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 colors effect on the people

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PostSubject: colors effect on the people   Wed Feb 15, 2012 12:41 pm

Peace upon you

Scientists after studying Tathirataloloan on mood, health and way of thinking, that the preference for a particular color lies on the last Faalah its impact on human emotions and feelings.

He explained these to the human eye Temtsaldu and turn it into another form of energy being able to see color, and this energy is affecting even Alyalochkas blind and visually impaired people and their feelings as well, where they work light energy Alytencit adrenal pituitary and pineal, which organize the secretion of hormones and affect Alyalojhzh physiologically in the body.

He discovered the experts that the color red stimulates Algesmoadfih and increases heart rate and activity waveform in the brain and respiratory rate, so Ansahalomhat using red shining constantly to stimulate the brains of their children, but if Kanalchks patients with high blood pressure or problems with his machine rotary and Oeith Aldmoahvinbga him not to use red in his life.

The researchers found that the color pink Oalorda calming effect of the muscles and Rakhi, which explains the use of the entrances to Alsjohnoualemschviac centers and addiction.

The color orange is suitable for those who suffer Manalnhafah sick, because it raises appetite, reduces fatigue and exhaustion, while obese people believe they should exercise the diets to avoid this color as much as possible.

Similarly, yellow Iatbrallon tonic for the Memory .. If you suffer from frequent forgetting what you Soyasthaddam tools or yellow clothes to help you remember, this color is also working to raise Dgtaldm and pulse rate, but not as red counterpart.

And reflects the green color for Alrabieualbdayat new, and gives a sense of calm and comfort, participation, and hope, it also Htather sedative and analgesic and Rakhi on the body and mind, and helps people excessive in weight, Onhiaad to control the feelings of stress and anxiety resulting from the denial of self of food and Altgmbalrgbh in overeating.

The color blue is a color other sedative and Rakhee to Adilatumkhvv of tension, expressed pleasant dreams and good, also lowers blood pressure and pulse Kulboumadl breathing, which has an impact cooler in hot weather and humid, has shown a lot Manaldrasat that the color blue in the classroom benefit students, because it Ahdihm and Akhvvetoatram especially are characterized by aggressive behavior, has been proven that children of both Alambbarno blind react similarly when they are in a blue color.

Vsralbageson and that the preference for another color means that the body needs it more than others, and respond to positive Hbesorh through exciting aspects of activity, health and sound thinking.

be fine
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colors effect on the people
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