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 Deep space

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PostSubject: Deep space   Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:48 pm

The discovery of Pluto, the outermost planet in the solar system and also the discovery of radio waves coming from stars and galaxies we realized how high the dimension of our planet - the Earth - in fact, very tiny.

* Radio Astronomy:
- In 1931, was the architect of the American Carl Jansky radio sources, studying the natural short radio waves, Kalsoaak cable and the associated noise and radio interference disorder electric atmosphere. He noted that some of the weak radio waves appear to come from heaven, not earth. And to conduct further tests found that the source of these waves is outer space, specifically from the heart of the Milky Way.
- In 1933 Jansky announced his belief that the stars and galaxies do not send light waves, but also radio waves and other waves of different styles are all forms of energy Alkahrmagnaitih.
- And that was the beginning of radio astronomy, which we knew a lot about capacity of the universe.

- The world began to American Carl Jansky (1905-1950) study of natural radio waves coming from space, in 1931 he had the equipment in the laboratories of the Bill of telephone.
- In 1933, Jansky discovered that the source of those waves is our galaxy the Milky Way.

- The work of Jansky led to the use of telescopic radio dishes, such as those present in the huge Jodrell Bank Cheshire, United Kingdom.

- Radio telescopes do not feel it is a light that senses the invisible waves like light waves but of much longer waves and micro-radio coming from astronomical objects in space.

* How misguided we are!:
- In the twenties of the twentieth century gave American astronomer Hubble Godwin (1889-1953) made significant contributions in the promotion of our conceptions of space.
- Work in the Hubble Observatory on Wall Mount Wilson in Arizona and discovered that objects in deep space Cafeeh which was thought to be clouds of gas are in fact other galaxies. And that our Milky Way galaxy is only one of the thousands of other galaxies.
- Hubble has observed also that the light coming from distant galaxies was redder than assumed until the phenomenon known as the Red Balandziah about.
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Deep space
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