.
And this was the negligence of God when those who know most of them die, because the interruption of negligence on the right, and death interruption of creation, and how much discontinuity between the?
Another said: It was decided to sample the Almighty God decided by each eye, and did not acknowledge the same God cut his heart on the sorrows of this world.
Another said, of his secret service of God I walked all things serve him, and decided to sample all the eyes of God decided one given to him.
4 and signs of heart health: not to mention the unfailing Lord, and not tire of worship and obey him, not jealously Yanes, who guide him except him, and reminded him of it, and Ival this.
5 and he signs his health if he has received from the reading of the Koran or the for the night or fasting for some days Vvath and found his response to his loss is greater than the great pain suffered keen Bfouat money and lost.
6 and signs of his health: he longed to worship and obedience and the monument for the sake of God, as to miss the hungry food and drink.
7 and signs of his health: he started to pray, if he went about his worries and distress this world, and he was seriously out of them, and found comfort and blessing, and the apple of the eye and pleasure of his heart.
8, signs of health: to be filled and worry and concern of one, and that this is in God.
9, and signs of health: to be his time to go Oah lost most of his money people are scarce.
10 and the greatest of them; be his interest to correct the work and dedication to work which is greater than he. Faihrs the sincerity and advice and follow-up for the year and treating it, and see, however, it be upon the first and last, and in order for him, his body to him and his work for him, and sleep it, and talk and talk about this most delicious of all modern, and his ideas hovering about Mradih and Mahabh alone chose him of the mixture moral character only talk a mix I like him exalted, and satisfied him, the apple of his eyes with his Lord, and the tranquility and silence him, whenever he found himself attentive to other Almighty said to her: Return to thy Lord is the Lord or forbade the best of his heart, speaking pronounced: 'Bring forth those, I listener obedient representative, and you the gratitude in it, praise it up to you.
And if the injury is a measure of predestination painful he found his heart spokesman says: I am your servant and Miskink and Fiqirk, and I am your servant a poor helpless poor poor, and you are my Lord, the Most Merciful, the patience of me that did not Tsberna, do not force me that did not hold me and Tqona, do not shelter me from you unless you , and Mstaan ​​me but you, do not leave me on your door, nonot the doctrine to me about you that's the right heart, and you made the God of his companions.

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Hadith there is in the heart a peice of meat.
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