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 Passion of paternity

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PostSubject: Passion of paternity    Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:58 pm

Passion of paternity is innate to the parents about their children, but the perfection which has not achieved very little, and our Prophet Prophet - peace be upon him - was the perfect owner which, like other qualities, that the capacity in which the most prominent manifestations: Compassion for Children and tenderness to them, this was the azimuth and clear evident in his life, peace be upon him, not with his sons and daughters who are of the crucifixion, but that was with the sons of Muslims in general. This testifies strongly paternity and originality has - peace be upon him -, it may be a father as a loving compassionate man with his children in particular, are running down energy tenderness, compassion and effort, and another righteousness, leaving nothing for others.
The Prophet of Mercy - peace be upon him - it was a paternity exhaustive burst and honor her passion and affection to the children of all Muslims, and blessed them, and Tefiúa shadows, it was a paternity Matah generous, caring righteous, parents learn how to be the mainland? And how to be compassion? How can it be compassion? But how is fatherhood, and will continue to be news that the full comprehensive parenting conversations recorded by the lines on the right of light years to Permanent humanitarian best land and peace be upon him.

The peace be upon him happy children of Muslims, and congratulates Bmaladehm, and bless them, and pleased as acts performed by them Ahankhm, and nominated by, and show the Muslims how to greet their children, and urges them to joy with them, rejoicing Bmekdmanm, and invite them to aqeeqah released on Sabahm, and witnessing the banquet mention them, and uphold the will For the record, which was held for her.

It was narrated girl names Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased that they took Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr - Makkah - and, she said: (I went out and I die - in the last days of pregnancy - then I brought the city, came down Bakaba, Voldth Bakaba, then I came to the Prophet peace be upon him Vodath in lap, and then called on one date, there anything, then spit in it, was the first thing that entered his stomach saliva Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, then the palate one date, then called him and pools of it, and was the first baby born in Islam) agreed.

Done and news about peace be upon him without that Abdullah ibn al-Zubayr did not stop at the limit.
As if I were his friends, God bless them knew his love peace be upon him for that and pleased him, were keen him and care about, but they found the good of their children, and blessing them, bears witness to that has been shown that Anas may Allah be pleased with him said: I was born or sound - the wife of Abu Talha , Umm Anas - a boy, said to Abu Talha: (Ahfezah - that does not deal with something - so come by the Prophet peace be upon him). Anas said: and sent or sound with the boy Pettmrat, took him the Prophet peace be upon him, he said: (shiny thing? They said: Yes. Dates, he took the Prophet peace be upon him there anything then taken from where he placed them in the boy's mouth and the palate it, and he called Abdullah ) agreed.
Abu Musa said: (I was born I came Ghulam Messenger of Allah peace be upon him by the Vsmah Ibrahim, one date and palate, and called him blessed, and to pay, and Abraham was the biggest Born Ash'ari) agreed.

This was known to Muslims familiar narrated Aisha: (the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him was brought boys Fabarak them, and Ahankhm) Narrated by Muslim.

One manifestation of this parental caring tempered peace be upon him young and playing with them, did not stand Libra peace be upon him at the end Thaneckh Muslim children, and Tbrikem, and nominated, but he was Idaabhm, and Alatefhm, and enters them happy, Al-Bukhaari narrated from Umm Khalid girl Khalid bin Said that she said: I came to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him with my father, and on the yellow T-shirt, said the Messenger of God: (age years - is Balhbashah is good - she said: I went playing the seal of prophecy, Vzberna my father that - Nehrna and Zjrni, and prevented me -, The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: let, then the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: and Okhalqa scuff, scuff, and then Okhalqa, then scuff and Okhalqa), said Abdullah bin Mubarak narrator of the hadeeth: I stayed even mention of survival. And meaning: scuff and Okhalqa much, that is until you live all consume lots and lots of clothes, prayer is her long life, so I stayed a long life and people mentioned it.

The paternity of his children and grandchildren, there is no doubt that she was fully informed - by year appearance and the nature of instinct to be human love to those who are of the crucifixion and his family is stronger than his love for others, no matter how in love with his paper - and this is what it Mount rights.

It was a gift of peace be upon him no distinction between boys and girls, and give the girls from love and appreciation of their rights in full, at a time when the environment of ignorance epidural, need to teach her the lesson of practical and behaviorally, before Alguenh her theory. Found in that environment of petrified passion, tenderness in the spring dried up his heart, and reversed his nature, even his daughter buried alive in the soil. {If humans one female under the hand is Msauda Kzim. Hide from the people of the poor preached by the Hon Oamskh Idesh in the dirt or not evil is their judgment} (Al-Nahl: 58-59).
I carry peace be upon him Abu al-Aas girl in front of him, on his shoulder during the prayer, he prostrated If developed, and if the lifting.
The peace be upon him demonstrates Zainab girl of Umm Salamah, and she was a child in the lap of her mother, and tells her: (Oh Znab).
Abu al-Aas and agar, while his daughter Zainab Ojarth, and by the response her coloring, and decrypt them prisoner when the families of Abu al-Aas at Badr, and sent Zainab Fdi Bqladtha.
Love and peace be upon him to Fatima, a fourth girls after Zaynab and Umm Kulthum and paper, does not require a statement or confirmation.

Did not obscure the paternity or occupied by, what was in the life of the Prophet peace be upon him and sent from Jihad Brigades, and delegations, and Russell and education, and reporting.
Delegation come to him as their master Fajb - Aqra Habis bin al-Tamimi - from playing with peace be upon him and kiss him good, he says, surprising: I have ten boys were to accept one of them.

News and paternity caring, and paper peace be upon him and his mercy boys are many, such as that narrated by Muslim in his Saheeh from Anas, may Allah be pleased with him said: (I never saw anyone was merciful Bayal from the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, Ibrahim was his son suckled in Awali City, and was We're with him off and enters the house, so they get, Faqublh, and then return).
And of which came from Aisha may Allah be pleased with her: found Osama threshold of the door, Vhj in his face, he said the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: (Omaiti him harm, Vtqdhirth, and started to suck his blood, and spit on his face, then said: If Osama ongoing to Halith, and clothing of even spent) Narrated by Ibn Majah and Al-Hafiz Iraq.

The news is that many, some of which carry Hassan and Hussein, and he descends from the pulpit for one of them, and prolong the prostration to ride good on the back, and frequency over the house of Fatima for their commitment, and enjoy Bmrahma and Hmanma, as well as what was it about his son Ibrahim, from the joy of his birth, the love of his in his life, and sadness when he dies.

This is the Seal of the Prophets, the Messenger of Allah to the worlds, holds that the great parental affection, do Muslims understand that greatness, Fiktdon it and walking on his approach, and report his message, Vtam compassion, and spread the good, and happy people.
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Passion of paternity
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